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Timeline by 1701-1800Did Robert Robinson Wander as He Feared? – Church History. Robert Robinson was just a small boy when his dad died.

Timeline by 1701-1800Did Robert Robinson Wander as He Feared? – Church History

In 18th century England, there was little in the way of a social welfare system and this meant that he had to go to work while still very young. Without a father to guide and steady him, Robert fell in with bad companions. One day his gang of rowdies harassed a drunken gypsy. Pouring liquor into her, they demanded she tell their fortunes for free. Pointing her finger at Robert she told him he would live to see his children and grandchildren. Robert Robinson decided to go hear the Methodist preacher George Whitefield. Glamping in Switzerland. Way back in September I started jamming with the Roustabouts.

Glamping in Switzerland

They meet once a month in McGee’s Irish Pub and invite anyone who plays fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar, bass, etc. to join in playing Old-Time Music (you know, from Appalachia – in an Irish bar in Switzerland – it works). The American fiddler in the Roustabouts is Elizabeth (from Chicago), and last week she emailed me to say that there was a Swiss Fiddle Jam. Did I want to join her? Swiss Fiddle Music A forgotten Tradition rediscovered. Since the collection was published in spring 2002, interest has grown in old Swiss folk music.

Swiss Fiddle Music A forgotten Tradition rediscovered

And as a result of this interest, more and more old manuscripts are being discovered, such as the ‘Altfrentsch’ collection of Appenzell music from the 18th century, the Peter Davoli collection from Samedan (1895) or the music book of Anton Stadelmann of Central Switzerland from 1824 (see below for more details). Despite the fresh breeze blowing and the change in our perception of our traditional music, we in Switzerland are only at the beginning of a development that had been set in motion in other countries as early as the 1970s. ‘Back to the roots’ was the motto of the folk movement back then, when many countries discovered their original folk music and brought it to new life. With few exceptions, the folk movement in Switzerland at the time was interested in almost everything except its own traditions.

Many of the instruments were made by the farmers themselves during the winter. MANdolinMAN. Abraham, Inc.: Klezmer With A Funky Hip-Hop Beat. Propagandhi - Wikipedia. This article is about the Canadian punk band.

Propagandhi - Wikipedia

For the British musician Propa-Gandhi, see Aki Nawaz. Music events in the grid system are predictable programs that are antithetical to the spontaneous process of live creativity : C_S_T. Marty Stuart. John Martin "Marty" Stuart (born September 30, 1958) is an American country music singer-songwriter, known for both his traditional style, and eclectic merging of rockabilly, honky tonk, and traditional country music.

Marty Stuart

In the early 1990s, he had a successful string of country hits. Early life and rise to fame[edit] David Byrne: How architecture helped music evolve. Art - Playing the Building. EXHIBITION HISTORY: • Playing the Building, Aria, Minneapolis, MN, 8–04 November-04 December 2012• Playing the Building, Roundhouse, London, UK, 8–31 August 2009 • Playing the Building, presented by Creative Time, Battery Maritime Building, New York, NY, 31 May–24 August 2008: Winner, 2008 AICA (American Section of the International Art Critics Association) award for Best Show in a Public Space• Playing the Building, Färgfabriken, Stockholm, Sweden, 8 October–13 November 2005 RECORDINGS: 2012:• Watch/Listen to a video recording of the installation at Aria in Minneapolis 2008:• Watch/Listen to a video recording of the installation in the Battery Maritime Building • Listen to Robert Gomez's "Hunting Song", composed with his sampled recordings from the installation • Download a sampler of all the sounds recorded onsite in August 2008 by Noel Benford and Rob Serafin: ReFill package (55MB; requires Reason 4.0 for use.)

Art - Playing the Building

Thank you Noel & Rob! DB: And smell! To me this is no big loss. David Byrne Live at Union Chapel. Union Chapel in Islington is a fully functional church and music venue David Byrne Live at Union Chapel is a DVD of a live performance at the London church of the same name by David Byrne released on October 26, 2004.

David Byrne Live at Union Chapel

Track listing[edit] All songs written by David Byrne, except where noted: Personnel[edit] David Byrne – vocals, guitarPaul Frazier – bassDavid Hilliard – drumsMauro Refosco – percussionThe Tosca Strings: Jamie Desautels – violinTracy Seeger – violinLeigh Mahoney – violinAmes Asbell – violaDoug Harvey – celloSara Nelson – cello Release history[edit] References[edit] External links[edit] Bakersfield sound. History[edit] Two important British Invasion-era rock bands also displayed some Bakersfield influences.

Bakersfield sound

The Beatles recorded a popular version of Owens' "Act Naturally. " Years later, The Rolling Stones made their connection explicit in the lyrics of the very Bakersfield-sounding "Far Away Eyes," which begins: "I was driving home early Sunday morning, through Bakersfield ... ". The Bakersfield Sound has such a large influence on the West Coast music scene that many small guitar companies set up shop in Bakersfield in the 1960s. The biggest of significance was the Mosrite guitar company that still influences rock, country, and jazz music to this day. Ewan MacColl. James Henry Miller (25 January 1915 – 22 October 1989), better known by his stage name Ewan MacColl, was an English folk singer, songwriter, communist, labour activist, actor, poet, playwright, and record producer.

Ewan MacColl

He was married three times: to theatre director Joan Littlewood; to Jean Newlove, with whom he had two children, including the singer/songwriter Kirsty MacColl; and to American folksinger Peggy Seeger, with whom he had three children, Kitty, Calum and Neill. He collaborated with Littlewood in the theatre, and with Seeger in folk music. Early life and early career[edit] MacColl was born as James Henry Miller at 4 Andrew Street, in Broughton, Salford in North West England,[1] to Scottish parents, William Miller and Betsy (née Henry), both socialists. Acting career[edit] In 1931, with other unemployed members of the Clarion Players he formed an agit-prop theatre group, the "Red Megaphones". All Them Witches - "Open Passageways" Radiotopia. Stomu Yamashta. Stomu Yamashta (or Yamash'ta), born Tsutomu Yamashita (山下勉, Yamashita Tsutomu?

Stomu Yamashta

, 15 March 1947[1]) is a Japanese percussionist, keyboardist and composer. He is best known for pioneering and popularising a fusion of traditional Japanese percussive music with Western progressive rock music in the 1960s and 1970s. Biography[edit] At the turn of the 1970s he worked with Peter Maxwell Davies and brought the Red Buddha Theatre company from Japan to Europe, acting as their director, producer and composer, writing and performing in the multi-media event The Man From The East, with Morris Pert's Come To The Edge providing the musical backing. Stomu Yamash'ta also appears in the last episode of Tony Palmer's All You Need is Love: The Story of Popular Music.[5] Name[edit] Originally known as Tsutomu Yamashita, most of his albums for Western audiences use the name "Stomu Yamash'ta", though some (such as Go and Raindog) use the name "Yamashta" (without the apostrophe).[6]

Mapleshade Records - Danny Knicely and Will Lee. Bluegrass Unlimited by Henry Koretzky It's unfortunate tthe duo format has been relegated to the sidelines of contemporary bluegrass, in favor of the fullsized (quartet or quintet) band. From the stylistic ancestors and cousins like the Monroe Brothers, the Louvins, Hazel and Alice, and the Blue Sky Boys, to current paired performers such as Jim Hurst & Missy Raines, we can be reminded that there's a lot to commend that spares format of two voices and two instruments working closely and skillfully together. Which brings us to this fine new recording by Danny Knicely and Will Lee. While I confess I had never heard of these two accomplished singers/pickers from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, this CD makes me ready to make up for lost time. Mind and music. Bobby Hicks. Bobby Hicks (born July 21, 1933) is a Grammy Award winning American bluegrass fiddler and a professional musician with more than fifty years of experience.

Hicks was born in Newton, North Carolina and learned to play the fiddle before he was 9 years old. He attended several fiddlers conventions and at the age of eleven, he won the "North Carolina State Championship" playing the tune "Black Mountain Rag". He joined Jim Eanes band in the early fifties. Paul Weller. Paul Weller (born 25 May 1958) is an English singer-songwriter and musician. Starting out with the band The Jam (1976–82), Weller branched out to a more soulful style with The Style Council (1983–89), before establishing himself as a successful solo artist in 1991.[1] Despite widespread critical recognition as a singer, lyricist and guitarist,[2] Weller has remained a national rather than an international star, and much of his songwriting is rooted in British culture. He is also the principal figure of the 1970s and 1980s mod revival, and is often referred to as The Modfather.[3] Identify Your Voice's "Mask" to Optimize Your Natural Pitch and Tone.

An Introduction to Historical Tunings. Or if G vibrates at 100 cycles per second, then B vibrates at 125, and so on. (If you'd like this explained in more detail, visit my Just Intonation Explained page.) The size of a pure 5:4 major third is 386.3 cents, a cent being one 1200th of an octave, or one 100th of a half-step.

Since an octave is 1200 cents, by definition, it is easy to see that three pure major thirds (3 x 386.3 cents = 1158.9) do not equal an octave. That's the whole problem of keyboard tuning, where you're limited to 12 steps per octave. Where do you put the gaps in your chains of perfect major thirds? A pure perfect fifth is a 3 to 2 frequency ratio; if. Take in the work of the comedy provocateurs in Million Dollar Extreme. Temporarily banned from YouTube, sent packing by Japanophile-convention organizers, and despised by Williamsburg fashion plates, the sketch group Million Dollar Extreme is nothing if not polarizing.

Its catalogue is divided between abrasive, strategically offensive acts of (sometimes public) provocation and anti-sketches that amount to hanging out with some very funny dudes while bargain-bin effects whiz by.

Making music

UKULELE BOOGALOO presents "IT'S YOU I LIKE" David Bowie – The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars Lyrics. Radio programs that only play music from local bands/musicians? : madisonwi. FREE TO YOWL by Muse Of Fire Films. We are Muse of Fire Films; a small collective of Atlanta-based filmmakers who want to tell you a great story. Django Reinhardt. Gypsy jazz. ‘Where the Heart Beats,’ John Cage Biography, by Kay Larson.

John Cage Lecture Reading: on Rauschenberg, Duchamp, Johns etc. at L.A. County Museum of Art, 1965 : John Cage : Free Streaming : Internet Archive. <div style="padding:5px; font-size:80%; width:300px; background-color:white; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto; border:1px dashed gray;"> Internet Archive's<! --'--> in-browser audio player requires JavaScript to be enabled.


Audio Technology. Christian Petzold. Bach- minuet in G major.