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Beauty West Africa

Beauty West Africa is the perfect platform to attend beauty events and exhibitions which is held in Nigeria. We look out for new exhibitors, feature areas, panel discussions, country pavilions, prize giveaways, international hosted buyers, matchmaking software, and more!

POSITIVE NEWS FOR THE EXHIBITION INDUSTRY. Turkish Beauty Exhibition CNR Beauty and Wellness Expo has opened its doors today, the first exhibition in a post-COVID-19 world.


Since the beginning of 2020, mostly all exhibitions, conferences and events have been postponed or cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Government regulations have been implemented to protect all individuals, and as a response, all arranged gatherings, regulated or not, had been cancelled to stop the spread of the outbreak. However, there is great news coming for the events industry as the first international Beauty exhibition is currently underway in a post-COVID-19 world. CRN Beauty and Wellness Expo is a international exhibition taking place in Istanbul, Turkey.

This is great news to come from the exhibition industry, and hopefully many other international exhibitions can follow suit. Beauty West Africa Expo To Boost Local SME. Following the impressive success of last year’s launch of the new beauty sector event, BWA 2019 is extending the zone dedicated to promoting smaller businesses.

Beauty West Africa Expo To Boost Local SME

Having generated so much international interest in the region last year, the show is expanding into a second hall to accommodate all the new exhibitors this year, both local and from overseas. BWA 2019 will run from November 20th to 22nd at the Landmark Centre, Lagos. Wholesale Beauty Supply Exhibition For You At Nigeria. WhatsApp +44 7857568069to receive BWA updates 220+ EXHIBITORSFROM ACROSS THE WORLD Over 4,500attendees WHY ORGANIC WHOLESALE BEAUTY PRODUCTS WINS OVER TRADITIONAL COSMETICS Beautiful skin is the key to confidence.

Wholesale Beauty Supply Exhibition For You At Nigeria

This is the reason the cosmetic industry is one of the most earning and accessible domain. Additionally, the influence of advertisements backed by film starts makes us believe in these beauty products. It triggers our feelings to have flawless young-looking skin. As per a survey, USA women spend nearly $3000 on buying cosmetic products every year. Makeup Wholesale Suppliers in Nigeria' s Largest Exhibition. Explores Global Hair Trends,Beauty West Arifica,,,Beauty West Africa 2020,Darling, manufacturer of hair extension products, has highlighted global trends and the evolution of the brand at a stakeholders’ interactive session. ,,18th - 20th November 2020,,BtoB Events are proud to announce that the 2020 edition of Beauty West Africa exhibition will be held on November 18th to 20th 2020 again at Nigeria’s premier exhibition venue – The Landmark Centre, Victoria Island.

Makeup Wholesale Suppliers in Nigeria' s Largest Exhibition

Beauty West Africa has shown tremendous growth, industry recognition and being positioned as a must attend event. ,BEAUTY WEST AFRICA IS BACK! ,Source,Beauty West Africa (BWA) offers an exclusive once-a-year opportunity for the local beauty sector to engage with international companies. Points to Consider for When You Looking to Attend Right Beauty Exhibition. If you are a brand in the beauty and cosmetic sector it is essential to get a constant in flow of interested customers.

Points to Consider for When You Looking to Attend Right Beauty Exhibition

There are various ways of attracting customers and probably the one of the most effective ways to do so is by having a network of business contacts and associates. A good venue where you can have that is by booking a stand at expos where every company showcases their beauty and cosmetic products. An exhibition is a great arena where you get an opportunity to connect with leading cosmetic product supplier, importers, and network with owners of stores located in shopping malls including superstores. In this way you will be able to make a direct contact with professionals in the beauty industry and let your business to thrive. 1. 2. 3. Conclusion : To Be The Part Of Beauty West Africa Exhibition in Lagos, Nigeria. It is An Expansion Of African Beauty Across The World. 1.

It is An Expansion Of African Beauty Across The World

What is Beauty West Africa Beauty West Africa is the largest exhibition focussed primarily on the beauty and cosmetics industry across the whole of sub-Saharan Africa. Exhibition can give your Business a Refreshing Boost! If you want to boost your business then you have to expand your reach.

Exhibition can give your Business a Refreshing Boost!

You have to stretch your market. The competition these days is really crucial. You cannot get ahead in your profession unless you are expanding your reach. Darling Explores Global Hair Trends. Darling, manufacturer of hair extension products, has highlighted global trends and the evolution of the brand at a stakeholders’ interactive session.

Darling Explores Global Hair Trends

The event, which held in Lagos, had in attendance top executives from Darling Nigeria, as well as hairstylists, beauticians, beauty bloggers and brand influencers. The brand highlighted how it has evolved over the years, providinginsights on latest hair trends around the world and how it is working tirelessly to stay ahead of the game by constantly creating best quality and trendy hair extensions. Speaking, Business Head, Godrej West Africa, Chitwan Singh, expressed the vision of the brand, reiterating the brand’s commitment to creating trendy styles that the Nigerian woman desires. He said, “30 years since inception, Darling has continuously catered to the needs of over 150 million women in 21 countries across all continents.

To find out more, Click Here Source: The Guardian, July 2019. Interesting Points and Tips for Cosmetic Expos: Why should you visit ? Cosmetic Expos: Should you visit them?

Interesting Points and Tips for Cosmetic Expos: Why should you visit ?

Quick tips for you! In this world of competition and innovation, you must be thinking about the next step for your business growth. Well, the good news is there are manifold opportunities but the bad news is you are not exploring them. How important can an Expo be for you? Many programs, expos, and events take place worldwide that can become a turning point for your business.

How important can an Expo be for you?

You can always grow and expand your business once you have professionals in your link, proper knowledge of the trends, have knowledge about what is happening in your industry and also know about the tastes of the people belonging to different corners of the world. Are you in the Field of Beauty Industry? In case you are working in the beauty industry then you should definitely make the most of events like international beauty expo. Maybe you feel why to go to an event, it would be too hectic or different from your routine right? Beauty West Africa Expo To Boost Local SME. How can Beauty Expo's Boost Your Business? Well, in case you want to get confident about your beauty business and you wish to get ahead of the trends and stocking the powerful and correct brands, then you must visit programs and events, including the expos, among others of the kind.

Yes, you should go to the influential trade shows. These events can give the oomph to your business and get you a greater picture of what is going on in the beauty world. Whether you are Beauty products suppliers or anybody in this industry of beauty; you can get your business a great boost by attending a single expo. Once you are in a beauty trade show, you would feel as if the entire industry is gathered there. You can get to know about so many new brands, the brands that are leading the market and the tastes that the audience has.

Mark the trade shows Today! To be true, these trade shows and exhibitions should become a vital part of your calendar. It is both an outing and an advantage Take the best ideas home! Conclusion Like this: Like Loading... Nigeria's The Best Beauty Products Exhibition in Nigeria. Give your Cosmetic Business a Boost through Exhibitions. Beauty World: What your products do have for the audience? Do you think that you have the beauty products that the world should know about? Do you believe that your makeup items are distinct, productive and worth using? Well, it is your time to rise and shine. Is It Worthwhile To Attend A Cosmetic Fair? It is maybe the most wise thing that anybody in business can do, regardless of that you’re simply starting up, or you’re a seasoned businessperson who is participating and networking at business events. Not only would you be able to network with your peers, but you will also learn from the speakers, and maybe make discoveries that would not otherwise be made.

Why should you attend? Are you aiming to start a new cosmetic business or want to do something unique? On the off chance that your answer is “Yes”, you better go to a cosmetic fair that fits your interest and objectives. Take it as a free crash course. Next question you may ask: if it will be worth my time? In this Article you’ll come to know about the top reasons to attend conferences, and seminars related to beauty and cosmetics industry, such as: 1. Don’t assume that you will learn everything. 2. No matter that you are Master and proficient in your field, you can in any event grasp some useful skills from these seminars. Doing Business Successfully In Partnership with Cosmetic Products Suppliers. There are a host of companies that specialize in the supply of cosmetic and beauty products. The typical idea driving these types of organizations is that they don’t adhere to a specific brand of item, yet rather market and distribute an array of brands and products.

They operate in partnership with various companies to create localized plans of marketing that can be set up with ease in the local market of a region. With a cosmetic product distribution channel you will get access to a comprehensive sales team that will make sure that all brands they are handling are given equivalent consideration.

International Beauty Expo 2019 | Beauty West Africa

Choosing an Exhibition Organizer That’s Just Right for Your Cosmetics Products Showcasing. A lot of many businesses in the beauty and cosmetics industry, from small and medium to the big corporate entities, participate in the activities at the exhibitions, including the trade shows. Each one of them has one thing in common - They are looking to improve their business profile and acquaint themselves with potential customers, such as importers and retailers, and also the end consumers. At these exhibitions and trade shows they operate from booths also called stands, styled and built by trade show events organizers. These organizers announce their event well in advance, all over the targeted markets. Beauty & Cosmetics Products Suppliers, Importers - Beauty West Africa. Come And Be A Part Of The Biggest Expo Of The Year.

Hair and Beauty Trade Show 2018 | Beauty West Africa