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Stationary Concrete Plant. We understand your needs and hence our machines are designed to fulfill your requirements by offering various capacities and specifications of the concrete plant.

Stationary Concrete Plant

Our plants can be customized to meet your requirement. Maximum efficiency and reliability is the key of the equipment offered by Atlas. Stationary concrete mixers are preferred for high volumes of concrete production and for projects that require to product concrete at a place for long duration. Related: Click here to learn about mobile concrete plants. Features: Related: Click here to learn about portable concrete mixers. Stationary Concrete Plant is available in capacities 30 m3/hr. to 200 m3/hr. Components:Feeding bins: Inline feeder bins are designed with a heavy structure. Weighing conveyor: Weighing conveyor is suspended on four load cells. Weighing system: Weighing system for cement, ad mixer and water is provided just above the mixing unit. Ready Mix Concrete Plants Manufacturer. Atlas RMC plants AMCB Model with proven quality.

Ready Mix Concrete Plants Manufacturer

Mobile concrete plant coming from reputed manufacturer. We have many installations in countries like Philippines, Angola, Cameroon, Nigeria, Israel, Bhutan, Myanmar, etc. Stationary Drum Mix Plant - Asphalt Plant Manufacturer. Buy proven quality asphalt drum mix plant from leading supplier and exporter company in worldwide.

Stationary Drum Mix Plant - Asphalt Plant Manufacturer

We also manufacturer of stationary plants Offered in capacities of 40-60 Tph, 60-90 Tph and 90-120 Tph this is proven and tested design for customers looking for production of quality asphalt. Counterflow drum mix plant. Asphalt mixer which is counter flow type is an equipment which is between the batch and drum plants.

Counterflow drum mix plant

They are known to be more efficient for drying of virgin aggregates. Atlas manufactures these mixers in three options: double drum (one drum for heating and one drum for mixing), single drum with pug mill (twin shaft unit) (drum for heating and continuous pug mill unit for mixing) and single drum type (first half for heating and second half for mixing). This equipment is designed to produce high quality hot mix asphalt (HMA). The high efficiency, low fuel consumption of this equipment coupled with better heating and mixing quality has done wonders. The separate zones for drying and mixing help achieve maximum level of heat transfer and fuel efficiency. The first drum here does the heating of the aggregates where as the second drum (or in some cases we also supply a mixer instead of drum) allows mixing. Mini Concrete Batch Plant. Source your next small concrete mixer from leading manufacturer and exporter from India.

Mini Concrete Batch Plant

This machine is similar to the portable design type concrete plants that we manufacture except that the loading here is manual and this machine only allows feeding of two aggregates, cement and water. The main motive behind developing this machine is to allow accessibility of a small batching plant to remote construction sites where big machines cannot go or sites where there is a space constrain. Every time it is not possible to take the big machines everywhere. Big units take up more space, more energy and are also expensive to run and maintain. Bigger batch plants require skilled labour and since its output is more you need more people and definitive lead to use up the concrete in fast time.

Related: Click here to learn about bigger sized mobile concrete batching plants up to 25 m3/hr.. Stationary Concrete Batching Plant - Belt Type RMC Mixer. Atlas is Stationary Concrete Batching Plant exporter.

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant - Belt Type RMC Mixer

Contact us for easy to buy belt type 60m3, 75m3, 90m3 plants equipped with twin-shaft batch mixer. Atlas Industries is provider of stationary concrete plants which is user friendly latest design. Avail quality product, get price by contacting us. Factory is located in Gujarat state, India. Fixed type batch plants are preferred and selected by those civil contractors whose preference is to make high volumes of concrete at a single place without moving often.

Downloads catalogue & specifications - Batching Plant PDF. Mobile asphalt Plant. This small portable asphalt plants featured here is a mini batch plant.

Mobile asphalt Plant

And also designed for small jobs and jobs that require frequent shifting. Its key components include aggregate feeders, charging conveyor with load cells, drying drum, pollution control devices, fuel tank, mineral filler unit, bitumen tank and control panel. Kingpin facility makes it easy to mount and un-mount this machine and then placing it on a levelled surface with other units will help to start producing hot mix asphalt quickly. Small Concrete Batch Plant - Mini Concrete Plants Supplier. Small concrete batch plant available in different storage capacities.

Small Concrete Batch Plant - Mini Concrete Plants Supplier

Mini mixing plant and rmc mixer are available for sale. Quality and rugged equipment have proven their worth over the years. Atlas designing of the machine is such a way that easy maintenance. Customer can use the machine effectively without headache. We always take enough care to ensure that. Small batch mixing plant has got many advantages over the competition.

Some features: Comes on wheels: The entire machine is setup on 4 wheels. Easy to handle and set up: The small size will allow you to move the machine easily and work even in city areas. Mobile RMC Mixer - Concrete Batching Plant Exporter. Our mobile ready mix plants provide you with maximum flexibility.

Mobile RMC Mixer - Concrete Batching Plant Exporter

This equipment is offered in four capacities and all the models come with twin shaft mixer and PLC panel as standard fitment just to ensure that your requirements are fully met. Heavy Machinery Manufacturer and Supplier. The Atlas portable concrete plant is manufactured in India.

Heavy Machinery Manufacturer and Supplier

The new design has got many advantages and is more compact and offers smooth operation. Full plant is on a single chassis which is easy to tow by any suitable vehicle. Only the cement hopper and screw conveyor comes separately. Control panel can be fitted on the plant chassis or it can be separated outside and placed inside a control cabin. One of the key features is that this machine does not require civil works or high ramp. Concrete Mixing Plant in Philippines - Batch Plants. Customer required quality concrete mixing plant to be installed in Philippines. Manufacture of mobile batch mixer was proposed to them. Atlas is exporters of reliable concrete mix plant.

We also supply to Manila, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Bulakan, etc. areas. Customer that bought the ready mix equipment from us is a civil contractor and the capacity supplied is 30 m3/hr. with twin shaft mixer. Customer was looking for a reliable machine for his civil work in Philippines. Portable Asphalt Plant - Leading manufacturer and Supplier in India. This equipment is designed for the contractor whose aim is to make high volumes of production and also wants to shift frequently. This plants does like you say for eg.

It can be installed in quick time and will start producing quality hot mix asphalt in short time. Our aim is to minimize downtime, maintenance cost, breakdown and other production related costs. We also aim to provide this equipment as a solution to new or experienced road contractors looking for a better product at reasonable rates. Portable asphalt mixers come with maintenance free, modern and easy to use PLC type control panel with touch screen display. Features: Asphalt Plant Manufacturers. We being the quality Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Manufacturer in India. Atlas stationary asphalt plant mixers will allow you to produce hot mix faster than any other machine. The reason is that Atlas has used quality spare parts and engineered this equipment to perform better.

This asphalt equipment will allow you to be ahead of your projects because it will serve you endlessly. The plant can be designed to cater Indian conditions as well as European standards. If you are looking for a stress free and transparent deal, you have come to the right place. Ready Mix Concrete Plants Manufacturer. Asphalt Hot Mix Plant - Stationary Asphalt Mixer Manufacturer. Atlas is supplier of hot mix plant and stationary asphalt mixer. For sale and export asphalt batching plants with reasonable prices without compromising on the quality factor. Available capacity from 80-160 tph in India. Our 35+ years of experience of manufacturing construction equipment has benefited our customers as they always expect the best.

The customer base of Atlas is quality and service oriented. Our product is designed only for customers who are looking for a long term machine and not for one or two projects. Our team always make considerable efforts to make sure that quality equipment is offered to the customer. Concrete Batch Plant Manufacturer and Supplier - Atlas. Portable Asphalt Plant - Leading manufacturer and Supplier in India. Small Concrete Batch Plant - Mini Concrete Plants Supplier. Mini Concrete Plant Supplier. Mobile asphalt Plant.