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Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries. The Pastry Affair - Home - Garlic Parmesan Pull-Apart&Bread - StumbleUpon. I once made the driest pancake in the world.

The Pastry Affair - Home - Garlic Parmesan Pull-Apart&Bread - StumbleUpon

I can see you sitting at home, staring at your computer screen, and scoffing at my bold statement. Driest pancake in the world? Yeah, right. Makes & how to make a rainbow cake! Aaannnndddd, she’s back!

makes & how to make a rainbow cake!

So I did mention something about health and/or diet food in my last post, and while this recipe is the latter, it is most certainly not to be confused with the former. I posted about my rainbow cake here, and it got a lot of traffic on over to my livejournal, and everyone wanted the “recipe.” The cool thing is that if you’re making something so distractingly colourful, people will think it’s delicious no matter what.

Stirring up a whole lotta crazy in the kitchen - StumbleUpon. Make Your Own Ice Cream in Five Minutes : Parentables - StumbleUpon. Photo Credit: Sarah Fernandez I have such fond memories of making homemade ice cream in the summer when we were kids.

Make Your Own Ice Cream in Five Minutes : Parentables - StumbleUpon

We used to go pick fresh strawberries and blackberries and then come home and pull out the electric machine and load in the ingredients. Watching the ingredients solidify into a delicious dessert had our eyes glued to the spinning bowl. Garlic Potato Chip Stacked Bacon Burger. The title of this recipe is a mouthful, literally, and boy was it ever delicious.

Garlic Potato Chip Stacked Bacon Burger

I came up with this idea for a burger for a couple of reasons. One, and probably most importantly, is that my oldest kid has some interesting eating habits. For instance whenever I order out sandwiches from Jimmy John’s, he will order a plain sub, just ham and bread, and yes, they always give me that look and ask, ‘really, just plain ham and bread?” , and when I bring it home, he takes off the ham and just eats that, then loads up his plain sub roll with the bag of chips and has a chip sandwich. Creamy baked mac-and-cheese (and it’s easy) Creamy baked mac & cheese Hot, bubbly, gooey, cheesy, creamy, rich, I’ll have 2nds and 3rds and 4ths please.

Creamy baked mac-and-cheese (and it’s easy)

That’s MY type of mac & cheese… Yes like the majority of people out there, when I think about this dish the first thing that comes to my mind (other than how great it is), is how many miles I will have to run to burn off this caloric explosion of deliciousness. Keep in mind I am a conscious eater. I do try my best to feed my family as healthy as possible, (whole grains, fruits, veggies, blah blah blah…..) Sauteed Mushrooms with white wine, thyme and rosemary. I know a lot of people don’t like mushrooms.

Sauteed Mushrooms with white wine, thyme and rosemary

But then again a lot of people do. If you are one of that one’s that “DO” like mushrooms this is an easy recipe for sautéed mushrooms. They can be used on top of steaks, on top of burgers, or even to help give a sandwich a “meaty” filling for those who do not eat meat. The thyme and the white wine really add a lot of flavor to these mushrooms while the rosemary adds a bit of a “woodsy” or “piney” flavor. Just be careful with the rosemary as it can easily overpower the dish. Rustic Tuscan Vegetable Soup.

It’s finally “winter” here in the desert.

Rustic Tuscan Vegetable Soup

And after a brutally hot summer I am READY for the cold. We just had a crazy winter storm that brought lots of rain & snow up north and even sleet here in Phoenix! This crazy weather made me crave a nice hot bowl of soup…I didn’t want a bowl of brothy soup, but one that was rather hearty, yet filling AND healthy. This Tuscan style vegetable soup does not disappoint. A community driven visual potluck - StumbleUpon.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough + Cupcake = The BEST Cupcake. Ever. Recipe - - StumbleUpon. Girl meets life. - StumbleUpon. I don’t say this very often.

girl meets life. - StumbleUpon

But this is one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten. Remember how I made dense, fudgy brownies by using a boxed chocolate cake mix? Well, let’s just say that I haven’t been able to stop imagining doing the same with a yellow cake mix ever since. I thought, if this method can get me to actually love chocolate, how insanely good would a cake version be?? So, chocolate-lovers, this isn’t entirely for you. Cake batter blondies. ingredients: 1 box yellow cake mix1/4 cup canola oil1 egg, beaten1/4 – 1/2 cup milk1/4 cup rainbow sprinkles1/2 cup white chocolate chips (optional) directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Healthy Homemade Pizza Recipes - Homemade Pizza Recipes - The Daily Green. Twix Cheesecakes – Gingerbread Bagels - StumbleUpon. Food Nutrition Facts - Healthy Living Tips at Every child has heard the healthy-eating mantra "You are what you eat.

Food Nutrition Facts - Healthy Living Tips at

" But there may be a closer resemblance between good-for-you grub and your body than you thought. We found 10 foods that mirror the body parts they provide nutrients for—for example, brain-boosting walnuts actually look like a brain. Coincidence? Maybe. Though these healthy foods are beneficial to the whole body, the list below is a fun reminder of what to eat to target specific areas. 1. Gingerbread Kama Sutra. Girl Eats Food - Crazy Christmas Caffeine Cake Pops. The decorations are up, you've burnt all your furniture for extra warmth and soon it'll be socially acceptable to have pigs in blankets drowned in eggnog for breakfast. Only thing is, you've forgotten that you need to buy thoughtful shit for your family and friends or Christmas morning will be more awkward than that time you spent it with the parents of your latest one night stand.

Everything about December says you should be tucked away indoors. The last thing you wanna be doing is body-slamming a motherfucker onto the slushy ground outside the perfume pop-up shop for the last squeezy of Davidoff hand lotion while Mariah Carey whimpers gently in the background. So what do you need to get the inevitable panic shopping done as quickly and as painlessly as possible? Well, you could use the internet. Crazy Christmas Caffeine Cake Pops Step 1. Make a cake. Step 2. Slowly fold in the Red Bull, don’t go cray-cray with a whisk, you want to keep some caffeine bubbles in there. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Camping Recipes - Camping never tasted so good! - StumbleUpon.