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Get Perfect Hair Curls With These 8 Rules. Obtain the Perfect Natural Curl As a naturally curly haired woman, I understand the pain of growing up in a world that caters mainly to the straight-hair beauties.

Get Perfect Hair Curls With These 8 Rules

The lack of curl-care products and the constant taunts of “I think there’s a bird in your hair!!” Can be quiet aggravating at times. It’s moments like these which have led me to test and try almost every single hair-care method possible to get perfect hair curls. Here are 8 rules to Get Perfect Hair Curls: 10 DIY Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life !!! Beauty Hacks Beauty has evolved over the many centuries but, what has not changed is the fact that most of us do not know how to obtain this “Oh!

10 DIY Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life !!!

So perfect stature.” This is why I have put together 10 DIY beauty hacks that will absolutely turn your life upside down. Beauty can be this easy! 15 Different Ways To Get the Best Benefits Of Coconut Oil. As Indians we all possess at least one bottle of coconut oil at home but, do we really know how much help this amazing ingredient can do for our health?

15 Different Ways To Get the Best Benefits Of Coconut Oil

What can this actually do for our health? What are the benefits of coconut oil? Pura D’or Premium Organic Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo - Beauty Glitch. The very fact that the Pura D’or Premium Organic Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo boasts of having Argan oil, drew our attention to it!

Pura D’or Premium Organic Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo - Beauty Glitch

Argan oil is traditional oil extracted from the Argan tree in Morocco and has been known to be used extensively for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. It is claimed to be very healthy and most it’s most wide known application is that it helps tame frizzy and lifeless hair. About the product. Things You Need To Know About Legionnaires Disease Right Now! Legionnaires disease is an acute form of pulmonary infection.

Things You Need To Know About Legionnaires Disease Right Now!

Extreme lung inflammation is often observed with this condition. In simple words, it is severe pneumonia. Legionnaires disease is caused due to the attack of legionella bacterium. Legionnaires disease is not an epidemic disease that spreads rapidly from person to person or due to normal person-to-person contact but it mostly occurs due to inhaling bacteria.

Causes Of Legionnaires Disease. 5 Ways Boost Your Mood And Rejuvenate Your Soul. How often do you find yourself feeling low and unable to boost your mood and rejuvenate your soul?

5 Ways Boost Your Mood And Rejuvenate Your Soul

When we were born, we were not assured of complete happiness in our lives, in fact our life is itself a paradox. It is completely alright to feel low at times since every person has their own ups and downs in life but, what’s not alright is staying low all the time without any boost in your mood. Are You A Victim Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- Beauty Glitch. You may not even know it but, someone you know or just a random stranger you sat beside today might be diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Are You A Victim Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- Beauty Glitch

This particular psychological disorder is highly common all over the world, including India. What is PTSD? It is a psychological disorder which is caused by experiencing or witnessing a highly distressing event. It can be triggered by the loss of a loved one, witnessing a terror attack, a natural disaster, domestic attack, sexual abuse or even an accident. 10 Make Up Must-Haves For Any Beginner. Let’s be honest ladies, we all want to believe that we are real pros at makeup, that we posses all the make up must-haves of the season and that we know anything related to make up.

10 Make Up Must-Haves For Any Beginner

We look at those videos on YouTube and Instagram and those artists make the whole process of makeup application look so simple. They use so many products and there are so many brands in the market that promise to be the best that it gets confusing for a first time buyer to buy makeup. Worry not! How to Apply Matte Makeup at Home.

While applying makeup, you can tweak your creative cells and come up with different looks that suit you perfectly.

How to Apply Matte Makeup at Home

However, makeup as a whole is broadly divided into two categories – Glossy and Matte. Though both the styles are still very much in vogue, most people prefer the matte makeup which seems more natural than the eye catching glossy one. Matte makeup works fine for all occasions. So, you can wear this to work, a wedding, a social do or a fun day out with friends. However, going to a makeup artist every time might just not seem to be a viable choice. Do You Know How Dangerous Birth Control Pills Actually Are? Birth control has always been on the forefront for ages.

Do You Know How Dangerous Birth Control Pills Actually Are?

There are almost an infinite number of reasons why it is the way it is, but finally, it all comes down to one thing: birth control. There are a number of contraceptions that are widely practiced all over the world. Beauty Secrets For The Perfect Interview - Beauty Glitch. An interview can be thrilling as well as very nerve wrecking. To be confident in your own skin is one of the most important things to be sure of, in the morning of your interview.

While you can be mentally prepared to take the interview head-on, your look matters equally to create a more lasting impact on the interviewer. Follow these beauty secrets for the perfect interview. 1. 13 New Years Eve Decoration Ideas On A Budget! The rush of Christmas is over and everything has calmed down. Or has it? Because New Year’s Eve is here! The time for new resolutions, New beginnings and even a New Year’s Eve party. But wait, did you say party? You mean like music and dancing and decorations and food and spending money? 8 Inexpensive Makeup Brush Set For Under $30 ! If you love makeup as much as I do, and watch millions of videos every day of how to create the perfect smoky eye, or how to contour like a pro but, you have no makeup brushes to try these things out, then it’s time you got yourself a good makeup brush set!

But, finding a decent makeup brush set at a reasonable price can be quite frustrating! Here are 8 of the best inexpensive makeup brush set under $30! No More Bites And Itches! – DIY Insect Repellent. Swat! Bang! Boom! Crash! Thud! ….All that effort and those insects still won’t leave you and your kids alone! 12 Stuffy Nose Hacks To Get Rid Of Nasal Congestion! A-choo! A-choo! Cold, flu, allergy? Are your eyes puffy and watery and also, is there no taste in your mouth? Well then, that is because you have a blocked nose.

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DIY Christmas Decorations 2016 To Bring you Into The Christmas Spirit! How To Cheat At DIY Bathroom Hygiene! - Beauty Glitch. Forgotten Parent Child Relationship Building Activities! - Beauty Glitch. 6 Steps To The Best Halloween Party Ideas For Kids! - Beauty Glitch. 8 Personalized DIY Gifts For Diwali Festival! - Beauty Glitch. 8 Personalized DIY Gifts For Diwali Festival! - Beauty Glitch. OCD Awareness Week 2016 - October 9 - October 15. 5 Fashion Inspirational Quotes To Help Unveil Your Glam - Beauty Glitch.