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Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator. Discounted First Class and Flyer Talk Fares. Airport Information, Check-in Kiosk, Airport Maps and Travel Tips. Rates and Availability. Cirrus Vision Personal Jet PJ VLJ. Will there be a jet in the AirShares program?

Cirrus Vision Personal Jet PJ VLJ

Well, the easy answer is “Yes, we’re going to bring an owner-flown jet into the AirShares Elite Program.” The more difficult questions to answer are “When, which one, how much will it cost?” At this point,several key manufacturers haven't finalized exact plans, specifications, and timelines; in addition, new product introductions in the aviation industry seldom unfold as planned. This makes it difficult for us to commit to a specific AirShares jet rollout plan. But we are committed to making it happen! What we know … VLJ break-in challenges -- Many Very Light Jets (VLJs) are still having major teething problems. PJ vs VLJ -- Personal Jet (PJ) concepts are progressing nicely and several look promising including the Cirrus Jet, the Diamond D-Jet, and the Epic Victory / Elite. We continue to believe that PJs, as opposed to VLJs, will be the best products for the AirShares Elite program for several key reasons.

What we don’t know … Membership Rewards. Business Travel - Executive Travel. 2 bedroom Condo sleeps 4 in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii - Spectacular Ocean Views. Attitude New York Chauffered Transportation. Booking Engine. Make your bed and breakfast or inn website bookable with our flat fee online reservations. Track Flight Status for (UA) United Airlines 443. UA 443 has Landed En Route - On Time.

Track Flight Status for (UA) United Airlines 443

Rating not available for this flight Mon - 14 Apr, 2014 (JFK) John F. Kennedy International Airport New York, NY, US (LAX) Los Angeles International Airport Los Angeles, CA, US. Meet and Greet Service - Airport VIP Service, TLV VIP Service, Meet and Greet - Connection Assistances. United Fare Class Chart. *Global Premier Upgrades are not available on flights booked in fare classes Z, P, S, T, K, L, G or N.

United Fare Class Chart

**Co-pay is waived for Premier members SaverPass Award Seats O - SaverPass 3-cabin First Award IN - Elite (Plat/1K/GS) SaverPass Business or 2-cabin First Award I - Non-Elite and Low Elite SaverPass Business or 2-cabin First Award XN - Elite SaverPass Coach Award X - Non-Elite SaverPass Coach Award EasyPass Award Seats FN - EasyPass 3-cabin First Award JN - Elite/CC EasyPass Business or 2-cabin First Award ZN - Non-Elite EasyPass Business or 2-cabin First Award (tracks to the Z bucket) YN - Elite/CC EasyPass Coach Award HN - Non-Elite EasyPass Coach Award (tracks to the H bucket) Upgrades Note that upgraded flights will post to your MileagePlus statement as Z(X) where the second letter (X) is the original booking class. That letter defines the earning rate for the flight as points are earned based on the original booking class. Comments? [United Airlines]

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