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This is what would happen if college tuition became free in America. In the 1960s, when Britain applied to join the European Economic Community, a predecessor of today’s European Union, it was vetoed by France.

This is what would happen if college tuition became free in America

Twice. The UK made it into the club, eventually, in 1973. Shortly thereafter, new prime minister Harold Wilson called a referendum on whether Britain should remain a member. It wasn’t close—two-thirds of voters opted to stay in the club on June 6, 1975. Belying its initial enthusiasm, Britain has been an awkward member of the economic bloc ever since, reluctantly pulled along as the EU has expanded to 28 countries, of which 19 now also share the same currency, the euro.

It is shaping up to be a much closer contest this time around. Negotiating on the brink Cameron says that it’s “vital to keep Britain in a reformed EU.” The two days of talks in Brussels were thus pitched as a momentous, last-ditch, do-or-die attempt to save the EU as we know it. “Everybody will have their own drama and then we’ll agree.” And so it went. Let’s make a deal. Make Public College Tuition-Free. Create a plan to make public college tuition-free.

Make Public College Tuition-Free

Rather than continuing to pour billions more into financial aid programs that often fall short of tuition costs and leave students deep in debt, lead an effort to fund tuition-free public college. The money is there but the leadership isn't. Should college education be free? If that were the case, it would be High School part 2.

Should college education be free?

If college was free, it would literally mean High school all over again. Do you any idea on how many people would take college for granted if it was free. College being free would literally mean high school all over again. I am currently a high school senior who is heading off to college this year and I can say that most of the kids in my school don't care one bit. They are out in the hallways hanging out with their friends, smoking, drinking and causing fights with others and you can just imagine what it would be like if kids like those went off to attend college with very little effort put into their school work. Make college free for all. In an op-ed for The Washington Post, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders explains legislation that would drastically change higher education in America.

Make college free for all

(The Washington Post) By Bernie Sanders October 22, 2015 Bernie Sanders, an Independent, represents Vermont in the U.S. Senate and is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for president. In 1877, Rutherford B. Should College Be Free? - Room for Debate. Why Tuition-Free College Makes Sense. This college building in Kansas was one of the first created under the 1862 Morrill Act.

Why Tuition-Free College Makes Sense

(Image: Land Grant College) The issue of making college tuition-free has recently come to the fore in American politics, largely because the two leading contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, have each championed it. Sanders has called for free undergraduate tuition at public colleges and universities, to be financed by a tax on Wall Street speculation, while Clinton has done the same, although with some qualifications and a different funding mechanism.

The major argument for free public college and university education is the same as for free public education in general: like the free public elementary and high schools already existing in the United States, free public higher education provides educational opportunity for all. Why you can get a free college education in Germany but not in California. Meanwhile in California, the Cal State University system might soon consider annual tuition hikes, a further reversal of the state’s 1960 education master plan that established access to tuition-free college for California students.

Why you can get a free college education in Germany but not in California

In Germany, students do have to pay some registration fees each semester — they vary from campus to campus, but usually average about 250 euros (about $273 according to current conversion rates), said Nina Lemmens, the North America director for the German Academic Exchange Service. That’s less than $600 each year, a paltry fee compared to CSU’s $5,472 annual fees. On the Issues: It's Time to Make College Tuition Free and Debt Free. In a highly competitive global economy, we need the best-educated workforce in the world.

On the Issues: It's Time to Make College Tuition Free and Debt Free

It is insane and counter-productive to the best interests of our country and our future, that hundreds of thousands of bright young people cannot afford to go to college, and that millions of others leave school with a mountain of debt that burdens them for decades. That shortsighted path to the future must end.

As President, Bernie Sanders will fight to make sure that every American who studies hard in school can go to college regardless of how much money their parents make and without going deeply into debt. Here are the six steps that Bernie will take as President to make college debt free: This is not a radical idea. In fact, it’s what many of our colleges and universities used to do. Over the next decade, it has been estimated that the federal government will make a profit of over $110 billion on student loan programs.