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Participation de la société EEnox – Service en ligne qui permet à tout un chacun de littéralement dessiner puis télécharger des sites web interactifs à destination de n’importe quel type d’écrans et d’interfaces. MultiTouch Wall, rss parser. Circle Of Trust. DinahmoeSTHLM. Craft skin viewer. Zeega. HTML5 Studio. ⧉ Info WebGL Globe A WebGL sphere of news stories.

HTML5 Studio

Open stories by clicking. When you find the video, hit to play. WebGL CSS3 2D transforms CSS3 transitions Webm video Your browser may not fully support these features. View SourceDownload Sample WebGL Globe ASCII Art Synchronized ASCII art video via WebSockets. HTML5 WebSockets Orientation Physics Break up a video into lots of boxes and move them around by titling your machine. Canvas Device Orientation Video SVG Puzzle Solve the puzzle! SVG SVG Transforms Notification Time! Schedule a countdown to a notification, like an alarm clock. Desktop Notifications Date.js Video PiP Use Picture-in-picture to swap between two video sources while enjoying a color glow effect.

HTML5 video Media element API Canvas Geolocation Peruse local job listings and envision your commute. Geolocation Google Base API Google Maps API Video Cube Build a cube of ASCII reflecting a video in realtime and reposition the view. HTML5 video Canvas CSS 2D Transforms CSS3 mask image Slideshow. Skip Flash, Build Animations in HTML5 With Hype. Jonathan Deutsch and Ryan Nielsen left Apple late last year to join Y Combinator's accelerator program and help designers build animations in HTML5 as opposed to Flash.

Skip Flash, Build Animations in HTML5 With Hype

Friday, the two-man team is releasing Hype, the first product of their startup Tumult, on the Mac App Store. Hype, which sells for $29.99, uses WebKit to render pages and has been crafted so that anyone comfortable with using Keynote or PowerPoint can start building animations in HTML5, no code required. "It's pretty clear that HTML5 is the future of the web," says Deutsch. "It will, of course, run not only on desktop machines but also runs really well on any modern smartphone or tablet like the iPad. The problem is that there are no good designer apps for creating animated HTML5 like there are for Flash. " Hype presents the user with a blank canvas with a timeline at the bottom. "This is a very designer-friendly process," Deutsch explains. "There's a huge wide opportunity with HTML5," says Nielsen. Element Index. How HTML5 Will Transform the Online Video Landscape. The Future Web Series is supported by Elsevier's SciVerse Application Marketplace and Developer Network.

How HTML5 Will Transform the Online Video Landscape

The SciVerse applications platform enables developers to build apps based on trusted scientific content. Learn more. One of the most exciting — and polarizing — aspects of HTML5 is the specifications for HTML5 video. The promise of HTML5 is immense; no longer just a markup language, as robust applications can be built and deployed using the power of the browser. One of the big promises of HTML5, at least for video, is that it will be possible to serve and play back hardware-accelerated video in the browser, on a smartphone or tablet, or in an embedded device, all without having to do lots of special coding. Let's look at some of the ways HTML5 is already influencing the future of online video, as well as some of the challenges that still exist. Styling Video This lets developers create special transformations, custom controls and other effects directly in the markup and stylesheet.