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An Exclusive Buyer Agency Dedicated to Providing Our Clients with Great Real Estate Advice. Stop sweating pipes due to condensation. This is a typical question I have received a hundred times about damp basements...

Stop sweating pipes due to condensation

Is there a way to stop the sweating on the pipes in my basement? There is so much condensation that water actually puddles on the floor! You are not alone! With the exception of a handful of very modern homes, every home has a basement moisture problem. Gimme Shelter: Basement Wall Repair. Recoating crumbling basement walls - tribunedigital-chicagotribune. March 22, 2013|By Alan J.

Recoating crumbling basement walls - tribunedigital-chicagotribune

Heavens | The Philadelphia Inquirer. Home Energy 101 Part 2: Rim joists - Our Task. When I go into homes and do an energy assessment, I normally go straight to the basement.

Home Energy 101 Part 2: Rim joists - Our Task

Once I’m there, one of the main things I look at are the rim joists, which are located essentially where the foundation wall meets the first floor. It usually looks like an empty rectangular box. For whatever reason, most rim joists are completely exposed - no insulation and no air sealing. Occasionally I will see some fiberglass batts that have seen better days but unless the home is recently built, most of them are empty. These are significant entry points for air, moisture, and pests. Solutions Big and Small. Northern Industries. For examples of Hydro Seal 75 in use, visit our photo gallery.

Northern Industries

For a comparison of kits sizes, click here. Description. - Makeup Air Heating Systems Information. Makeup or compensating air is outside air which is introduced into the building to replace air that is exhausted from the building through ventilation or combustion processes. - Makeup Air Heating Systems Information

Most exhaust systems are installed for employee comfort and safety or for product process requirements. In the past, when energy was inexpensive and plentiful, exhaust fans were frequently added and often oversized. Little thought was given to bringing in outside air to replace the exhausted amount. If adequate air is not introduced into the building, a negative pressure condition will develop. This causes uncomfortable conditions and reduces the effectiveness of exhaust systems. Buildings which have inadequate makeup air (or excess exhaust) and are operating with a negative pressure condition have several common characteristics.

Makeup Air For Combustion Equipment - JLC Online Page 2 of 4. Spillage and Carbon Monoxide The most dangerous effect of poor or negative draft is spillage, which is the entry of flue gas into the home.

Makeup Air For Combustion Equipment - JLC Online Page 2 of 4

Flue gas can contain dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, which is odorless and poisonous. Carbon monoxide detectors are now required in many locations. Insulating your basement? Start with the rim joist. Have you ever noticed how snow will melt around the foundation on older houses?

Insulating your basement? Start with the rim joist.

This will happen at any house with unheated foundation walls, and it's a great visual indication of how the house is losing heat. When there's no melted snow up against the house, we can rely on thermal imaging to figure out where the heat loss is occurring. In the image below it's right at the rim space; that's the part that shows up as the brightest orange / yellow. While houses usually act like chimneys, sucking air in at the bottom and exhausting air through leaks at the top, the photo below is a perfect example showing how it doesn't always work that way. I have a home with exposed fiberglass insulation in the basement. Can the fibers degrade and become airborne? Asked by Aaron Schorsch Shepherdsville, KY Should I cover the insulation?

I have a home with exposed fiberglass insulation in the basement. Can the fibers degrade and become airborne?

The house is approximately two years old. Answer. 3 Problems with Fiberglass Batt Insulation in Floors. 3 Problems with Fiberglass Batt Insulation in Floors I've been in a lot of crawl spaces and basements that have floors insulated with fiberglass batts.

3 Problems with Fiberglass Batt Insulation in Floors

I've seen a lot of new homes that have fiberglass batts installed in bonus room floors, cantilevers, and floors over basements or crawl spaces. Why not remove batt insulation from basement ceiling joist bays? I live in a 1993-construction modified cape-style house, in New England.

Why not remove batt insulation from basement ceiling joist bays?

Three floors, ~1900 square feet. The rim joists in the (unfinished, unheated) basement have been air-sealed with Great Stuff expanding foam. Do I really want or need fiberglass batting in the basement ceiling joist bays? This weekend, I discovered that the fiberglass batt insulation in the ceiling joist bays in the basement have a significant amount of rat/mouse dropping detritus in them. This, I assume, predates our ownership of the home, as well as the air sealing. Recoating crumbling basement walls - tribunedigital-chicagotribune. How to Finish a Basement: Framing and Insulating.

Start the job by gluing 3/4-in. extruded foam insulation to rim joists and foundation walls (Photo 1). Extruded polystyrene foam (imprinted on each sheet; see Photo 5) can be yellow, pink or blue depending on the manufacturer. Avoid “expanded” foam insulation (the type that has little white beads pressed together) because it isn't as durable and has a lower R-value. Fire and Soundproofing Insulation. Imperméabilisation du béton par cristallisation™ Bienvenue à Vous êtes actuellement sur le site en français du distributeur Xypex.

Ici, vous pourrez trouver des informations sur nos produits et services, voir la liste détaillée de nos projets locaux, et même entrer directement en contact avec votre distributeur local pour toute question ou demande de vente. Pour accéder au site mondial de Xypex, cliquez simplement sur celien Les produits d’imperméabilisation par cristallisation fabriqués par Xypex sont stockés, commercialisés et pris en charge par nos services sous la licence de Xypex Chemical Corporation. Depuis plus de 40 ansdans plus de 80 pays, la technologie innovante d’imperméabilisation par cristallisation de Xypex protège les constructions en béton. Partout dans le monde, dans toutes les situations climatiques difficiles et les constructions diversifiées, la technologie cristalline de Xypex a été testée et éprouvée dans des milliers d’applications. DensDeck Roof Boards - Sound Isolation and Acoustical Solutions.

Sound Isolation Solutions Made Easy with DensDeck® Roof Boards Achieve a variety of STC and OITC ratings in specific roof assemblies. Meet new standards, codes, and green building program demands for isolation from outdoor sounds. Use standard roofing installation techniques and products in new construction and remediation projects. Address sound, moisture, energy and sustainability challenges.

Verified Performance of Assemblies may Increase Comfort of the Indoor Acoustical Environment. How to Frame Walls for a Basement Room. How to Frame Out Basement Walls. In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to fur out concrete basement walls to get them ready for drywall. Steps: 1. Start by checking the basement walls for excessive moisture: Use duct tape to secure a 2-foot-square piece of polyethylene sheeting to the wall.

Wait three to four weeks to see if condensation appears either behind the plastic, or on its outer surface. If the plastic is dry, proceed. Framing Basement Walls And Other Related Questions.