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Life in lockdown. Cartoon by @chrisroytaylor #politicalcartoons #editorialcartoons #cartoonists #satire #freedomofspeech #cartoonmovement #coronavirus #workingfromhome #lockdown #quarantine. Lockdown Life – Cartoons by Josh. With the present Corona virus pandemic, economic slowdown, lockdown and social distancing I have been drawing more cartoons about this than anything else.

Lockdown Life – Cartoons by Josh

So here is a page of cartoons, the most recent is at the top. Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à. Coronavirus: Cartoons of life in lockdown 'make people smile' Image copyright Darren Goddard A cartoonist has been posting drawings of life in lockdown to "make people smile" during the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus: Cartoons of life in lockdown 'make people smile'

Darren Goddard, from Southend, Essex, has been uploading daily on his Facebook page and attracting hundreds of positive comments. The 48-year-old said he was compiling them in book called "My Ludicrous Life in Lockdown". He said: "I hope to get my cartoons published as a reminder of these strange times. " Mr Goddard, known for his murals in Southend, was evicted from his flat just before the government's lockdown measures came in last month. Live coronavirus updates from the BBC East region "Myself and Purdy, my dog, were on the verge of becoming homeless when my step-mum said I could stay with her and her neighbour looked after Purdy.

"I've since found myself somewhere to live and was reunited with Purdy. " He started drawing cartoons about living under the lockdown measures with his dog and posting them on social media. Image copyright Darren Goodard. Cartoons lockdown – Recherche Google. Coronavirus: Banksy makes 'bathroom' lockdown art. Image copyright Banksy Banksy has published a series of pictures showing rats causing mayhem in a bathroom during the coronavirus lockdown.

Coronavirus: Banksy makes 'bathroom' lockdown art

The elusive artist, whose identity has never been publicly revealed, published five pictures on his Instagram account on Wednesday. They show rats, which have featured in several of his pieces, wreaking havoc in what is assumed to be his home. The caption on the picture reads: "My wife hates it when I work from home. " Nine rats appear in the new pictures, hanging from the towel ring, stepping on a tube of toothpaste and knocking the bathroom mirror to one side. One appears to be counting the days of lockdown while another is swinging from the light cord. Who is the mysterious artist Banksy? Banksy's last public artwork appeared on Valentine's Day in his home city of Bristol and showed a girl firing red flowers from a catapult.

It was vandalised 48 hours after it first appeared. Image copyright Getty Images. Coronavirus: The incredible art created in lockdown. Illustrator Nina Cosford, 31, from Hastings, says she often uses humour in her work to tackle sometimes tricky or sensitive subjects.

Coronavirus: The incredible art created in lockdown

Self Company is a "tongue-in-cheek take on self-care and self-isolation", she says, which was created during the first week of lockdown back in March. "I wanted to show the funny side of being cooped up indoors and highlight the odd little domestic rituals that so many of us share (talking to our plants, trying and failing at home crafts and spying on the neighbours, for example). "We are going through such a strange time right now and one of my coping mechanisms in difficult or bleak times has always been humour. "It has the ability to comfort, entertain and unite us, and that's something I think a lot of people need right now.

" Self Company was "scrawled with a black fineliner" and the intention was for it to end up as a more refined, full-colour piece. Banksy Portrays Nurse as a Superhero – Speakeasy News. The new Bansky artwork portrays a nurse as superhero.

Banksy Portrays Nurse as a Superhero – Speakeasy News

The painting shows a young boy choosing a nurse as the superhero he wants to play with over Batman and Spiderman. The painting was unveiled at University Hospital Southampton, in southern England. An image of the work was also posted on Banksy's Instagram page with the caption "Game Changer. " Hospital chief executive Paula Head said: "So proud to reveal this amazing piece of art, "Painting for Saints", created by Banksy as a thank you to all those who work with and for the NHS and our hospital.

" "An inspirational backdrop to pause and reflect in these unprecedented times," she added on Twitter. A new painting by Banksy unveiled at University Hospital Southampton, in south England, shows a young boy choosing to play with a nurse toy over superheroes Batman and Spiderman— Reuters (@Reuters) May 7, 2020 It is not the first Banksy work inspired by COVID-19.