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We envisage proficient, educated and skilled people to support the demand and adoption of blockchain technology, globally.

Blockchain Collective Explains Blockchain vs Cryptocurrency. 27 Jan Blockchain vs Cryptocurrency Posted at 10:29h in Articles by danielle Have you ever wondered the difference between blockchain vs cryptocurrency?

Blockchain Collective Explains Blockchain vs Cryptocurrency

Whenever people talk about blockchain and bitcoin, they mistakenly think that both are the same. This is because bitcoin is the first-ever used application of blockchain. However, blockchain is being used for more than the functionality of cryptocurrencies and is providing solutions for businesses to improve transactions and data security. What is bitcoin and Cryptocurrency? In general, bitcoin is a digital currency that is decentralised meaning it is not a government-issued currency and is not controlled by a centralised authority such as a central bank. Bitcoin is used as a peer to peer electronic cash system providing increased speed for cross-border transactions while providing complete transparency as all the records are stored on the blockchain.

COVID-19: Speeds Up Digital Transformation: - Blockchain Collective. 02 Nov COVID-19: Speeds Up Digital Transformation: Posted at 08:00h in Articles by danielle On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced the global pandemic of COVID-19.

COVID-19: Speeds Up Digital Transformation: - Blockchain Collective

Since then, the speed of digital transformation has accelerated. Over the last several months we have seen the age of digital transformation be compressed into days or weeks to adapt to the new way of life. COVID Disruptions Many business models have been disrupted through COVID-19 and completely eliminated others. The way we live, work and communicate has been impacted by the COVID pandemic. 80 % of revenue is predicted to come from digital offering or products over the next few years. Why is Digital Transformation Important? Digital transformations are providing businesses with value propositions to not only survive but to thrive.

Here are six benefits of digital transformation Data Insights: Digital transformation is creating a world of data that creates value for businesses to propel forward. Take Hold of the Future with Blockchain Courses Australia. Posted at 18:19h in Articles by nathan Blockchain technology has slowly developed in just a few years from something only cryptocurrency enthusiasts made money from, to a technological phenomenon that promises to impact many aspects of the online world.

Take Hold of the Future with Blockchain Courses Australia

Blockchain offers remarkable opportunities for the future, so it’s only right to start taking up blockchain courses Australia to formally learn about the application of blockchain when it is implemented in many fields. Blockchain can be implemented in fields of finance, data protection, and more Naturally, the first field where blockchain can be implemented is finance. It is slowly taking hold with brokers, banks, and financial institutions where blockchains ensure the financial security of records and transactions far better than traditional methods.

For data protection, no technology comes near to ensuring the safety of large amounts of data that’s unhackable. Obtain Blockchain Degree Australia. Posted at 18:17h in Articles by nathan By this time, the future for blockchain technology seems to be predictable because of its proven structure, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Obtain Blockchain Degree Australia

A blockchain is a decentralised database, a sort of electronically distributed ledger or spreadsheet record that is accessible to various users. Blockchains use cryptography to log, process, and verify each transaction, making them secure, permanent, and transparent. Perhaps it’s time to seek out a blockchain degree Australia to prepare for the future when blockchain becomes a permanent fixture in most transactions. Payments and other financial transactions Traditionally, the transfer of money between two institutions is both expensive and slow, especially with financial transactions taking place across international borders. Execution of contracts Aside from bitcoin for financial transactions, Ethereum can be used as self-executing contracts.

Identity and personal information protection. Enrol in Blockchain Courses at Blockchain Collective. Posted at 17:42h in Articles by nathan In this time of lockdowns, quarantines, and the need to stay home, perhaps it’s time to learn something new that could have an impact in the near future: Blockchain Technology.

Enrol in Blockchain Courses at Blockchain Collective

But some may question if they can overcome their fear of learning about blockchain even if they didn’t study computer science. Where do they start? Blockchain Technology Education from Blockchain Collective. Posted at 08:06h in Articles by nathan When we talk of Internet-based digital currency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many more, the technology behind this is called blockchain technology.

Blockchain Technology Education from Blockchain Collective

The technology allows this specific digital information to be distributed but never copied. It works like a digitalised ledger stored in a distributed network. A Digital Spreadsheet Imagine an Excel spreadsheet that is duplicated thousands of times across a network of computers. All the information on this spreadsheet is continuously reconciled into the database. Why the Name, Blockchain? Blockchain technology was invented in 2008, but it only became public with the introduction of Bitcoin. Simply put, a block is a record of individual transactions. Simplified Transactions When two banks transact a money transfer, they need to spend time and effort for coordination, synchronisation, messaging, and checking to ensure that the transaction happened precisely as it should.