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What is it About the Claddagh Ring That Everyone Loves? The beautiful Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring that represents love, loyalty, and friendship.

What is it About the Claddagh Ring That Everyone Loves?

The heart symbolizes love, the crown symbolizes loyalty, and the hands represent friendship. It is worn as a symbol of the commitment toward the three beautiful sentiments or simply a representation of heritage. Origins of the Claddagh Ring For ages past, couples exchange the mystic Claddagh ring as a promise, engagement, or wedding ring. These three beautiful symbols and their meanings make this a perfect pick for your loved one. The ring also traces its origin to the beautiful, little village of Claddagh, County Galway, Ireland. The most plausible story is from the Joyce family. How to Create a Zen Design for Your Backyard Sanctuary. Incorporating Zen design in your backyard garden is powerful enough to take you from high stress to deep relaxation.

How to Create a Zen Design for Your Backyard Sanctuary

Generally speaking, when your backyard is Zen, it means a design that is conducive to a serene, meditative, or mindful environment. However, for a closer look let’s delve into what Zen design means in your backyard garden. But … What is Zen? Traditionally, a Zen garden is one with white stones in which the artist swirls the stones into a unique design. Beneficial Uses of Ylang-Ylang. This fragrance is one of my personal favorites because it’s an ingredient in Ciara which is my favorite fragrance of the 70s.

Beneficial Uses of Ylang-Ylang

So, I welcome you to this article about learning the beneficial uses of ylang-ylang. Let’s begin by learning where it’s from and what it is. Ylang ylang is a beautiful star-shaped, yellow-colored flower that grows on the Cananga Odorata or Cananga tree. Next, this is a tropical species that is native to Indonesia, India, parts of Australia, and the Philippines. But, what’s wonderful is the aromatic scent of the ylang-ylang flower with its heady, flowery, rich, and fruity fragrance.

How to Avoid Post-Holiday Blues. With the get-togethers, vacations, and bright lights of this season, it’s no wonder that many suffer from post-holiday blues.

How to Avoid Post-Holiday Blues

But, how does one avoid the post-holiday blues? Many people avoid them by planning projects that start after the new year or they might write out an ever-effective gratitude list. Happy Hugging Day! 3 Top Reasons Why You Need Hugs. Happy national hugging day to you all!

Happy Hugging Day! 3 Top Reasons Why You Need Hugs

Hugs are what keeps me going in life. In fact, when I think about it, my favorite people give the best hugs. Scientists tell us that as humans we cannot develop properly without the presence of another human being. With that, hugs are one of the best ways to make your presence known. 6 Steps to a Healthy Routine for Spirit-Mind-Body Balance. If your view of a healthy routine is restricted to a vigorous 60-minute workout every day at the gym, you’re missing a whole set of factors that affect how you look and feel.

6 Steps to a Healthy Routine for Spirit-Mind-Body Balance

Health is about more than maintaining a buff body and a trim waistline. Rather, it involves everything from proper nutrition to emotional regeneration. You may look like a body-sculpting athlete. 3 Amazing Indoor Plants for Spring. Are you thinking about giving your home a spring makeover?

3 Amazing Indoor Plants for Spring

Then, we have great news for you. With the help of a couple of beautiful indoor plants for Spring, you can instantly brighten your room and lift your spirits. Not to mention the great benefit of cleaner air with house plants. Whether it’s the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or even your bathroom, the quickest and most affordable way to change the aura of a space is by adding plants to the place. Here are a couple of indoor plants for Spring that can give your home a beautiful fresh feeling in just few moments.

The Symbiotic World of Chakras and Crystals. Welcome to the symbiotic world of chakras and crystals.

The Symbiotic World of Chakras and Crystals

The human body has seven key chakra centers through which the life energy flows. It is through these chakras we receive and transmit spiritual, emotional, and physical energy. Of course, these chakras manifest in both the spiritual and the physical dimensions. 3 Top Air Purifying Plants for Your Home or Office. Welcome to your quintessential guide on three air-purifying plants.

3 Top Air Purifying Plants for Your Home or Office

When the heatwave kicks off, the first thing we do is switch on the air conditioning systems. Our homes have steady temperatures and offices are in climate-control buildings, making us almost immune to heatwaves. So, it’s no surprise that we always want the comfort of 71 degrees, no matter what. Awareness of Subtle Energy. Most of us visit Ayurveda and Yoga centers seeking peace of mind and amazing changes in our lives.

Awareness of Subtle Energy

But we fail to realize that the most profound changes in life happen inside us, through our awareness of subtle energy. Even if you haven’t yet noticed these energetic aspects of your life, they make a big part of everything that you experience in daily life. That’s why everything that you do leaves a lasting impact on your well-being and health. Most of us only notice only the physical nuances of life, which can block our perception of the energy of a specific situation. But our subtle energy level is always at work and highly influences how we act and feel. Blessings and Rituals for Your Bedroom. Your home is a manifestation of your body and soul. A Step-by-Step Guide to Rejuvenate Your Skin. When you enter your late 20s or early 30s, wrinkle treatment lotions and creams become a part of the beauty regime.

Choosing between an acid-based gel, vitamin C serum, and anti-aging moisturizer can be a real struggle. But with their chemical composition, they can have side-effects as well on the skin. So, if you are looking for a natural way to rejuvenate your skin, you might consider concocting your own anti-aging treatment serum with essential oils. These essential oils help remove fine lines and minimize wrinkles. Apart from this, these essential oils even out the skin tone, reduce inflammation, boost collagen, protect skin from environmental damage, and promote the creation of healthy skin cells. Ashwagandha Lowers Stress and Increases Memory. The botanical name of this herb, somnifera is sleep-inducing and this herb actually helps many people sleep better. Furthermore, ashwagandha lowers stress and increases memory for many. In the ancient medicinal scriptures of India, especially the Ayurveda, there are many different references to ashwagandha this herb. Now it is increasingly popular in Western countries where individuals are seeking natural remedies to maintain a spirit, mind, and body balance.

Experience Essential Oils. The use of essential oils dates back thousands of years. Many oils were first recorded in history by ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Throughout their rich history, they helped to heal and balance our overall well-being. House Plants that are Healthy for Cats. Plants and Cats, the relationship can be either toxic or healthy. Han Purple: Ancient Pigment Puzzles Quantum Physicists.

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