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Leadership Styles & Skills. Innovation, entrepreneuriat, surprises stratégiques et ruptures: L'incertitude nous rend libres. 37 Types of Website Content You Should Create. Popular Today in Business: All Popular Articles Website content has a moderate to major impact on 87% of buyers’ vendor selection.

37 Types of Website Content You Should Create

However, 43% of buyers are turned off by transparent self-promotional content. It holds true that content really is the heart of inbound marketing. Your website content should not only inform visitors about your products or services, but should educate them about your industry. An educated customer is a happy customer and, potentially, a brand evangelist. If you want to increase website traffic and leads, you need to provide educational content that will position your company as an industry thought leader and credible source that your target market can turn to for answers. How do you know what content to produce? Your website probably already has tons of pages with product and company information. The first step is to segment your target market(s) into buyer personas. Related Resources from B2C» Free Webcast: The Future of Marketing: Social Listening + Action. Mardi, Jan. 21, 2014 - The Branding DEAL. Design your way. You’re A Web Designer And You Need Icons?

Design your way

Check Out These Icon Packs Icons are used everywhere on the web for providing information and guiding visitors. As such, they are quite important and can be found all over websites. They can tell visitors how to cancel transactions, move to another page, or go to the checkout. They continually deliver better communication from the webpage to the user. Each and every web project needs icons, but creating custom icons could prove too time-consuming for most developers. But, there are plenty to be found, both commercial and personal, right here in this article. Ingenicons – 100 Icons Set A Neat Collection Of Free WordPress Themes One of the most widely used platforms for blogging is WordPress. Booz & Company - A global management and strategy consulting firm. Consumer trends and insights from around the world. Tim Geisert tells how to create a smarter workforce. What's the corporate culture?

Tim Geisert tells how to create a smarter workforce

Determining a company's culture brings its own set of challenges. An organization may hold a mistaken vision of its own culture; so communicating a more accurate picture is vital. Kenexa does this by combining its fact-based findings of corporate traits with a story-telling component that uses easy to recognize archetypes. As an example, Geisert cites the evaluation that was undertaken as IBM was acquiring Kenexa late in 2012. The two companies shared one predominate characteristic: “the hero trait. “The scientists who did this work did a really good job. But identifying a culture and finding the right people is not enough. Effectuation: Comment les entrepreneurs pensent et agissent… vraiment. La théorie entrepreneuriale de l’effectuation existe depuis dix ans, mais elle commence seulement à gagner en visibilité en dehors des cercles universitaires.

Effectuation: Comment les entrepreneurs pensent et agissent… vraiment

Et c’est tant mieux, car elle bouleverse notre manière de voir comment les entrepreneurs raisonnent et agissent dans leur démarche de création. Le processus entrepreneurial est habituellement décrit comme suit: un entrepreneur visionnaire a une grande idée, il rédige un business plan irréprochable, lève de l’argent auprès d’un VC, crée son entreprise, rassemble une équipe et se lance, met son entreprise en bourse et se retire aux îles Maldives. La réalité est très différente: les entrepreneurs partent souvent avec une idée assez simple, voire pas d’idée du tout. Ils s’appuient sur les moyens dont ils disposent: leur personnalité, leur réseau de contact, leur savoir. Ils ne rédigent pas de business plan, mais inventent en cours de route, tirant parti des surprises.

. « Un tiens vaut mieux que deux tu l’auras ». J'aime : 16 ultra-creative CVs / interactive résumés that catch the eye. Pretty much everybody has created a CV / résumé at some stage in their life.

16 ultra-creative CVs / interactive résumés that catch the eye

As with most forms of content I think the key is to establish a tone of voice, and try to stand out from the surrounding noise. I always used to put ‘vinyl junkie’ in the ‘interests’ section on my CV, which always worked a treat in interviews regardless of the role. People would ask me about my passion for music. I’d return the serve by asking the interviewer the same thing. These things can help to break any ice, and I think you should habitually ask plenty of questions in interviews, for all sorts of reasons. Nowadays there are more opportunities than ever to attract the right kind of attention, and creative professionals in particular can go the extra mile to make an impression. The Game First up, this lovely interactive resume by Robby Leonardi, which has been doing the rounds this week. The Lookalikes. Annuaire PME innovantes Lille, Picom. Affichage électronique et bornes interactives 702 Rue du Pont Rouge 59236 Frelinghien Frédéric BELLAIS Mail : Tél :

Annuaire PME innovantes Lille, Picom

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