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Affordable 4 gallon backpack sprayer

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Untitled. Nozzles come in different sizes, angles, flow rates and types. You need to understand these different options so that you can appropriately choose what nozzle to use for your situation. There are twelve different designs. The flow rate, is part of the tip number. For example if you have a tip number of 06 it means that you get .6 gallons per minute rated at 40 psi.

In this example, the nozzle of 06 would be grey. These different types provide different droplet sizes, spray angles, different pattern and different pressure flow. This color coding system it to help you with a more accurate placement of product. With smaller droplets, you do need to be cautious with wind factors as well. Because you are carrying only 3 to 4 gallons for liquid in the tank, you want to make the most efficient use of you time and not be filling up your tank frequently. So if you want good coverage, you will need to break up the droplets as much as possible to cover more area. Air Induction Nozzle. Best Backpack Sprayers for Lawn, Garden, Pests - Using a Backpack Sprayer - List. Best 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer Reviews.