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Site d' Activités Éducatives multimedia - Educaplay. Create interactive flash tools / games for education. - interactive and multimedia learning modules. SideVibe. TeacherBites - Smart Notebook - Creating an interactive task. Homepage. Spelling & Vocabulary Website: SpellingCity.

Anglais. JClic pour l'école. Free Puzzlemaker. The IWB Toolkit. Accueil - Compil Games. Bring your ideas to life!

Accueil - Compil Games

Game Develop allows beginners as well as experienced game developers to create awesome games without programming The software is bundled with several examples and templates Web ( HTML5 ) and natives games can be created The events system is simple and powerful. Anki.

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L'École numérique » Créer des jeux vidéo en classe : des outils simples d’accès. - Home of Construct, the free open-source game creator. Kerpoof Studio. Flashcard Maker - Flashcards in a flash! Create Your Own Word Sort. Use the Word Sort Maker below to create a sort for your students.

Create Your Own Word Sort

Create on-the-fly in class, or create in advance and add the sort to your class website. To save your Word Sort webpage: When you click the "Webpage" button in the Sort Maker, it will open the student view of your word sort in a new window. Create Your Own Magnet Activity, Step 1 of 4. Virtual Dice. Vocabulary Teaching Tools. TESL/TEFL/TESOL/ESL/EFL/ESOL Links - TESL : Lesson Preparation Tools. Study English with fun, free ESL video quizzes. 5 Free and Simple Timers for Teachers. In the school at which I teach we have eighty minute class periods.

5 Free and Simple Timers for Teachers

Eighty minutes is a long time for anyone, let alone teenagers, to stay in one room and on task. Therefore, I break up the time with varied activities and "break times" during the eighty minutes.