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Build your own YouTube-like platform in 45 minutes or less. Reddit is full of YouTube drama these days: users are accusing each other of plagiarism, and things have even moved beyond legal sabre-rattling and videos and accounts are getting nuked by DMCA take-down notices.

Build your own YouTube-like platform in 45 minutes or less

This ridiculous state of affairs got me thinking on how long it would take me to set up a YouTube-like site on my own server using free software. Three-quarters of an hour turns out. Let me pre-empt by saying that I know, I know that “BUT TRAFFIC!” , I know that “BUT AD REVENUE!”. Many users, however, seem to fail to grasp that the services they use, be it YouTube, Facebook, or whatever, are managed by jerks and favour jerk-like behaviour.

And you can’t do anything about it. It all boils down to what is important for you. Installation — MediaDrop 0.11dev documentation. This is a full walkthrough of how to get MediaDrop running.

Installation — MediaDrop 0.11dev documentation

Experienced Pylons users can check out the Quick Installation Overview page for a (very) condensed version of the instructions. This installation guide assumes a basic familiarity with a *nix shell. Experience with a Windows or DOS shell will translate pretty easily. You should be familiar with the concepts important to web development such as databases, web servers, and file permissions.

You should be comfortable with running commands in a terminal, and the basics like cd, ls, mkdir, tar, sudo, etc. Step 0: Requirements MediaDrop runs on *nix operating systems. Moosh. Kickball/awesome-selfhosted: This is a list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted locally. Selfhosting is the process of locally hosting and managing applications instead of renting from SaaS providers.

Streama Tutorial#2 - running on ubuntu16. Wims. How to install Moodle 3.2 on Ubuntu 16.04.


Windows + Python. Configurateur de réseau Wireless Thymio. Contenu de la boite Wireless Thymio Le Dongle (Récepteur) permet à l'ordinateur de communiquer avec le/les robots Wireless Thymio.Le robot Wireless Thymio peut communiquer avec les autres Wireless Thymio et dongles connectés au même réseau.Le cable USB permet de recharger le robot et de le programmer (Vous pouvez aussi programmer en mode sans-fil) Information De base, votre robot Wireless Thymio est configuré correctement et communique parfaitement avec le dongle associé, pas besoin de configurer quoi que ce soit pour une utilisation standard !

Configurateur de réseau Wireless Thymio

Pour que plusieurs robots Wireless Thymio et/ou le dongle soient dans un même réseau, il faut réunir les conditions suivantes : Welcome to OpenUpgrade’s documentation! — OpenUpgrade 9.0 documentation. Navigation.

Welcome to OpenUpgrade’s documentation! — OpenUpgrade 9.0 documentation

Utilisation d'Asebawitch. Branchez votre robot via USB ou avec le dongle fourni.

Utilisation d'Asebawitch

Lancez ensuite Aseba Studio et vous devriez voir le nom de votre robot apparaitre. Par exemple : Thymio-II Wireless (COM4) ou Thymio-II Robot (COM4). Pour démarrer ce switch, rendez-vous dans le dossier Aseba Studio. Ouvrez une fenêtre de commandes ici (maintenir la touche MAJ + clic droit, puis "Ouvrir une fenêtre de commandes ici"). Utilisez la commande suivante : asebaswitch "ser:port=numérodeport" Open Source Physics. Computational Resources for Teaching The OSP Collection provides curriculum resources that engage students in physics, computation, and computer modeling.

Open Source Physics

Computational physics and computer modeling provide students with new ways to understand, describe, explain, and predict physical phenomena. Browse the OSP simulations or learn more about our tools and curriculum pieces below. Tracker The Tracker tool extends traditional video analysis by enabling users to create particle models based on Newton's laws.

Learn more about Tracker Featured Tracker Package Projectile Motion with Angry Birds The Projectile Motion with Angry Birds lab uses the original video from Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds and the Tracker video analysis tool to measure and analyze the motion an angry bird projected from a slingshot to hit a pig.


Help Make The ‘Rope Team’ Moodle Course Format A Reality – Moodle News. A suggestion for a new Course Format to be included in Moodle 3.3 has been submitted to the Moodle Tracker by none other than Martin Dougiamas.

Help Make The ‘Rope Team’ Moodle Course Format A Reality – Moodle News

The “Rope Team” Course Format, which seems to have been developed in a hackathon during the Shaping the Future Conference 2017, held this past January in a ski lodge in Alberta, not only piqued the “Moodler’s” interest, but apparently his sense of urgency. The “Rope Team” course format proposes a team-based structure for content delivery and monitoring. A 16-slide presentation accompanies the proposal. Other possible names for the format include Studygroup or Docendo (from the Latin proverb Docendo Discimus, or “by teaching, we learn.”) Sous quelles conditions le numérique améliore-t-il les apprentissages scolaires ?

La page LaTeX. Un peu d'histoireTeX est un compilateur de texte scientifique créé par D.

La page LaTeX

E. Knuth. À l'origine, Knuth a développé TeX pour réaliser de beaux documents et écrire des formules mathématiques. LaTeX est un ensemble de directives au-dessus de TeX. Typiquement, LaTeX est idéal pour rédiger des articles scientifiques, des livres techniques et des documents scientifiques. Inscription à l'espace membre. Accueil Formulaire d'inscription * Champ obligatoire. † Champ qui ne pourra plus être directement modifié par vous.

Inscription à l'espace membre

OneDrive for Business vs OneDrive. OneDrive and OneDrive for Business, they share a name, but don’t offer the same things.

OneDrive for Business vs OneDrive

So, what’s the difference? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as “one is the business or professional version of the other” because in all honesty, they are not the same. What is OneDrive? OneDrive is a personal cloud place for you to securely store your files and access them later, from any device. You’ve been using the cloud for years when accessing your emails on Hotmail or Gmail, etc.


E learning. Moodle. Sodaphonic. Un éditeur de fichiers audio en ligne simple et gratuit – Les Outils Tice. Sodaphonic est un outil en ligne qui va vous permettre d’éditer vos fichiers audio simplement en quelques secondes. Il est gratuit et sans publicité. Mieux vous pourrez l’utiliser sans même avoir besoin de vous inscrire. Sodaphonic n’est pas fait pour les ingénieurs du son à la recherche d’une foule d’options complexes. Il est fait pour vous et moi en offrant des fonction simples pour enregistrer et monter rapidement un fichier audio sans trop se compliquer la vie. Ipad. Welcome!