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The Angle of Light - Direct Reflection - Tanguay Photo Mag. Photography Masterclass What sort of lighting might accomplish this?

The Angle of Light - Direct Reflection - Tanguay Photo Mag

To answer that question, let us begin by looking at a standard copy setup and at the family of angles that produces direct reflection. Figure 4.1 shows a standard copy camera arrangement. The camera is on a stand and is aimed at the original art on a copy board beneath it. Assume that the height of the camera is set so that the image of the original art exactly fills the image area. We have drawn the family of angles from which a light, or lights, can produce direct reflection. Een reflectiescherm gebruiken. De eigenaardige food-fotografie van Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj. Eten ontleed.

De eigenaardige food-fotografie van Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj

FOOD I — Alicia Buszczak. Get Surreal With Oil and Water Photos. Have you ever tried to mix oil and water?

Get Surreal With Oil and Water Photos

Fortunately it just doesn’t work. “Wait,” you say. “Why is this fortunate?” Well because, otherwise you wouldn’t get such fantastic-looking effects when you try to combine the two! And once you get close (like macro close) then oil and water’s aversion to mingling will result in some seriously surreal photographs. Excited yet? Simple Steps for Oil and Water Magic Why It’s Cool: Choosing A Light Modifier That Fits Your Style. There are many different lighting modifiers out there and they will each give a unique look to your food photography.

Choosing A Light Modifier That Fits Your Style

So how do you choose one?


Light painting. How to light metal boxes and spheres. Graduating a highlight using the Inverse Square Law. Reportage flitsen. Syl Arena's Blog. Lichtmeten. Lightening. Three Rules of Lighting for Photography. How To Photograph Reflective Round Objects. Ratio 3-1. Studio Photography Edge Light Reflective Object. Studio Lighting Shiny Metal or Reflective Object. Photographing white on white, studio still life technique. Light Science and Magic (the book) Reflection family of angles. GLAS. FOTOGRAFEN OBJECT MATERIE. Tutiorials water splash. Tutorial Photo Macro Technique 50mm inversé. Bonjour à tous !

Tutorial Photo Macro Technique 50mm inversé

Dans ce nouvel article je vais vous exposer de façon simple une technique pour faire de la photo macro de bonne qualité sans avoir à dépenser beaucoup d’argent. Cette technique s’appelle la technique du 50 mm inversé. Le matériel nécessaire en résumé : Un appareil photo numérique (bridge, compact, reflex, téléphone portable avec un bon appareil photo et voir même une caméra) Un objectif dit de 50mm (on trouve des anciens objectifs pour appareil photo argentique pour pas trop cher sur ebay, le bon coin, les brocantes, etc …)Un diffuseur de flash maison (quelques exemples plus loin dans l’article)Un peu d’idée pour le bricolage ; ) Une petite photo pour vous donner une idée du montage de ce matériel et de mieux comprendre les explications qui suivront : Holiday Sale — photographing FOOD. How to Perfectly Capture a Plate of Food With Spot Lighting. Since one of the most important aspects of photography is how to control your lighting, today I'll be explaining how to perfectly light a scene for a warm, dramatic effect.

How to Perfectly Capture a Plate of Food With Spot Lighting

Ana Adams \ Drinks \ FoundFolios. Photography How To Articles – What's Your Specialty? Photographer. White-Line and Black-Line Lighting By Glenn Rand Published by Amherst Media Dr.

Photography How To Articles – What's Your Specialty? Photographer

Glenn Rand demonstrates how to use lights, reflectors, flags, and mirrors to create precisely controlled shots of glass objects in this excerpt from his Amherst Media book Lighting and Photographing Transparent and Translucent Surfaces. This excerpt from Lighting and Photographing Transparent and Translucent Surfaces is provided courtesy of Amherst Media. To purchase the book and learn more about the publisher, visit the Amherst Media Web site. Reflection and transmission of light create the major lighting styles for glass. If there is a bright light on the side and/or on the surfaces of the glass subject closest to the camera, then the lighting is known as a white-line lighting pattern.

The two forms of lighting glass can provide different information about the glass. Where photographer-in-training meets world-at-large. Penny De Los Santos Photography. Balancing Light Bulbs with Strobes - Photography & Video Tutorial. Advanced Photography Lessons: How to photograph a perfume bottle like this? LearnMyShot – Photography Tutorials, Tips & How To Videos. Home - Online Lighting Diagram Creator - Tools for photographers. Photigy Studio Photography. Professional Photographer Magazine Web Exclusives: July 2013 Archives. By Stan Sholik High dynamic range (HDR) photography seems to have passed through its early years of excess and taken on its role as another powerful tool for controlling scene contrast, both globally and locally.

Professional Photographer Magazine Web Exclusives: July 2013 Archives

Its use is far from universal, however, even among photographers comfortable with HDR imaging, because of three limiting factors: the inability to batch process multiple files from a shoot to create HDR images; the need to use a tripod while shooting to ensure absolute alignment of the original images; and the need to have no or at least minimal movement in the scene during captures. Several HDR software solutions have addressed some of these issues with reasonable success, but HDR Expose 3 from Unified Color is the first to solve all three successfully in a single product.

Previous versions of HDR Expose are renowned for their ability to create natural-looking HDR images with minimal artifacts and without the grungy HDR “look.” The third option is batch processing. Talking Pixels. How do you get that glossy, reflective look that is pretty popular now-a-days?

Talking Pixels

How do you get a cleanly blown out background? These are some of the questions we’ll go over today. The reflective foreground is really popular recently, and I think it’s due to Apple’s advertising, and the popularity of their iTunes coverflow view. Bodegones sin vino. Habrá que empezar explicando qué es un bodegón.

Bodegones sin vino

Nada que ver con un lugar grande donde hay almacenado mucho vino. Se le llama "bodegón" a una composición de objetos inertes, lo que se conoce también en el argot artístico como "naturaleza muerta". Y, aunque cuando decimos "bodegón" se viene a la cabeza un botijo con unas frutas y un mantel de encaje de bolillos; tan bodegón es ese como una composición hecha con tres tijeras, un puñado de tornillos y dos sacapuntas rebosando virutas dentro de una caja de cartón. En definitiva, se trata de objetos, no necesariamente de origen natural, ni tampoco podridos -lo digo por lo de "naturaleza muerta"-.

Después de esta aclaración, se puede diferenciar entre un bodegón sin más, o una "fotografía de producto". 15 still life photography ideas. Photographing still life can be a great way to hone your skills as a photographer, as it encourages you to take the time to get details by giving you total control over the elements like composition and lighting. Below we’ve listed 15 still life photography ideas that we’ve found particularly inspirational, all of which took time and careful planning to achieve. 1. Take inspiration from traditional paintings By Anatoly Che Many still life photographers take their inspiration from traditional still life paintings, such as this one by Anatoly. Sandwich + Burger Food Photography » Annabelle Breakey Photography. Plate to Pixel: Digital Food Photography & Styling by Helene Dujardin by Justin Feroz. John Child Studio Photography Essential Skills fourth ed by DavidOC. Kathy beal contemporary art. There is actually a lot of curiosity as to how my images are created, so I thought I’d share a bit about my process.

My images are not obscure photographs of some actual object and they aren’t a form of macro photography. They are the result of a method I’ve developed over time, that started with breaking my foremost rule of photography, F64, that all images needed to be tack sharp. I can still remember the joy and freedom I felt looking through the viewfinder with the lens thrown completely out of focus, and the aperture wide open. This is my starting point, my color pallet, and the seeds of my idea. The column of images to the left are the “befores”, the source. The column of images to the right represent the completed images - each one made directly from the starting point on the left. During post-processing, I twist, fold, warp, wrap and re-shape the source image. Profoto D1 Air vs Elinchrom BRX500 vs Photogenic monolights flash duration test.

When I got to our studio these 3 monolights, I kept thinking how to test them against each others. All of them are the same power, 500Ws, and while Elinchrom and Photogenic cost around $600 each, Profoto D1 Air is twice more expensive, $1200. Each light has a very similar controls and features. So, what exactly to test? We did not get any light modifiers with them, and without light modifiers there is not much to test: all flash units are well built, have easy to use controls and same power output.

What was interesting though is to see how these lights will perform in stopping the action, such as a liquid splash. However, will it be a noticeable difference between 1/1300 sect. 5 and 1/2600 sect.5? Hot Beer with Pepper: Behind the scene of a beverage photography assignment. I am Justin VanAlstyne, a 30-something creative living near Fort Collins, CO. I specialize in commercial product and outdoor photography as well as web/graphic design Out of the Ashes Craft Beer: Behind the scene of a beverage photography assignment This image was created both as a portfolio piece and as a tool for me to experiment with lighting and retouching techniques.

As is typically the case with my perfectionist mentality, there are a few things I would have done differently in hindsight. But that was really the point of this shoot, to experiment. Background. Advanced Tutorials « McCordall Photography. Photographing pouring liquids can be done by using normal lighting or flash, the principle is exactly the same. advertising photography , how it’s done How to photograph a gold watch in a studio – learn how to use reflections This tutorial describes a very simple way to make a flash pressure trigger at home How to brighten eyes in photoshop An advanced lesson on the technique of photographing silver.

Tips & Tricks 7.