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Nuno bernardo. Who is the Transmedia Producer. Posted in Blog on Tuesday, November 8th, 2011 at 6:29 am When I first heard the concept of Transmedia something awoken in me.

Who is the Transmedia Producer

The concept of orchestrating media was not alien to me. As a visual effects artist I have worked in everything from Film, animation, commercials, games, online, offline, television, creating, producing and directing and a stint in stop motion – years and years ago. But the concept of being intentional on how to spread your storyworld in the brave new world of multiscreens was extremely exciting to me.

How would I fit in this world? What is the role I should play? Enter the Transmedia Producer!!! So how do you become one – that is what I embarked on discovering. There are so many amazing people online you can learn from. But the work of my dear friend Robert Pratten of truly gave me a clear sense of how to approach it. The idea of navigating and bringing the “silos” together, which here referred to the many parts of a working production house.

Produire, développer

Dummies Guide to Writing a Transmedia Production Bible. OK not really a Dummies guide as there are some complex elements in here, but one has to use whatever memes are in vogue A few weeks ago I was commissioned by Screen Australia to write a very basic structure & guide for producers relatively new to multi platform content to structure & document their propositions, after they have developed the ‘audience centric’ concepts.

Dummies Guide to Writing a Transmedia Production Bible

This has just been published on the Screen Australia site as a digital resource for those needing to document projects for transmedia productions. Simon Staffans: How to make your Transmedia project a reality. July 4, 2011 OK, so your transmedia concept is ready to go.

Simon Staffans: How to make your Transmedia project a reality

What next? Some tips from our resident expert By Simon Staffans. MEDIA France. Qui peut déposer ? Sociétés éligibles : toute société originaire d’un pays membre du Programme MEDIA, ayant pour activité principale la production d’œuvres audiovisuelles et/ou interactives, indépendante (i. e. sans lien déterminant avec un diffuseur). Expérience requise : Production d’une œuvre interactive antérieure (en tant que producteur majoritaire ou producteur délégué) distribuée commercialement (sur support physique ou accessible en ligne) entre le 1 er janvier 2008 et la date de soumission de la demande.

Marketing trnsmd

Hollywood Second-Guessing Comic-Con, Could Viral Marketing Be Next? The New York Times ran a piece yesterday about how movie studios are taking a more cautious approach to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Hollywood Second-Guessing Comic-Con, Could Viral Marketing Be Next?

After propelling the comic book convention into the mainstream in recent years, why are they turning away now? Also, what could this shift in priorities mean for viral marketing? Read my thoughts after the break. The big news from the NY Times story is that Warner Bros. will not be presenting any of their movies at Comic-Con.

This means no panels or booths for The Dark Knight Rises or The Man of Steel. Why this sudden exodus from the mecca of geek culture? The timing isn’t very good for films either, as the late July timeframe doesn’t help most films coming out that summer and may be too early for next summer’s blockbusters. What could this mean for viral marketing in general? However, from my experience, it seems that most of the time, the studios know that their viral campaign or ARG isn’t meant to attract the general public. Comments comments. Les programmes transmédia s'apprêtent à débarquer.

Une série de TF1 dont les téléspectateurs peuvent influencer le scénario sur le blog de l'héroine.

Les programmes transmédia s'apprêtent à débarquer

Ma "big interview" dans Technikart. En décembre dernier, le magazine Technikart a publié la "big interview de Henri Verdier" dont Cap Digital a mis en ligne une version PDF.

Ma "big interview" dans Technikart

Mais le texte n'est pas encore disponible sur la toile. Or, à la relecture, ce dialogue avec Olivier Malnuit couvre une grande part des problèmes économiques et sociaux qui brident encore le développement de cette industrie. C'est pourquoi je suis heureux de le partager avec vous. The Pixel Lab 2011. The Pixel Lab 2011 The Cross-Media Workshop with the support of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union, Medienboard, TorinoFilmLab, Skillset Film Skills Fund, ARTE, MEDIA Antenne Berlin-Brandenburg.

The Pixel Lab 2011

Strategic partners EAVE, The Pixel Lab is a European training hub set up to equip producers, storytellers and media professionals with the skills to create, produce and finance cross-media properties – stories that can span a combination of film, TV, online, mobile, interactive and gaming. We believe these skills are essential to build sustainable businesses and be competitive in a multi-platform international marketplace. ARTE Creative - your network for contemporary culture. Spécial transmédia – ressources et hyperliens. Promouvoir le contenu Transmedia. Promouvoir le contenu Transmedia janvier 14, 2011 Mise à jour 15/01.

Blogomadaire. VOD, Netflix capte 30% du trafic Internet américain. Selon une étude publiée par Sandvine, le service de location de vidéo en ligne Netflix est devenu si populaire aux Etats-Unis qu’il représente aujourd’hui 30% (29,7 exactement) de la consommation de la bande-passante américaine.

VOD, Netflix capte 30% du trafic Internet américain

«Netflix est désormais le roi indiscutable de la bande passante en Amérique du Nord», note l’étude. Pour ses auteurs, cette bascule confirme que «nous sommes désormais dans l’âge de la vidéo par Internet». VODO - free-to-share films available through bittorrent. Measuring Return on Investment in Transmedia.

Transmedia Talk Podcast – Episode 9. L’industrie du jeu vidéo parie sur des oeuvres transmedia.