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Create interactive flash tools / games for education. - interactive and multimedia learning modules. SideVibe. TeacherBites - Smart Notebook - Creating an interactive task. Homepage. Spelling & Vocabulary Website: SpellingCity. Anglais. JClic pour l'école. Free Puzzlemaker. The IWB Toolkit. File not found The file you were looking for was not found on this site.

The IWB Toolkit

Please check you've entered the address correctly Click here to return to the home page. Accueil - Compil Games. Bring your ideas to life!

Accueil - Compil Games

Game Develop allows beginners as well as experienced game developers to create awesome games without programming The software is bundled with several examples and templates Web ( HTML5 ) and natives games can be created The events system is simple and powerful Lots of examples are provided with Game Develop Take a look at some games created with Game Develop! Physics engine and particle systems are available Let's create a game! Easy to use, no programming required! HTML5 and native games Choose if you want to create a game for the Web and export it to Facebook, Kongregate... or a native game that can be downloaded. Creation made easy The events system lets you focus on your game.It is easy to use and powerful enough to do everything you imagine.

Examples, tutorials and forums Check out the templates provided with Game Develop to get started, read the tutorial or go on the forums to ask a question. Game Develop is available freely, without spyware or malware. Anki. L'École numérique » Créer des jeux vidéo en classe : des outils simples d’accès. - Home of Construct, the free open-source game creator.

Kerpoof Studio. Flashcard Maker - Flashcards in a flash! Create Your Own Word Sort. Use the Word Sort Maker below to create a sort for your students.

Create Your Own Word Sort

Create on-the-fly in class, or create in advance and add the sort to your class website. To save your Word Sort webpage: When you click the "Webpage" button in the Sort Maker, it will open the student view of your word sort in a new window. Use your browser's "Save" function to save the webpage on your computer. (Choose the "Web Page HTML Only" option [or similar] as the save format.) Right-click on this link to download the Flash file (dlbSortPlayer.swf) that is used to run the sort webpage. // Provide alternate content for browsers that do not support scripting // or for those that have scripting disabled.

Magnet Maker Flash and HTML code/scripts © 2006-2009, Daryl L. Create Your Own Magnet Activity, Step 1 of 4. Virtual Dice. Vocabulary Teaching Tools. TESL/TEFL/TESOL/ESL/EFL/ESOL Links - TESL : Lesson Preparation Tools. Study English with fun, free ESL video quizzes. 5 Free and Simple Timers for Teachers. In the school at which I teach we have eighty minute class periods.

5 Free and Simple Timers for Teachers

Eighty minutes is a long time for anyone, let alone teenagers, to stay in one room and on task. Therefore, I break up the time with varied activities and "break times" during the eighty minutes. One tool that can help to get the students and me to not stretch the "break times" is to use a countdown timer. Online Stopwatch is a free website that gives you the choice of a stopwatch function or a countdown function. You can set the countdown timer for any length of time and an alarm sounds when time is up. Online Egg Timer is a simple website offering three countdown timers on one screen. Timer Tab is a free application offered through the Chrome Web Store and as a stand-alone website at offers two versions of their free countdown service.