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Is it time to renew your health insurance? Here’s 5 things to keep in mind when your provider comes knocking. A lot of things can happen in a year, medically or otherwise.

Is it time to renew your health insurance? Here’s 5 things to keep in mind when your provider comes knocking

With your health insurance renewal notice acting like an annual review of your UAE health insurance, your notice period is a good time to reflect on that, and a great time to look at your coverage and premiums including the added bonuses of staying with your insurer. While you mull over how your insurance has benefited (or disappointed) you over the year, keep these 5 things about your renewal notice in mind: 1. It’s on you Although it’s in the interest of the insurer for you to continue on with them, the onus of renewing your policy is on you; your healthcare, your responsibility. 2. Renewal periods are a time of reflection where you can review your current benefits, the cost of your premium, as well as the doctors and clinics in your network. 3. In most cases, your renewal notice has information about how your plan will work in the upcoming year. 4. 5.

Simple Tools To Automate Your Admin Work. How to make your new employee's first day a huge success. Most ‘first days’ are gut wrenching affairs marked by sweaty palms, colleague introductions you won’t remember, and PowerPoints – lots and lots of PowerPoints.

How to make your new employee's first day a huge success

It’s important for HR to recognize that like any first impression, bad first days have the potential to tarnish a starter’s view of the company culture, their colleagues, and their responsibilities. Ideally, your employee’s first day should signify the start of something great, not a descent into an uncertain and apathetic unknown. Because that can set the tone for their entire career at the company. If you want employees that take ownership, care about their colleagues, and align their own goals with that of your business, make their first day memorable for all the right reasons. Make introductions Send a welcome email You’d be surprised how fulfilling it can be to open your brand-new work email and have a welcome letter waiting for you. What HR do. Bayzat, your friend with benefits 'Data Storage' Infographics Hidden Cost Of HR Inefficiency. Cost of hiring a maid in the UAE.

Tarek Bayaa. Helpful tips to keep you from using your health insurance this Ramadan. The Holy Month of Ramadan is just around the corner, tiptoeing on the edge of summer in the UAE.

Helpful tips to keep you from using your health insurance this Ramadan

In addition to familiar scorching temperatures, this month of abstinence promises longer days with suhour starting earlier in the day and iftar postponed until after the summer sun sets. Perhaps now more than ever is the need to exercise caution and ensure a successful fast by being particular with what enters the body beforehand. If you’re looking to stay out of the hospital for the month of Ramadan, follow these simple tips and tricks: 1. Make suhour count ‘Suhour', the meal fasters eat before dawn, replaces breakfast as the most important meal of the day.

To make the most of your suhour, try include: Fibre-rich foods: Healthy cereals, dates, figs, whole wheat, chia seeds, vegetables, fruits (particularly those with edible skin) are essential to keeping your digestive track in order, and promote a feeling of fullness for longer. 2. 3. 4. 5. You’re not getting away from this rule. Simple tools to automate your admin work. Takaful Insurance. Bayzat Health Insurance & HR Solution.

Short interview with CEO & Co Founder Talal Bayaa Bayzat. HR what not to do. Aetna health insurance : Get Aetna health insurance policy, quotes. Al sagr national insurance : Get Al sagr national insurance policy and quotes for Al sagr national insurance. Infographics Difference between critical plan and health insurance plan1. Bayzat Salesforce. Introducing OCR Technology. -OCR is at the heart of everything from handwriting analysis programs to the gigantic mail-sorting machines that ensure all those millions of letters reach their destinations.

Introducing OCR Technology

How exactly does it work? - Computers typically get things their way when it comes to working with humans. For them to understand us and do what we want them too, we have to resort to “speaking” their language with things such as mice and keyboards. One innovation in the world of digital solutions has challenged the status-quo and is making computers work significantly harder to process more human-like information from paper printed health insurance policies to handwritten letters to pictures with text. In the tech-centric world of mobile platforms there is seemingly a new revolutionary feature or technology every other day.

How Does OCR Work? There are several techniques or methodologies utilized by OCR applications to reach a common end-goal. How are Companies Using OCR? OCR in an HR Environment Related articles: Tech Showcase - Bayzat. Bayzlanders. Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance health insurance plans : Get Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance health insurance policy. Basics of EBP. Infographics UAE healthcare regulations Bayzat. Talal talks about challenges of building startup. Best Medical Health Insurance Company in Dubai for Individual, Family and Group. Bayzat cancer awareness .jpg. RSA health insurance: Get RSA health insurance policy and quotes by comparing the plans. Infographics UAE healthcare highlights. Bupa health insurance : Get Bupa health insurance policy in UAE. Salama health insurance : Get Salama health insurance plan. Bayzat WhitePaper. Arabia Insurance health insurance : Get Arabia Insurance health insurance policy in UAE.

Doc UAE’s Health Insurance history and features. Bayzat 9Mar. Watania Morgan Price health insurance : Get Watania Morgan Price health insurance policy. Bayzat insurance & HR solutions. Bayzat, your friend with benefits: "Documents Overload" Infographics Lastdate 31March healthinsurance. Allianz health insurance : Get Allianz health insurance policy in UAE. Bayzat Boss's Birthday. Bayzat deductible. Health insurance application form. Oman health insurance : Get Oman health insurance plan. New India health insurance : Get New India health insurance policy in UAE. 2016 UAE healthcare highlights and services.

Bayzat Talal Bayaa. Al sagr national insurance : Get Al sagr national insurance policy and quotes for Al sagr national insurance. Infographics healthcare education & research UAE. Retirement healthcare pdf. Fatfree BP bayzat. Compare and find best credit card, personal loan, mortgage from UAE banks. Video health insurance history. Infographics health card UAE. Happynewyear bayzat. AXA health insurance : Get AXA health insurance plan. Renew healthinsurance pdf. Bayzat compare policy. How to Communicate Company Benefits to Your Employees. Good communication between company owners, manager and employees is the lifeblood of any successful business.

How to Communicate Company Benefits to Your Employees

When employees know what is expected of them and the benefits that they get from the company, they are more motivated to perform to their best. The benefit of clear communication to a company’s success was shown in a study conducted by consultancy firm Towers Watson. The researchers found that companies that have effective communication programs are three and a half times more likely to be more successful than their competitors. When companies focus on motivating positive employee behavior rather than program cost, they inspire a more motivated workforce.[1] For example, providing the best health insurance cover for your workforce may cost extra money, but the health care plan will be a major factor in your motivating your staff to work hard. In this article, you will find out how to implement practices and policies to communicate company benefits to your employees. 1.. 2.. Online Health insurance. Health Insurance Cost. Infographics healthcare sector (1) Infographics healthcare sector (1)

Know your policy anytime anywhere. Senior health insurance .png. Dubai Healthcare City. Employerhealthinsurance. Video Abstain misusing health insurance (1) Variance between dubai and abudhabi basic plans infographics. Bayzat Beco Partnership. Dental Insurance Infographics. Bayzat 9Nov. Health Insurance Cost. Video Dubai healthcare city. Video healthcare for expats. Bayzat Benefit infographics.

Health insurance FAQ. Bayzat Features. Forbes award for Bayzat. Renewal of health insurance. Infographics claim settlement 1. Bayzat maternityinsurance 21Sep. Infographic genetic disorder 1. Could you be underinsured infographics. Why some people dont get insured(1) 1. DHHC infographics 1.