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Beatitude is your luxury destination to India’s best handwoven and hand crafted designer sarees and more.

Upgrade Your Style Quotient with Premium Cotton Sarees - Beatitude. India is the largest producer of cotton material.

Upgrade Your Style Quotient with Premium Cotton Sarees - Beatitude

Ever since sarees are known to Indian women, cotton sarees have a unique place. Owing to its amazing qualities such as sweat-absorbing property and lightweight, this is an ultimate choice for hot and humid weather. From premium khadi sarees that are woven on the charka to the latest linen material, cotton sarees have a long way live as compared with past decades. The comfort and beauty of these sarees are simply unparalleled. This is the reason, even though modern fabrics have not replaced it. The unconditional ways of wearing and unconventional style of drapes is possible only with this Indian garment. 1. If you do not want stress in draping sarees, some amazing style and designer cotton sarees can do wonders to you. 2. The fusion of colors! 3. Even for an international appearance, skin-friendly cotton sarees online are available that can beautify your overall look. 4. 5.

Ahh! 6. 7. Want to hide an extra bulgy area of your body? Wrap Yourself In These Designer Hand-Embroidered Stoles. Drape Cotton Handloom Sarees to Look Drop Dead Gorgeous - Beatitude. Saree is a perfect stylish and elegant ethnic wear that roots for the cultural exquisiteness of our country.

Drape Cotton Handloom Sarees to Look Drop Dead Gorgeous - Beatitude

While talking of vivid sarees fabrics, cotton sarees definitely stands out, as the fabric is highly comfortable as well as skin friendly and is considered ideal for casual as well as formal wear. Cotton is certainly the most comfortable fabric that is quite easy to drape and has thus remained highly popular among women all through these years. Cotton being cool and breathable fabric, soothes the skin during hot and humid summer days. Besides, this saree is easily washable and doesn't require much maintenance. Women looking for an earthy, authentic Indian look are sure to love draping this saree.

Adorn Premium Khadi Sarees to Tap Into a Sartorial Legacy - Beatitude. Women's love for saree is simply inexplicable, as they love draping the six-yard long fabric that impart them with utmost sensuous and gorgeous look.

Adorn Premium Khadi Sarees to Tap Into a Sartorial Legacy - Beatitude

The women love affair with sarees has brought this ethnic ensemble in wide range and varieties. Among all the popular and trending sarees, Khadi saree holds a special charm among the true saree connoisseurs. Once the symbol of Swadeshi Movement, where Mahatma Gandhi championed this fabric as a means of empowerment for Indians, khadi has come a long way. From its humble beginning in the 1920's as an alternative to British produced textiles, khadi fabric has significantly evolved over the years and it is rightly considered as a fashion staple of today's generation. Banarasi Sarees: Defining The Beauty Of Every Woman In Every Occasion. 5 Reasons Why Your Wardrobe Needs A Kanjeevaram Silk Creation - Beatitude.

It is said that when a girl dons her very first silken wrap, with nine yards of flowing weave,and a touch of Goddess-like finesse, she metamorphosizes from a caterpillar to a butterfly,and finally becomes the elegant woman she was always meant to be!

5 Reasons Why Your Wardrobe Needs A Kanjeevaram Silk Creation - Beatitude

Now, while there are a huge variety of weaves that women can choose from, there is oneweave that goes above and beyond expectations, and is synonymous with the wordopulence in every manner! Here’s why investing in a Kanjeevaram Silk Saree is a must forevery woman! 1) Kanjeevaram is said to be the weave of the GodsAccording to Hindu Mythology, Kanchi Silk weavers are descendants of the Great SageMarkanda, who was said to be the weaver for the Gods themselves.

As per legends,Markanda was considered a master of his art to an extent where he was called upon by theGods to weave their creations. The Bridal Sarees - Beatitude. Wedding is one of the most important day in an Indian woman’s life.

The Bridal Sarees - Beatitude

Her vesture for the day will be chosen, keeping in mind the tradition, new arrivals in the market, graceful colors etc. A Hindu bride in India mostly wears a saree on the wedding day. Sarees differ from place to place,caste to caste, area to area, across the territory. Why Famous Linen Silk Sarees are Favorite Choice Among Women - Beatitude. Sarees usually are a favorite choice among women, especially when they want to flaunt themselves in the crowd, and these Linen Silk Sarees are the most preferred ethnic wear, chosen by Indian women across the world.

Why Famous Linen Silk Sarees are Favorite Choice Among Women - Beatitude

Their love for these kinds of sarees is due to their perfect mix and matching style, comfort level, as well as convenience that it gives at the time when it is worn by them. Also draping these sarees is absolutely easy even if she is at beginners level to fit herself in linen sarees. It can easily worn by women of all ages and thus makes it a quintessential ethnic wardrobe for them. Linen silk sarees are known as a magical sarees because of its sheen, and elegance which don't make women have the feeling of any kind of difficulty to carry. Buy Handloom Sarees From Beatitude To Get That Elegant Look. Beatitude brings a world-class quality ethnic wear, where women can Buy Handloom Sarees to get that sophisticated look.

Buy Handloom Sarees From Beatitude To Get That Elegant Look

DELHI, India - May 26, 2020 - PRLog -- No doubt, a saree occupies a unique place in the hearts of Indian women, and handloom sarees are no less when it comes to flaunting their beauty in the crowd. gives a wonderful chance to women when it comes to Buying Handloom Sarees to get that sophisticated look and stand out from the rest of the crowd. Designer Handloom Saree- A Must Have for Your Wardrobe - Beatitude. For anyone who has ever seen, worn or possessed a saree, there would be no denying that Handloom has something magical about it.

Designer Handloom Saree- A Must Have for Your Wardrobe - Beatitude

The beauty and charm of the distinctive weaves, looms and crafty techniques make every piece of handloom desirable. India has, for years, been a land of weavers who upheld the rich cultural craftsmanship through their hand crafting across various parts of the country. Each state of India has something unique to offer when it comes to Handloom. The rich diversity of this countryis well captured through the fabrics woven at different places by local weavers and it gives a distinctive characteristic to the created piece.So whether it is a Benarasi Silk from the land of Ganges or a Tussar Silk from Bihar, whether it’s a Patola from Gujrat or an Ikat from Odisha, a Kanjeevaram from Tamil Nadu or Gadwal from Andhra, each piece has a unique charm about itself and each style speaks volumes about their local culture, art and craft. Set Your Classy Look By Buying Kalamkari Sarees Online.

Kalamkari is designed in a block printed fabric with the use of good quality cotton by skilled artisans of India.

Set Your Classy Look By Buying Kalamkari Sarees Online

Designs on these sarees are drawn with a pen to form a kalamkari printed work which is also known as a Srikalahasti style. Buy Kalamkari Sarees Online and wear this in a stylish draping to flaunt your looks in the crowd. Kalamkari Drapes Which You Can Try To Look The Best Among The Crowd Kalamkari sarees are designed with amazing block prints by skilled artisans, which can be worn in two different styles. Beat The Scorching Heat By Buying Linen Sarees Online. Summers are coming and the temperature is going up day by day, and here comes the question among us ladies, what clothes to wear so that we are comfortable all day long.

Beat The Scorching Heat By Buying Linen Sarees Online

Here Comes The Majestic Banarasi Sarees To Wear For Special Occasions by Beatitude IN. Get That Sophisticated Look With Cotton Handloom Sarees This Season. Why Banarasi Sarees Are Known As Women’s Unmatched Beauty? - Beatitude. No doubt, Banarasi Sarees are one of the favourite ethnic dresses among Indian women across the world on special occasions, and especially when it is someone’s grand wedding day. This ethnic wear is a much loved attire among Indian women and by all generations due its undefined styles and beauty which it holds. Banarasi sarees are designed with special techniques and unique designs which fascinate women and are adored by all types of generations.

These sarees are engraved with metallic sheen, gold work with a detailed intertwining flower designs including net and leaves within it. Not only this but also, artisans use soft woven silks with a good quality of gold and silver thread works in this ethnic wear. Saree – A Fashionista’s Style Statement! - Beatitude. I’ve always been an ardent admirer of that 6 meters of cloth draped perfectly around your body revealing just the right curves. Yes! I’m talking about the saree.

Saree was once the only known and most commonly worn attire for Indian women but over the last decade or more, the increasing impact of globalization, pushed this ever charming, glamourous wardrobe marvel, a little on to the back seat. Women limited the usage of saree to only traditional days at work or occasions like festivals and family functions. However, like all other fashions and styles, past few years have seen a comeback for sarees!

Modern day saree makers have also transformed it’s look to suit the tastes of women of varied age groups and varied likings. Your Best Friend This Summer is Here!!! - Beatitude. In all the years of our planet revolving around the sun, this year has been particular gruelling in terms of summer. The temperatures have risen to excruciating levels, and fashion is the last thing on people’s mind. Comfortable fashion has become the norm with everyone this season, but there is one little piece of fashion out there that can still feel you leaving like a fresh blooming daisy in the scorching heat of this summer. Linen is one of the oldest fabrics known to mankind, and it has always been associated with nature.With its roots sunk in Egyptian history, Linen is a fabric that is universally used for the fashion likings of both men and women.

With global warming taking its course and the summers getting hotter by the day, the entire industry of fashion has taken a fresh liking to Linen. Premium Silk Sarees - A Beautiful Addition to the Rich Repertoire of S - Beatitude. Saree is a popular ethnic ensemble that perfectly capture the women's sensuality, especially when it is woven in traditional silk. Silk saree is one such beautiful addition to the wardrobe that you will always thank yourself.

Enriched with grace, elegance, tradition, culture and modernity, premium silk sarees showcase the real Indian culture and heritage. The charm and elegance exuded by a silk saree takes its beauty several notches higher. Silk being the oldest known fabric has its evergreen charm to lure all. A premium silk saree is not just an ensemble, it is six yards of unmatched grace, elegance and sophistication. Handwoven Sarees – Add Timeless Elegance to your Style - Beatitude. The women of today is not bogged down by the pressure of daily life and they seek and deserve simply the best in each and every thing. The modern women is quite focus and conscious while choosing their outfits, as they just don't want to compromise a bit on their dresses. Linen Sarees And Interesting Facts Wrapping It! - Beatitude. The Indian saree industry is well-known for its quality, prints, designs, etc. Revel the Glory of Intricate Prints of Kalamkari Silk Sarees with Matc - Beatitude.

Have you ever noticed that these days Kalamkari has begun picking up pace among ladies for different occasions even in the fashion industry? The appealing and eye-catchy kalamkari requires no introduction. Kalamkari Silk Sarees, Get That Stunning Look By Turning The Heads Around. Favorite. Kashmiri Sarees: The Wonders Of Ehtnic Wear Unfolded. Beatitude Brings Stylish Designer Blouses For Ladies To Mix Match Their Sarees. Buy Designer Blouses from shopping platform and give that stylish look in the crowd DELHI, India - May 1, 2020 - PRLog -- Whether it's about girls or women, wearing sarees with a perfect pair of designer blouses definitely makes them look gorgeous and sizzling hot in any event, family get-togethers as well as in other special parties.

Wear Linen Sarees This Wedding Season To Become A Head Turner In The Crowd. Restore Session. Buy Handcrafted Jewellery To Pair It Up With Your Stylish Dres... One of the most elegant and precious things in women when it comes to style themselves up is jewellery, especially handcrafted jewellery, which are designed with unique qualities to add a grace to their every outfit, and specifically your ethnic wear. These handcrafted jewellery can be worn on any occasion , in parties as well as weddings too.To style yourself up, Buy Handcrafted Jewellery from any renowned online as well as nearby stores to choose the best one for yourself. There is nothing better than handcrafted jewellery that can put a huge smile on your face while making you look more beautiful in the eyes of others .

Handcrafted jewellery are available in more versatile designs which can help you style yourself as per your choices. How Ladies Can Mix And Match Their Sarees With Designer Blouses? - Beatitude. As it is known to everyone that women as well as girls of other age groups, sizzles in sarees than any other stylish attires, and even when it comes to bollywood celebrities, they too believe in the same thought of making their appearance a stylish and modern by wearing sarees. So, this blog lists down some amazing tips on how women can style themselves by Buying Designer Blouses and wear them in a stylish manner. Reasons Unfolded What Makes Banarasi Sarees So Special Among Indian Women?

Know What Makes Handcrafted Designer Jewellery First Choice For Most Women - Beatitude. Walking down the streets in India as well as in overseas, women are found to be wearing this handcrafted jewellery which are artistic in appearance. However, you will see that not only women, but also men these days are seen buying this handcrafted jewellery online to wear these on special occasions and flaunt themselves in the crowd. Linen Silk Sarees – A Rage among Young Fashion Enthusiasts - Beatitude. Buy Handloom Sarees – A Timeless Tradition Gracing Women since Ages - Beatitude. Trending Designer Blouses To Buy This Summer Season.

Flaunt the Linen Silk Sarees with Great Confidence and Right Couture - Beatitude. Kalamkari Sarees Are Known For Its Beautiful And Artistic Prints. Linen Kalamkari Saree – Reaching Customers beyond the Borders - Beatitude. Linen Cotton Sarees: Why You Must Choose These Fabrics For Any Occasion? Why buying handcrafted jewellery. Why Handloom Sarees Are Gaining Attention In Women Across The World? Timeless and Intricate Handcrafted Jewellery are Melange of Craftsmanship and Style - Beatitude. Grace the Charismatic Handwoven Pashmina Stoles to Become the Talk of - Beatitude. Why Choosing Banarasi Sarees This Wedding Season Is The Best? How To Take Care Of Handloom Sarees? - Beatitude. Buy Kalamkari Cotton Sarees At To Explore Its Aberrant Beauty. Top Reasons Why Handwoven Sarees Are Redefining Current Ethnic Wear? - Beatitude. Here Are Top Reasons To Buy Handloom Sarees - by Mansi Singh.

Stay Stylish Among The Crowd By Buying These Designer Blouse. Cotton Handloom Sarees are Fine Amalgamation of Style and Substance - Beatitude. Get Alluring and Stunning Look with Traditional Banarasi and Kashmiri - Beatitude. Linen Cotton Sarees – A Crisp, Cool Drape Ideal for Summer - Beatitude. 4 Impeccable Tips to Increase Longevity of Premium Silk sarees - Beatitude.

Demystifying Linen Count- All you need to know before you buy a linen - Beatitude. From the Crevices of Kashmir - Beatitude. Style Your Western Outfit With Indian Handcrafted Jewellery. Add Style To Your Ethnic Wear With Cotton Handloom Sarees.