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Classroom Management

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Tips for iPads in Classroom. We are starting our second year of having iPads in our elementary classrooms, our Title I CCJH classrooms, and some of our AJHS classrooms.

Tips for iPads in Classroom

We've created a list of tips for managing the equipment in our classrooms. Tip 1: Team decisions regarding equity Will you break the cart up across your grade level? If so, who will host the cart in their room? Or, will you rotate the cart from class to class? Tech Classroom Management Tips - Forrestville Valley Instructional Technology Department.

Teachwithyouripad.wikispaces. Quick iPad Management Tips! Here are some helpful hints for your classroom iPad device management: - If you want to see what recent apps your students were using (to make sure they were on task, etc.) - simply double click on the home button (the only button on the face of the iPad) and a dock will appear.

Quick iPad Management Tips!

This dock lists the apps that were opened in chronological order (with the most recent being the one farthest to the left). - If you want to multi-task between several apps, you can double click the home button from within an app and tap an app from the bar below. This app is still "running" and therefore none of your progress will be lost. (This is helpful if students are filling out an exit ticket and want to switch screens to look up a word, or use a calculator -- when they switch back to Safari, their form will not have reloaded and they can continue from where they left off.) - If your students are accidentally deleting apps: Go to the settings, tap "General", then tap "Restrictions".

iPads in Education: Apps, Classroom Management, & More. Some iPad Management Tips, Part 2! We have FINALLY gotten cases for our iPad 2s!

Some iPad Management Tips, Part 2!

Hooray! In honor of these new accessories, I wanted to share some quick iPad management tips with everyone: 1 - Color code your iPad cases for easy 1:1 access We have 5 students at each table and have assigned each seat a color. Each table has five differently colored iPads, and so when a student in seat "red" reaches for an iPad he or she doesn't need to rummage through the bin; they can easily see the red case and get "their" device. 2- Create desktop backgrounds to show numeration The cases cover the backs - where we originally had numerated stickers showing which iPad was which.

I did it this way - rather than creating the image on the iPad - for two reasons. How To Manage A Classroom Of iPads. The following is a sponsored post by Datamation Systems, Inc. . They’ve worked with more than 10,000 schools to help deploy and secure classrooms full of technology. Want to learn more? Check out their ad in the Edudemic Magazine or visit the Datamation website here . iPads are fun. Apps are fun. But when the bell rings and the fun is over, what happens then?

While the iPad’s potential in formal learning environments is clear, there is a practical side to its implementation that is not often recognized until after they’re purchased. Teachers and administrators are, to put it lightly, pushed for time as it is. Datamation Systems is a company that specializes in technology storage and security. Planning for Deployment Where do I put them? The best solution is to use carts or cabinets to store and secure. How do I make sure their batteries are charged? If iPads or other devices are stored at school, they should be re-charged or topped-off when they are not being used. How do I manage syncing? Managing a Classroom Set of iPads. Skip to main content Create interactive lessons using any digital content including wikis with our free sister product TES Teach.

Managing a Classroom Set of iPads

Get it on the web or iPad! Guest Join | Help | Sign In Ipadschools Home guest| Join | Help | Sign In Turn off "Getting Started" Loading... 3 Ways to Manage Student iPads in the Classroom. As the tidal wave of iDevices hit the shores this fall, I felt it was a good time to highlight a few ways to manage these devices with students.

3 Ways to Manage Student iPads in the Classroom

Add a Custom Email Signature: If you have email set up (we have a generic student email on each device that allows outgoing emails and restricts incoming) on the device to submit student work, consider adding a custom signature to your iDevice to discourage/manage rogue emails and inappropriate student use. Giving each device a different traceable signature will make it easier to locate the device that sent an inappropriate email.