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How Seniors Can Stay Active While Staying at Home. Living an active lifestyle is an important part of healthy aging.

How Seniors Can Stay Active While Staying at Home

But the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has turned life upside down, limiting seniors from going to the gym or a community center. How to Prevent and Detect Malnutrition in Seniors. Malnutrition is a serious health issue among the senior population.

How to Prevent and Detect Malnutrition in Seniors

To live a quality life, seniors need to stay healthy. If you are caring for an elderly loved one, you should be aware of the warning signs of malnutrition and how to prevent them. At Bayou Home Care , our team of certified nursing assistants in Morgan City, Louisiana has compiled a list of factors contributing to malnutrition and some prevention tips. Common causes of malnutrition Here are some of the physical, social, and psychological issues that may cause malnutrition in seniors: Medications that affect the body’s ability to absorb nutrientsNormal age-related changes in taste, smell, and appetiteDifficulty swallowing or chewing food due to an illness or injury. How to Make Caregiving More COVID-Safe. Older adults are especially vulnerable to developing severe complications from COVID-19.

How to Make Caregiving More COVID-Safe

If you are caring for an elderly loved one, you might be worried about their safety. The Benefits of Getting In-Home Rehabilitation. Many seniors get in-home rehabilitation from a home nursing in Pierre Part, Louisiana to recover after surgery.

The Benefits of Getting In-Home Rehabilitation

Othersneed it to cope with the symptoms of a chronic illness that affect their mobility. However, the burden of traveling to and from a rehabilitation facility must be too much to handle for seniors. This is why in-home rehab is becoming a popular choice for most seniors. Fall Prevention: Simple Exercises for Seniors. Falls are a major cause of serious injuries among seniors, such as broken bones, hip fractures, and head injuries.

Fall Prevention: Simple Exercises for Seniors

These injuries may result in difficulty moving around, doing daily activities, and even living an independent life. While it’s not completely possible to prevent a fall at home, there are many things you can do to reduce your risk of falling. As a provider of physical therapy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, here are our top fall prevention tips. Improve your balance and strength by doing simple exercises like heel raises, standing side leg shift, and standing hamstring curls. Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Prevent Heart Disease. One of the most common threats to senior health is heart disease, which is mainly caused by plaque buildup in the arteries.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Prevent Heart Disease

Smoking, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels are among the risk factors for heart disease. The good news is there are things you can do to keep your heart healthy. As a provider of skilled nursing in Denham Springs, Louisiana, we’ve listed some healthy lifestyle tips you can follow: Get enough exercise. Wound Care Tips to Help Seniors Recover After Surgery. Taking care of your incision, managing pain, and preventing complications are some of the important concerns after surgery.

Wound Care Tips to Help Seniors Recover After Surgery

It is also important to understand discharge instructions so your wound won’t get infected. At Bayou Home Care, we have certified wound care nurses who are well-trained in caring for patients with major wounds. Our nurses follow the latest concepts in wound care to provide an individualized treatment plan for optimal healing. Here are some general tips from our home health nursing in Houma, Louisiana for caring for your wound: Wash your hands before cleaning your wound.Don’t let your incision get we before it’s healed.Do not use antiseptics or disinfectants when cleaning open wounds.Limit physical activities to prevent the wound from re-opening.

Tips for Seniors to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays. The holiday season is filled with everything that brings love, laughter, and joy.

Tips for Seniors to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

It’s the time to spend quality time with family and friends, give back, and eat great food. However, staying healthy during the holidays can be a challenge for seniors. Why Seniors with Alzheimer’s Wander Off. A common safety concern among Alzheimer’s disease caregivers is when their patients wander off — it can be a scary and traumatic experience for all who’s involved.

Why Seniors with Alzheimer’s Wander Off

Many seniors acquire injuries and get into accidents. Some even lose their lives. Protecting the Brain from Sugar Damage. The sweet yummy treats we all let ourselves enjoy every once in a while is a good way to take the edge off a bad day or week.

Protecting the Brain from Sugar Damage

But did you know that excessive sugar intake can impair a person’s cognitive skills and self-control? When you follow a diet high in simple sugars and carbohydrates, you are putting yourself at risk for brain damage. Chronic high blood sugar levels can lead to: Slowed cognitive functionPoor memoryDeficits in attention and focusInflammation in the brain. Providing Quality Care for Senior Adults. For a family caregiver, there is always that pressure to ascertain that their senior loved one is in their best health. Although caring for them offers a sense of fulfillment, there are times when the said responsibility takes a toll on their physical and mental health. Taking care of a senior adult whose needs change from time to time can be exhausting, especially if the one performing that role doesn’t have any training from home health nursing in Houma, Louisiana. What if their loved one suddenly becomes sick?

What if they need first aid assistance? Who should they call? Why Seniors Should Be Active at Home. Because most senior adults are keeping themselves safe at home due to COVID-19, it limits their activities that involve movements. Probably in many instances, they sit on their couch to watch TV or read books. Although these activities are relaxing, it doesn’t do much for their body because it lacks exertion.

The lack of physical activity can waste away their muscles that can eventually result in mobility loss. A Healthier Life Away from the Risk of Dementia. One common misconception about dementia is that it is synonymous with Alzheimer’s disease. However, Alzheimer’s is just one type of dementia, which is an umbrella term that refers to various symptoms associated with cognitive decline and memory loss. A huge population of seniors lives with dementia, but it is not a condition that naturally comes with aging.

No one is too young or too old to start making healthy life choices that can help prevent dementia. As a reliable provider of home nursing in Denham Springs, Louisiana, we’ve listed some of the ways that you can prevent the risks of dementia. Tips to Ease the Transition from Hospital to Home. Hospital discharge is what a patient’s family is looking forward to but it also entails several daunting tasks, too. A provider of quality home nursing in Denham Springs, Louisiana lists the following tips to help ease the transition from hospital to home: Review your home’s physical environment.You may have to rearrange or add things at home for your loved ones’ comfort and safety.

Most especially, make sure that you have convenient storage for their medications and equipment. Stock well for first aid supplies and gadgets.Make sure that you have over-the-counter emergency medications and equipment such as thermometers or batteries. Ways to Prep Your Home for Your Elderly or Sickly Loved Ones. Do you like to care for your sickly or elderly loved ones at home so that you can still spend more time with them? If yes, seek help from experts of home nursing in Denham Springs, Louisiana to prepare your home effectively for them. You can start by focusing on the three crucial factors that will affect their health – home layout, health essentials, and home care service.

The Interior Layout.With the mobility challenges of the patients, it’s a must to adjust the home’s layout and make it easily navigable. Opt for overhead cabinets instead of bulky standalone drawers that take up too much space. Consider having slip-resistant flooring material. Daily Activities to Give Social Support to the Elderly. Social isolation and loneliness are common among seniors. Applying Lifestyle Medicine for Elderly People at Home. Did you know that majority of mortality rates around the world are due to lifestyle-related diseases? In a 2018 Telegraph UK report, 70% of deaths around the world are due to non-communicable disease (NCDs), such as diabetes and cancer.

But here’s the good news. As these diseases came about due to lifestyle, these can also be remedied through lifestyle changes. Through lifestyle medicine and home nursing in Denham Springs, Louisiana, patients can now receive a holistic, disease-specific lifestyle medicine care plan. Ways to Help Seniors Maintain or Recover Their Good Posture. Speech Therapy: Purpose and Inclusions. Communication plays a huge role in a person’s life. People who can’t express themselves either verbally or non-verbally will most likely be at the losing end of life.

This is the reason why speech therapy is such an important service. You Can Now Recover from Your Wounds Without Getting Admitted. Lung Health Care for Seniors. Respiratory problems are common among the elderly. According to research, 1 in 7 older adults suffers from lung disorders such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that more than one-third of these older adults experience moderate to severe respiratory symptoms. As people age, lung tissue changes which then can affect one’s breathing. Also, the immune system of aging adults weakens with time, leaving them more susceptible to infections. Rehabilitation Service: When to Avail of It and What Does it Cover? Major injuries and chronic diseases call for a unique type of care. 4 Ways to Age Gracefully and Healthily. Growing old does not have to mean being sickly and frail. When we practice healthy habits in all aspects of our lives, maintaining the best condition of our physical, emotional, and cognitive health is possible.

Tips for Eating Healthily While Living Alone. Being alone at dinnertime can make eating seem unexciting. Qualities of Professional Home Health Caregivers. Heart Healthy Habits Elderly People Should Do Daily. Ways for Seniors to Stay Positive and Calm. Ostomy Care: What Is It and When Do You Need It? Ways for Elderly People to Manage and Avoid Stress. Why You Need to Start a Diabetic Healthy Living Program. How to Make Your Home More Conducive for Elderly People. Keeping Aging Relatives Engaged During Family Gatherings (Part 2) Keeping Aging Relatives Engaged During Family Gatherings (Part 1) Have Elderly Loved Ones at Home? Avail of These Services! A List of Degenerative Diseases Common in Elderly People. Bad Health Habits That You Should Quit Starting This New Year. Our Home Care Locations at Bayou Home Care in Louisiana.

Why Should You Exercise This Winter. Heart Healthy Habits You Should Follow. Potential Complications of Urinary Catheters. Home Health Career. Home Health Services. Professionals to Call to Help In-Home Patients Heal Faster. How to Create a Home Environment for Faster Health Recovery. Top 3 Foods to Avoid If You Have Diabetes Mellitus. When Do You Need Occupational Therapy? How Can Therapeutic Interventions Improve Your Functionality.

Tips on Managing Seniors with Incontinence Problem. Effects of Visual Impairment and How to Mitigate It. Ways to Reduce Symptoms of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. How to Find Exceptional In-Home Care Services. The Benefits of Regular Exercise for Senior Citizens. Do’s and Don’ts in Managing Medication for Senior Patient. Frequently Asked Questions About Transitional Care. Effective Care Tips for Elders at Home. Get to Know the 5 Stages of Grief Better. What Do You Get from a Provider of Home Health Care? What You Should Know About Medication Management. What Can You Do to Improve Recovery Time? The Health Benefits of Getting a Good Night’s Sleep. 5 GOOD RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES FOR YOU AND YOUR ELDERLY. 3 Simple Snacks to Prepare for Your Senior Family Member.

How Can Your Diet Keep You Young? Proactive Health: 4 Key Benefits of Staying Socially-Inclined. Bayou Home Care. Bayou Home Care.