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Living Life Fully!

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I am beaufly and I believe in living life fully, completely and with as much life and love as possible....

I belive in sharing, learning, growing a bit everyday!

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Live Life, Make Money. How to Get Paid with Vindale Research! Release Stress, Embrace Ease! Release Stress, Embrace Easeby beaufly "Just because we’re in a stressful situation doesn’t mean that we have to get stressed out.

Release Stress, Embrace Ease!

You may be in the storm. The key is, don’t let the storm get in you. " — Joel Osteen I woke up this morning, dreaming that my son startled me awake, with a throaty roar/yell. You know the kind, a celebratory sound you may hear during a football game or sporting event. Maturity: Going Beyond Frustration. Maturity: Going Beyond Frustrationby beaufly “Maturity is the ability to think, speak and act your feelings within the bounds of dignity.

Maturity: Going Beyond Frustration

The measure of your maturity is how spiritual you become during the midst of your frustrations.” ― Samuel Ullman. Five Things Lurking in My Head. Five Things Lurking in My Headby beaufly 1) Less Classically Beautiful and Viola Davis: Are humans always trying to tear other humans down?

Five Things Lurking in My Head

~Viola Davis stars in the new series on ABC called, How to Get Away with Murder.” She was called “less classically beautiful” by a New York Times journalist, which Davis says is just another term (or way to nice-up) the word, ugly. Hear My Cry: The Only Race that Matters. Hear My Cry: This is the Only Race that Mattersby beaufly The USA is currently riveted once again as one of our cities is in turmoil over the shooting death of Michael Brown and over the ways in which the St.

Hear My Cry: The Only Race that Matters

Louis Police Department (and Governor) has handled the incident. Every night, there are increasingly chaotic clashes between protesters, police and provocateurs, which many people believe should be arrested and brought to justice for their distracting actions of looting and provoking the police. Opening Up: Conversations about Mental Health. Opening Up: Conversations about Mental Healthby beaufly Dick Cavett has openly suffered from mental difficulties and has stated on CNN that depression is a challenge that he has overcome after long bouts of suffering.

Opening Up: Conversations about Mental Health

He, also was friends with Robin Williams and understood his illness. He described the pain as “indescribable and unexplainable” and reported that many celebrities suffer from it. Is This Suppose to Be Fun? Is this Suppose to be Fun?

Is This Suppose to Be Fun?

By beaufly. No One Ever Told Me. No One Ever Told Meby beaufly Do you believe that your thoughts are things, that you are creating your world with those thoughts and things, those feelings and those emotions, that you are focusing on?

No One Ever Told Me

Do you believe that the energy that you choose to create and that emulates from you is creating the very existence that you are living? No one told me when I was growing up that it was my responsibility to keep myself happy, that it would be my +Responsibility to stick with and stand by those things that we love and make us happy. Love or Hate. Love or Hateby beaufly “People will love you, people will hate you,And none of it will have anything to do with you.”

Love or Hate

Abraham Hicks Since I don’t believe in coincidences, I decided to write this post. Well I read this quote this morning and then there was a connection made to here on Bubblews. Sound confusing? The Vortex is a term that I first heard from Abraham Hicks (the entity that inspired this post and the above quote). Above, Abraham Hicks speaks to an idea that we have to be more concerned with being the best version of ourselves and not overly obsessed with those who love us or those who hate us (at the moment). Pretty in Pink. Pretty in Pinkby beaufly Today, I’m missing the multiple image often as I wanted to share pics from my walk yesterday.

Pretty in Pink

It would have been nice to show a small succession of images. I’ve picked one that is just a pretty picture of “I don’t know what.” The words that came to mind were, "pretty in pink" so hence, came the name of this post. What's in a Name? What’s in a Name?

What's in a Name?

Living in the Moment: The Fragrance of Rain. Living in the Moment: The Fragrance of Rain by beaufly The rain is pouring, the thunder is booming and the cool breeze sweeps in to give my home the scent of rain the smell of pure, the hint of grass, the fragrance of fresh….. The rain is loud, downpours and rumbling. The thunder is constant, the drops hit the ground quicker and faster.

The Other Day I Cried. The Other Day, I Cried by beaufly I cried for my ex the other day. I cried after a conversation where he was still clearly hurt and upset with one of my sons but desperately trying to hold it all together. March 20: International Happiness Day. March 20: International Happiness Day by beaufly Today is March 20 and it’s International Happiness Day! This will be the second year that the UN sponsored this Day to promote happiness all over the world. The Parallels of Happiness and Gratitude. 10 Things I Loved as a Kid. 10 Things I Loved as a Kid by beaufly This post was just inspired by &passingcat who wrote the post, 20 Things I Loved as a Child, How To Treat Others: 5 Lessons From an Unknown Author. Five Lessons About How To Treat People -- Author Unknown 1. First Important Lesson - "Know The Cleaning Lady" 18 ways to educate yourself every day (because nerds are sexy)

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. 100 Ways to Simplify Your Life (and Make Yourself Happier) I’ve been striving to simplify my life for many years now, and have recently (through my writing) been advising others how to do the same. In the process, I’ve learned that making little changes in our attitudes, habits, and environment can have a big impact. So today, I thought I’d compile a list of 100 ways to simplify your life – from the practical to the philosophical, and everything in between. Of course, not every item on the list will work for every person reading it. What is a Selfless Act? How to Focus on Less to Gain More: The Magic of Letting Go. Thought-Driven or Heart-Driven. Respecting you is LOVING you! Tragedy: Painful Insights Offline. My 5 Favorite Tips for Creating Your Own Luck. Lessons Learned from Little Miss Sunshine.

Lessons Learned from Little Miss Sunshine by Beaufly Little Miss Sunshine is an interesting and funny movie that shows how a very dysfunctional family can come together and rally around one goal or one hope, which happens to surround the youngest daughter winning the “Little Miss Sunshine” Pageant. I have seen this movie many times, usually playing in the background while I’m doing something else. What are you Buying and What are you Selling? Get Ready World, Here I Come..... Lessons Learned-Dedicated to Mr.B. Stop Being Mean... 3 Ways to Calm Anxiety.

Make the Year Great!

Making Time for Creativity. This Astonishing Ride Called Life. The Grand Essentials. Shining a Light. Is your Treasure Buried? Leadership Remix. Happiness or Joy? Stop Scaring Me. Lessons in Letting Go. Living the Life of your Dreams I. Are You a Deja Vu Person?