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Turmeric Increases Well-being Naturally. Turmeric has been used according to recorded history for more than 5,000 years as a spice and a medicinal herb. Moreover, turmeric contains compounds with medicinal properties which are called curcuminoids, the most important of which is curcumin. For 5,000 Years of History; Turmeric Naturally Reduces Stress Curcumin is a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which is also widely used as an anti-depressant. Additionally, curcumin is also known to elevate the brain hormone BDNF which then increases the growth of new neurons and fights degenerative activity in the brain.

Chronic inflammation of joints and infections are subsided with the use of Curcumin. Not only does Curcumin neutralize free radicals, it then stimulates the human body’s own antioxidant enzymes. The Benefits of Turmeric Essential Oil Turmeric oil may help support a healthy nervous system, as well as cellular function. VIA doTERRA Ways to cook with Turmeric (always add ground peppercorns) 1. 2. 6 Nutrient Rich Foods for Beautiful Skin. Do you know that our skin is the largest organ on our body? Are there foods you’ve eaten all your life but had no idea how nutrient-rich they are for our skin? It wasn’t until I went through therapy for Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome that I learned how very important our skin is to our overall well-being. Here is what I learned. Nutrient Rich Skin Foods Our Amazing Skin It the largest organ of our body and is the first contact for everything that goes on around our bodies at any given moment in time. “Looking at the stem cells in the skin, what this group found is that the stem cells reconfigure themselves genetically so that they have a genetic memory of the previous injury.

Skinteresting Facts Did you know that your skin… Covers an area of 2 square meters.Is about 15% of your body weight.The average adult has approximately 21 square feet of skin, which weighs 9 lbs and contains more than 11 miles of blood vessels.An average person has about 300 million skin cells. What Damages Our Skin? 8 Facts About the Beneficial Uses of Sage. Sage has been used for thousands of years as a medium for spiritual cleansing of an area or place. It is said to bring about purification and cleansing of our life patterns, particularly those patterns that defeat oneself. 8 Essential Ways to Benefit from Sage The Excellent Anti-bacterial Benefit It is a fact that it contains antiseptic properties so that when you smudge, you are, in every scientific sense, cleansing the air of unwanted bacteria in addition to the spiritual cleansing effect.

Therefore, the smudging process is cleansing the air you breathe and eliminating odors naturally and without toxicity. Other Varied Benefits Here are some of the lovely facts about the use of Sage in your everyday beautiful life: Grow Your Own Sage If you’d like to grow your own organic plant at home, you will be pleased to know that it is very easy.

Sage prefers direct sunlight and well-drained, average soil with a tolerance for dry-soil conditions. Clary Sage Essential Oil Other Posts You Will Enjoy: The Wellness Balance • Your Guide to Fitness and Self-Care. When you include fitness in your daily routine, it helps control weight, reduces heart disease and improves your overall mood and sense of well-being. For those in recovery from substance abuse and addiction, exercise can help rebalance their body’s chemistry. Moreover, it helps re-build self-esteem and confidence. Ways to Achieve Wellness Balance These days, people are much more sedentary and don’t get enough exercise. In fact, an estimated 45 percent of American adults are not sufficiently active to achieve health benefits with about 80 percent failing to meet the government’s national physical activity recommendations for both aerobic activity and muscle strengthening.

However, for some people, fitness becomes an obsession. For those addicted to exercise, it becomes an all-consuming habit that interferes with work, social obligations, and even discourages them from achieving other goals. Build a Meditation Room Meditation isn’t just reserved for yoga teachers and spiritual gurus. Precious Frankincense Essential Oil. Frankincense is one of the most precious essential oils because it has very special health bonuses. In antiquity and in modern times, it burns in religious ceremonies and serves as a skin salve. With its warm, spicy, clean aroma, it pleases even the most discriminate nose. Scroll down to see a video about Frankincense Essential Oil Frankincense Essential Oil Resin from Boswellia Carterii, Sacra, Papyrifera, and Frereana Ancient History Southern Arabia was a major exporter of frankincense in antiquity, with some of it being traded as far as China.

Where is it Derived? The gummy sap that oozes out of the Boswellia and Commiphora trees when their bark is cut is the source of this aromatic substance. How Do We Use it Today? Today, the benefits are that it soothes and calms our skin and reduces redness and other imperfections. Additional Benefits Essential Oil Video I believe in holistic health. Warmly, Susan Image Source Other Posts You Will Enjoy: Experience Essential Oils. Our Healthy Bodies • Superfoods • Interesting Facts. The term superfoods is a popular buzzword in our modern culture. The media and marketing influencers use it and you will also find it on cosmetic labels. This is a healthy pursuit and is here to stay and you might be surprised at the many results when you search for superfood, superfruit, or supergrain. Select any image to see its source. Scroll down for a “Greens” infographic. What are Superfoods? Superfoods are fresh foods that are packed with high-density nutrients per volume.

Having recently lost 70 pounds on a Paleo diet, I will recommend those superfoods that are also considered acceptable Paleo food. Organic Eggs Organic eggs are packed full of Vitamin D, Omega-3 fats, and amino acids. 1/3 less cholesterol1/4 less saturated fat2/3 more vitamin ATwo times more omega-3 fatty acidsThree times more vitamin ESeven times more beta-carotene Tip o’ the Hat to Mother Earth News Salmon Salmon greatest benefit is that it is a wonderful source of Omega-3 fats. Beef (grass-fed preferably) Kiwifruit. Exercise; 4 Ways to Reduce Anxiety. Exercise, like meditation, is a time for you to be singular with your thoughts. Even in a noisy gym you can put on your headphones, climb on a machine and away you go into your own world. Amazingly, in any form, exercise is a stress reducer.

Although there are many other types of exercise than I list here, these are the most easily obtainable by most people, young or old, rich or poor, and that’s who I like to include in my research and writings. Overcome Anxiety with Exercise! What I like to remember about exercise is something I was taught when I took my first yoga class in the early 1970s, and that is, never overextend yourself. If you feel pain, you’re overdoing it. Gradually building strength in any area of your body requires nothing more than repeated movements over time. Yoga I prefer basic yoga as I am reinventing my life and I need to take it slow and easy until my strength increases with each new yoga session. Walking Take a walk during breaks while at work. Swimming Hiking. Lemon Essential Oil; Cleanse and Purify. Welcome to the essence of lemon! Lemon essential oil cleanses, purifies, invigorates.

As a result, it is one of the most versatile oils available on the market today. It is not only a lovely scent, but it is also a terrific cleaner as well. Its bright yellow color and its distinctive citrus smell make lemon essential oil a favorite in most homes. Cleanse and Purify with Lemon Essential Oil Lemon Citrus Limon Some of the Benefits This essential oil has multiple benefits and uses. There are other ways to enjoy this refreshment all through the day for an extra kick on warm summer days. Uses of Lemon Essential Oil For digestive system and immune support, make a tea from lemon and tea tree essential oil. 3 Tips for Seniors to Improve Quality of Life. As we age, the definition of what constitutes quality of life changes, especially for seniors. But first, when we are young parents, quality of life is all about spending time with the children and helping them build happy and productive lives.

Then, as empty nesters, quality of life might mean rediscovering an old hobby or discovering new hobbies with your spouse. For seniors, quality of life might be viewed along those lines as well, but it often includes things like being safe and independent in your home, maintaining accessibility, and looking for convenience in some areas.

Using these tips, you can maintain your physical and mental health. Stay Safe and Independent at Home You can stay safe at home by following guidelines for areas that often pose danger to seniors. Install grab bars and non-slip mats in the bathtub or shower.Keep a mop nearby and clean the tub or shower weekly.Install handrails in stairwells, and be sure to use them. Create Senior Accessible Spaces Cover Image Credit. House Plants and Flowers for Healthy Air and Low Stress Levels. There’s nothing like the smell of Spring in the air. It makes me want nothing more than to bring fresh flowers and plants into my home. Does Spring affect you this way? Now I have to find room to place plants because I’m not completely unpacked or settled from my recent move to a new apartment.

But, that’s ok! I can do this! As I look around to see where I might place some new plants or flowers, the questions start popping up that I think we all might want to know before we fill our homes with greenery. House plants that are the easiest to grow inside the home.House plants that are safest to have around pets and small children.Plants that absorb toxins and produce healthy oxygen. First, let’s answer some questions you might have about why we want to bring plants and flowers into our homes and the benefits we get from these delightful earth elements. How Do Green Plants Improve Air Quality?

Which Plants Will You Select and Why? In 1989, NASA environmental scientist B.C. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Experience Essential Oils. The use of essential oils dates back thousands of years. Many oils were first recorded in history by ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Throughout their rich history, essential oils helped to heal and balance our overall well-being. The History and Uses of Essential Oils Personally, I like to use essential oils to help ease my symptoms of stress and depression. What Are Essential Oils? First, we derive essential oils through a distillation process. Volatile aromatic compounds naturally occur in flowers, seeds, roots, stems, and even bark. As a result of the distillation process, people around the world use the same aromas.

How Does Aromatherapy Work? As the aroma of the essential oil passes through our nose, the molecules of the oil blend into the olfactory gland wherein it triggers responses that are sent to the amygdala and limbic system. How Do I Use Essential Oils? There are a wide variety of uses and ways to use your essential oils. . • Aromatic • Topical • Internal Susan’s Essential Oil List. 6 Steps to a Balanced Health Routine to Achieve Mind-Body Equilibrium. If your view of a balanced health routine is restricted to a vigorous 60-minute workout every day at the gym, you’re missing a whole set of factors that affect how you look and feel.

Health is about more than maintaining a buff body and a trim waistline. Rather, it involves everything from proper nutrition to emotional regeneration. You may look like a body-sculpting athlete. However,if you’re coming home at the end of each day feeling frustrated and unfulfilled, it’s a sure sign you’re missing the big picture which is the importance of achieving a healthy mind-body connection. It’s a highly personal endeavor, and the best way to achieve it is by doing it your way. Practicing self-care strategies when you’re not working out will help you address mental and emotional needs that have as much to do with your overall well-being as pumping iron and your morning run. Make Organization a Priority Studies make a connection between clutter and stress. Learn Deep Breathing Techniques. Deep Blue for Natural Soothing Support When You Over Do It.

Deep Blue ® is a wonderful way to relieve minor aches and pains throughout your day. This amazing product’s purpose is to give you the assistance you need to recover from your daily workouts, sitting in one position for too long, tired muscles, sore feet, and other discomforts. Soothing Support with Deep Blue What Makes it Work so Well? Polyphenols are a group of antioxidant micro-nutrients found in whole foods such as dried spices, fruits, vegetables, red wine, and cocoa. In some cases, it prevents and reduces diabetes, cancer, and neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, polyphenols play an important role as a prebiotic. What are the Key Ingredients? The key ingredients are a blend of extracts of Indian frankincense, along with turmeric and ginger. • So, first, it starts with Indian frankincense for its soothing properties. • Then, turmeric is added to increase well-being naturally.

. • An additional ingredient is the ginger root. How Do I Use It? Greetings! Warmly, Susan. 6 Herbs and Spices for Happy Moods. Herbs and spices have been used as cures for health issues in cultures around the world since ancient times. The most wonderful thing about them is that unlike pharmaceutical prescriptions, there are no harmful side effects imposed on your body without your consent. Over this past few years, these are the herbs and spices I’ve used on a regular basis. I recommend those that I’ve used myself and speak from my own experience. However, I also include few additional tidbits of information that I’ve gleaned from other sources. “For so many people, antidepressant medication either stops working or has too many side effects,” says Henry Emmons, MD, a psychiatrist with the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota. Peppermint Peppermint helps the respiratory system which includes coughs, colds, asthma, allergies, and tuberculosis.

Mint contains useful flavonoids and phenolic acids, which are known to boost health and help numerous ailments. Sage Rosemary Lavender Jasmine. When Did the Sky Turn Blue? Blue is found primarily in nature – in the light blue of the afternoon sky and in the deep variations of hue in a deep lake or the ocean. But otherwise, there are very few blue animals, and it is the rarest of human eye color. Moreover, there are very few blue flowers that are not dyed by florists. “Homer used two adjectives to describe aspects of the colour blue: kuaneos, to denote a dark shade of blue merging into black; and glaukos, to describe a sort of ‘blue-grey’, notably used in Athena’s epithet glaukopis, her ‘grey-gleaming eyes’. He describes the sky as big, starry, or of iron or bronze (because of its solid fixity). The tints of a rough sea range from ‘whitish’ (polios) and ‘blue-grey’ (glaukos) to deep blue and almost black (kuaneos, melas).

The sea in its calm expanse is said to be ‘pansy-like’ (ioeides), ‘wine-like’ (oinops), or purple (porphureos). But whether sea or sky, it is never just ‘blue’. Peace • Tranquility • Relaxation The Interesting History — James Montgomery. When Did the Sky Turn Blue? Be There. Meditation Nook Designs to Uplift Your Spirits. Kabbalah • Creative Manifesting with Patricia Roller V.6. Anti-anxiety Cleanse to Release Conflict • The Love Frequency. 639 Hz Om Mantra to Create Positive Vibrations • 1-Hour Healing Video.

The Gratefulness of the Ageless Spirit. 10 Super Easy Ways You Can Choose to Feel Better Now and Over Time – Beautiful Lives by Susan. St. Patrick’s Day Gallery. Galleries. Inspiration Gallery II. Inspiration Gallery I. Motivation Gallery I. Inspirational eCards by Susan. Motivational eCards by Susan. Women’s History Month eCards. Meditation basics for alpha relaxation. So easy. Gardening relieves stress peacefully. How I strive for balance. These suggestions can work for you. Four ways to use exercise as a stress buster. Herbs and spices improve mood and overall health. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is prevalent in my family. How our intimate environment affects how we think, feel, and perform.

About color. How does it affect our lives? [Infographic] The fantastic benefits of Peppermint essential oils for treatment of stress, anxiety, and depression. Rosemary as an herbal antidote to stress, anxiety, and depression. The beneficial uses of Sage as a non-pharmaceutical supplement for memory enhancement and more. The lure of Lavender for calmness and a myriad of uses to enhance our lives. The aura of Jasmine has an uplifting and pleasant effect. The extensive uses of the super-food Turmeric for your health. My go to list for stress relief with holistic and effective resources. Six Nutrient Rich, Common Foods for Beautiful Skin. 7 Things People Don't Know about PTSD (PTSS) Elegant Pages by Susan Mar 2018. Beautiful Lives by Susan. My former life as a victim was shaped by my perpetrators.

What I do when I get overwhelmed with the past. Mother Earth does not need humans to survive. The more we learn about generational trauma, the more we can move beyond it. What does it mean to Let It Go? My case against anti-depressants and other big pharma mistakes. The traumatic effects of forced deportation on families. Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome Frequently Asked Questions. Hypnosis for Meeting Your Spirit Guide In a Lucid Dream [Curated] Music and Lyrics to Om Namo Bhagavate Vaasudevaayaa sung by Deva Premal [Curated] Serotonin, Dopamine and Endorphin Release Music, Binaural Beats Calming Music [Curated] All About Spirit Guides | Gigi Young [Curated] Shaman Angel Music For Healing and Cleansing “Magic Forest” [Curated] Tina Turner – Nam Myoho Renge Kyo (2H Buddhist Mantra) [Curated] Lotus Sutra / Purity of Mind (2H Meditation) [Curated] Release Inner Conflict and Struggle | Anti-anxiety Cleanse [Curated]

The Promise of Tomorrow by Suhail Mirza [Curated] All 9 Solfeggio Frequencies ➤ Emotional and Physical Healing Dream Music [Curated] Happiness Frequency Music Video [Curated] Release Inner Conflict and Struggle | Anti-anxiety Cleanse [Curated] Mother Earth does not need humans to survive. Gardening relieves stress peacefully. The lure of Lavender for calmness and a myriad of other uses that enhance our lives. What happened to you? A study in perception. – Beautiful Lives by Susan.

Control is an Illusion. Save your precious energy! – Beautiful Lives by Susan. Invisible Scars of PTSD. What is it and how do you get it? – Beautiful Lives by Susan. Gardening relieves stress peacefully. – Beautiful Lives by Susan. How I strive for balance. These suggestions can work for you. – Beautiful Lives by Susan. Let my voice be heard. – Beautiful Lives by Susan. Exercise is a stress buster. Activity relieves stress. – Beautiful Lives by Susan.

The USS Indianapolis has been found. – Beautiful Lives by Susan. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is prevalent in my family – Beautiful Lives by Susan. The Smile. When I saw her smile, it filled my heart with sunshine. – Beautiful Lives by Susan. How our intimate environment affects how we think, feel, and perform. – Beautiful Lives by Susan. About color. How does it affect our lives? [Infographic] – Beautiful Lives by Susan. Hypnosis for Meeting Your Spirit Guide In a Lucid Dream – Beautiful Lives by Susan. All About Spirit Guides | Gigi Young – Beautiful Lives by Susan. Guided Meditation | Manifesting With Your Spirit Guide – Beautiful Lives by Susan. PTSS is quietly killing firefighters – Beautiful Lives by Susan. I did not know that anxiety ruled my life. – Beautiful Lives by Susan.

What I do when I get overwhelmed with the past. – Beautiful Lives by Susan. Rosemary as an herbal antidote to stress, anxiety and depression. – Beautiful Lives by Susan. The beneficial uses of Sage as a non-pharmaceutical supplement for memory enhancement and more – Beautiful Lives by Susan. All About Spirit Guides | Gigi Young – Beautiful Lives by Susan. Guided Meditation | Manifesting With Your Spirit Guide – Beautiful Lives by Susan.