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End Of Lease Cleaning Tips For Tenants - Bond Cleaning Canberra. If you are about to move out from a rental property in Canberra, you have to carry out a thorough end of lease cleaning according to the standard checklist.

End Of Lease Cleaning Tips For Tenants - Bond Cleaning Canberra

The residential tenancy laws in ACT clearly states that tenants have to follow certain rules during their tenancy. Apart from this, they are obliged to return the property in a flawless condition to the landlord at the end of a lease. It is important for tenants/renters to know everything about the property maintenance and cleaning responsibilities if they are concerned about their deposited security. Most disputes between tenants and landlords happen due to lack of cleaning. That’s why it is good to hire professionals for an exceptional end of lease cleaning in Canberra. In case you are moving out for the first time, you may end up making silly mistakes. Let’s Get Started! 1. End of lease cleaning is different from regular house cleaning. 2. Brittany Higgins’ partner abandons Canberra job due to fears of payback.

Brittany Higgins’ partner has been forced to abandon his job over fears he will be frozen out by ministers as payback for the crisis now engulfing the government.

Brittany Higgins’ partner abandons Canberra job due to fears of payback

Higgins’ partner, David Sharaz, says his job in Canberra, where he handled federal government clients for a media analytics company, is no longer tenable. The role required daily interaction with government and the maintenance of healthy relationships with ministerial offices and the prime minister’s office. “I do not believe I can continue to do that following the events of last week,” Sharaz told the Guardian, speaking publicly for the first time since his partner came forward. His resignation is yet another sign of the way that parliament’s power dynamics can work to discourage the reporting of sexual assault.

Higgins has previously spoken of her hesitancy to proceed with a police complaint for fear of losing her dream job. 5 Hacks To Clean Oven Without Chemicals - Bond Cleaning Canberra. Your oven is one of the most useful appliances in your kitchen as you use it every other day.

5 Hacks To Clean Oven Without Chemicals - Bond Cleaning Canberra

However, when it comes to its cleaning, the appliance often gets overlooked. It is because oven accumulates a lot of dirt, grease, spills and food particles, which get burned continuously and become very difficult to clean. A dirty oven and not only make a negative impact on its efficiency in the long run but also produce a lot of smoke in the kitchen, which can cause breathing issues.

Canberra bikie Axel Sidaros has sentence cut by five years after being cleared of attempted murder. A Canberra bikie convicted for his part in a shootout at the home of a former gang leader has had nearly five years cut from his original sentence, after he was tried twice for the crimes.

Canberra bikie Axel Sidaros has sentence cut by five years after being cleared of attempted murder

Key points: Axel Sidaros, 25, was found guilty of seven offences, including attempted murder and arsonBut in 2020 he was cleared of the charge of attempted murderA retrial has led to his sentence being cut by five years Axel Sidaros, 25, was sentenced to 14 years' jail in 2019 when a jury found him guilty of seven charges, including attempted murder, after an attack on the home of former Comanchero boss Peter Zradkovic. CCTV footage of the 2018 incident shows three men sneaking into the backyard and then firing into the house. Mr Zradkovic, who lost the top of a finger in the shoot out, can be seen firing back as he runs out of the house. Best Kept Secrets Of People Who Always Have A Clean House - Bond Cleaning Canberra. Why do some homes look, smell, and feel cleaner than others?

Best Kept Secrets Of People Who Always Have A Clean House - Bond Cleaning Canberra

What do people with neat and tidy homes do differently than people with messy houses? It is imperative to understand cleaning is a subjective term to understand why some homes are more hygienic. For example, cleaning the floors for some people will mean vacuuming them, whereas others might think of sweeping then mopping. The best results are achieved by sweeping and mopping as it removes physical pollutants and disinfects the floors too. If you want to have a neat and clean home at all times, follow this cleaning guide by professional end of lease cleaners in Canberra. ACT budget 2020-21: Winners and losers. News, act-politics, Chief Minister and Treasurer Andrew Barr has handed down a delayed 2020-21 budget.

ACT budget 2020-21: Winners and losers

So how did Canberrans fare? Here are the winners and losers in this budget. The climate Gungahlin families Woden CIT Homeowners (most) Canberra People who use their mobile when driving Social housing Businesses Throsby stadium MORE BUDGET NEWS: /images/transform/v1/crop/frm/3A774rPdJFNTQMEW2vFZ3Hm/2b06744e-cdf1-48ab-8883-946073d8e14b.jpg/r10_181_3860_2356_w1200_h678_fmax.jpg. Common Causes of Bad Smells at Home - Bond Cleaning Canberra. Tracking down funny and musty smell in the house seems to be one of the most intimidating tasks.

Common Causes of Bad Smells at Home - Bond Cleaning Canberra

Identifying the sources of strange odour can be overwhelming because a home can harbour different types of lingers- such as pet urine, fried fish, cigar smoke, clogged garbage disposal, wet and damp surfaces and much more. While some household smells are merely noxious, others can lead to harmful diseases, especially if you have kids at home. If you are living in a rented property, keep your house clean and keep the bad odours at bay. Canberra weather: Belconnen, Woden worst hit as severe storm lashes ACT.

News, latest-news, canberra weather ACT SES responded to 112 calls for assistance following a severe storm that hit Canberra on Monday evening.

Canberra weather: Belconnen, Woden worst hit as severe storm lashes ACT

An Emergency Services Agency (ESA) spokesperson said the majority of calls were for leaking roofs, fallen trees and overflowing storm water drains, adding that said Woden and Belconnen areas were worst hit by the storm. More than 21mm of rain fell at Canberra Airport in about half an hour, while 25mm was recorded at Tuggeranong as of 7pm. The ESA spokesperson said Canberrans should drive cautiously in the treacherous conditions. Power outages affected about 80 Canberrans on Monday, including residents in Ainslie, Narrabundah and Farrer. 7 New Year's Resolutions To Make House Clean - Bond Cleaning Canberra. 2020 was a tough year for most people due to the COVID-19 pandemic, causing many to have different expectations from 2021.

7 New Year's Resolutions To Make House Clean - Bond Cleaning Canberra

Having New Year resolutions is common among Australians, and most typical ones include losing weight, quit smoking, learning something new etc. However, this year hygiene and cleanliness are the major concerns, which is why it isn't surprising if you want to centre your resolutions on keeping your surroundings neat and clean. Australia Day 2021: 20 new Australian citizens in Canberra. News, latest-news, Twenty Canberrans from ten countries have become Australian citizens at the Australia Day ceremony on Tuesday.

Australia Day 2021: 20 new Australian citizens in Canberra

They were among the 12,000 people from more than 130 nations who attended 430 ceremonies across the country. From the shore of Lake Burley Griffin with a backdrop of Parliament House, the De Jesus family were among the group who took the exciting but nerve-wracking step. Helena and Michael moved to Australia from the Philippines with their sons Miguel and Angelo exactly five years ago. They came for the "promise of a better life", Helena said as the family accepted their citizenship certificates at Tuesday's ceremony. Your Essential House Cleaning Checklist 2021 - Bond Cleaning Canberra. Many people like to include the house cleaning in their new year’s resolution. If you are one of them then it is time to focus on the task.

However, to carry out the process in an effective and easier way, you need to create a house cleaning checklist. This list, which includes all the essential home maintenance chores, can play a crucial role in making your home a healthier place in 2021. The office that sets the standard for design on Northbourne Avenue. News, latest-news, canberra office buildings, canberra architecture When Catherine Townsend walks into the ACT government's new office building in Dickson her mood lifts immediately.

"It makes me feel good and it raises your own self-respect," she said. "I'm really interested in buildings and how they can manipulate your mood and how you feel about yourself. " The ACT government architect said the building set the standard for design on Northbourne Avenue. The building is designed by Sydney-based architecture firm Bates Smart and was developed by Doma Group. Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solutions That Really Work. COS to open first store in Canberra. How To Avoid The Flu: Clean And Disinfect Your House.

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Helpful Tips for Cleaning Ceramic Tile Floors. 5 Simple Ways to Keep Your House Clean. Could Bernard Tomic be a part of Canberra's bumper summer of tennis? The Rafa Nadal Open offered less prizemoney than the $75,000 ATP Canberra International. Tennis ACT boss Kim Kachel said they were open to hosting Tomic if schedules aligned. There are challenger events in China, Peru, the US, Ecuador and Germany at the same time of the Canberra International. "It's interesting. Canberra-now-supermarket-wars-at-mawson-fraudsters-jailed-20180903-p501j3. A draft territory plan variation means a car park out the front of the Austrian Club in Mawson could be rezoned and become a supermarket.

It would also rezone strips of land along Athllon Drive between Woden and Mawson for residential developments up to six-storeys. Katie Burgess has more. Paul Osborne on banned directors list Former ACT politician Paul Osborne was placed on the disqualified directors list in August 2017. The former rugby league boss will be on the list until February next year, after a failed venture with an associate connected to the company behind one of Australia's largest fraud scandals. Canberra-secures-festival-of-athletics-in-summer-race-revamp-20180830-p500qz. Australian Cyber Security Centre gets new Canberra office. The Federal Government has opened the Australian Cyber Security Centre new headquarters in Canberra.

With the opening of this purpose-built national cyber security centre in Canberra, Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, said it was significantly enhancing its capacity to grow Australia’s cyber resilience in partnership with industry, businesses, universities, not-for-profit organisations and governments. The Australian Cyber Security Centre forms a critical hub for the Joint Cyber Security Centres located in all capital cities, which facilitate partnerships between more than 150 organisations across private and public sectors. “The new Australian Cyber Security Centre will draw on the expertise from the ICT community, law enforcement, defence, universities and security agencies, as well as international partners, to increase the skills and capabilities needed to protect and defend our interests,” Turnbull said in a statement. Five cosy venues to see out the Canberra winter.

Open training in Canberra. Castile Soap to Clean Your Whole House - Bond Cleaning Canberra. Complete House Clean for a Gift? - Bond Cleaning Canberra. Canberra offers safe, country living with all the benefits of a big city. 1 of 3. What Includes in a Thorough End of Lease Clean? - Bond Cleaning Canberra. Does Canberra have a siege mentality? Canberra Now: Solar farm pushback; and Floriade overspend. For the third time in a week, Canberra set a new low for the year. 'Visionary': The new plan for a Canberra to Eden railway line. 9News - Latest news and headlines from Australia and the world. 5 Questions to Ask when Hiring Commercial Cleaners - Bond Cleaning Canberra. How to get rid of musty smell on Upholstery? - Bond Cleaning Canberra. How to get rid of musty smell on Upholstery? - Bond Cleaning Canberra.

June-15-2018-20180614-h11enz. Mental-health-experiences-wanted-for-canberra-film-festival-20180607-p4zk6z. What to do if a plunger & drain cleaner didn't work? - Bond Cleaning Canberra. Top 5 Natural Cleaners for the whole house - Bond Cleaning Canberra.