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Award-Winning American IPA Recipes - Brew Your Own. America’s favorite style of craft beer of late is pretty easy to name: IPA.

Award-Winning American IPA Recipes - Brew Your Own

Those three letters can sell almost anything, market analysis tells us year after year. Over time, the IPA category has splintered further into a dozen sub-styles: Every color, every strength, every possible combination of yeast strains. Beyond hoppy, drinkers and brewers can seem to change their mind about what they want the style to be year after year. While this riffing on a common theme is far from new in beer, it can seem to affect IPAs far more than other styles. Maybe that’s because India Pale Ale has always had a hazy identity, full of twists and turns right from the start.

In the Beginning The common story that IPA was invented to survive the long ocean voyage is actually a bit of a distortion of the truth; hoppy pale ales existed before the style was defined, and independent of the India route. Malt Alternatif Tablosu. Malt Substitution Chart - The Hop + Grain Brew Store. Color Calculator. Beer Color Converter.

Brewing Recipes

Beer Color Calculator SRM - Brewer's Friend. Yeast Harvesting. Yeast Chart - Straight 2 The Pint. Powered by the amazingly detailed yeastbot database, The following chart contains over 250+ unique yeast strains and allows you to easily sort and filter the details of each to help you find the perfect yeast strain for your brew.

Yeast Chart - Straight 2 The Pint

Flocculation Flocculation is a desirable quality that is unique to brewers yeast. Essentially, flocculation is the rate at which yeast come together and settle on the bottom of the wort at the end of fermentation. If the yeast flocculate too early, the resulting beer will be under attenuated and sweet. Likewise, if the yeast flocculates to late, the beer will be cloudy have a yeasty taste to it. Fermentation Temperature Range The fermentation range refers to the degrees in Fahrenheit at which the manufacturer recommends that the yeast undergo fermentation. Alcohol Attenuation Range The attenuation range represented in the chart above refers to the percentage of sugar that the yeast strain can be expected to consume during fermentation. Liquid/Dry Yeast Chart by Style. Homebrewers have two types of yeast to choose from: liquid and dry.

Liquid/Dry Yeast Chart by Style

Looking around on the web or talking to some homebrewers it's not hard to get the idea that liquid from White Labs and Wyeast are the only options for quality. And looking only at the dry yeast included in canned beer kits, it's hard to disagree. Despite all you've seen and heard, good beer can be made from both. Mangrove Jacks Craft Series Yeasts Substitution Chart. Hops Chart. 10 Award-Winning Homebrew Recipes. Every new homebrewer dreams of creating the world’s next great beer.

10 Award-Winning Homebrew Recipes

But before you craft a Pliny-level Double IPA on your own, you’re probably going to want to try your hand at some recipes. Here are 10 award-winners that go down easy. Kraken Stout Stout • Original Gravity: 1.061 • Final Gravity: 1.014 • ABV: 6.2% • IBUs: 48 It wasn’t an American Homebrewers Association medal, but James Kunz did get his stout on tap at three pubs in Denver after winning a local tournament with this clever brew. Brisket in a Bottle Rauchbier • Original Gravity: 1.056 • Final Gravity: 1.015 • ABV: 5.4% • IBUs: N/A If you don’t like smoked beers, a beer named ‘Brisket in a Bottle’ is probably not going to be your cup of tea. Lion’s Share Strong Ale • Original Gravity: 1.090 • Final Gravity: 1.026 • ABV: 8.6% • IBUs: 80 From Maltose Falcons, the legendary homebrew club with a Firestone Walker beer named after them, comes this multiple award-winning Strong Ale. Yeast Substitution. Grain substitution chart. Hop Substitution Chart. Welcome to How to Brew - How to Brew.

Home Brewing Recipes

10 Award-Winning Homebrew Recipes. American IPAs Part 3 – Five hops that shaped your IPA – Pat's Pints. To finish my three part series on American IPAs (better late than never) we return to where it all started—to the bold, flavorful hop varieties born and bred in the USA.

American IPAs Part 3 – Five hops that shaped your IPA – Pat's Pints

Within the IPA genre it’s a big tent approach when it comes to the malt bill—East Coast, West Coast, Session IPA, Double IPA, Rye IPA, Black IPA—but for most people it’s just not an IPA without American hops (apologies to the anglophiles out there). Good luck finding a readily available American brewed IPA that doesn’t contain American hops. Even Ohio’s best-selling IPA, Commodore Perry IPA from Great Lakes, bills itself as a British-style IPA yet uses American bred Simcoe and Cascade hops. The concept of terroir is a big deal in the wine world, but at the risk of alienating any oenophiles who might stumble onto this blog let me point out that most of the wines produced in the US are based on Eurasian grape varieties—Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Chardonnay, etc. Brewing India Pale Ale Recipes IPA Beer Styles. India Pale Ale (or IPA) is a popular staple of homebrewers, microbrewers and hopheads who enjoy brewing some of the hoppiest beers on the planet.

Brewing India Pale Ale Recipes IPA Beer Styles

This week we look at India Pale Ale beer recipes, how to brew an IPA recipe and its history. History According to Wikipedia, India Pale Ale traces its origins to the 17th century in England with the earliest pale ales. In fact, new malting techniques developed at the start of the 17th century using coke-fired as opposed to wood-fired kilns enabled production of the first pale malts, and subsequently paler beers.

One of the popular pale styles was a beer called October beer, which was highly hopped and designed to be stored for an extended period. George Hodgson, owner of Bow Brewery brewed a version of October beer that was popular among the traders of the East India Trading Company in the late 1700’s. Hops Chart. How Many Hop Varieties Are in the Best IPAs? - A Statistical Analysis. Would you be surprised to learn that historic 1800's IPAs were generally single hop beers?

How Many Hop Varieties Are in the Best IPAs? - A Statistical Analysis

Obviously, IPA brewing has changed a lot since then, but even as we're relearning how super-hopped and overcharged those original beers were, it's worth remembering that those IPAs were also usually SMaSH (Single Malt and Single Hop) beers, with East Kent Goldings defining the style for many decades. Was that because EKG was perceived as so clearly superior to the other varieties available at the time, or because they didn't have all the hundreds of exciting hop varieties we have today? Today, IPA recipe formulation is a very different story, with so many options and combinations of flavor-groups. Mild Ale Recipe - Brewing The Perfect Dark Session Beer. An English Mild may be one of those beers that are perfectly suited for home brewing.

Mild Ale Recipe - Brewing The Perfect Dark Session Beer

Style Profile, History & Brewing Tips. Free Shipping Get free standard shipping on thousands of designated products across our site.

Style Profile, History & Brewing Tips

Some items, like very large and heavy products, do not qualify at this time. 30 Day Returns Just give us a call to return your item. Most items can be returned up to 30 days from the purchase date. 16 Years of Service We have been providing excellent customer service since 1999, from 24x7 phone support, a world-class website and learning center, and faster home delivery. Helpful Product Experts Talk or chat with one of our friendly Austin, TX experts and ensure you order the right product for your needs. Price Match. Mild Ale: It's Not Dead Yet! - Brew Your Own. “Mild ale is the lowest of the low!”

Mild Ale: It's Not Dead Yet! - Brew Your Own

“Mild ale is dead!” In Britain, where it originated, it is seen as weak, uninteresting and old-fashioned. It has the reputation of being a “cloth cap” beer, drunk by the sweaty working classes as they swarmed out of the factories and coal mines, eager to slake their thirst after long hours of hard physical labor. Mild is generally the lowest-strength beer in any brewer’s portfolio. It is often very difficult to find, especially in London and the South-East of England. Mild Ale Recipe - Brewing The Perfect Dark Session Beer.