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Nineteen Mukhi Rudraksha beads for Lord Jagannath - Rudraksha Ratna. Every year Rath Yatra, one of India’s greatest cultural and traditional festivals, happens at the famous Jagannatha Temple located in Puri, Odisha (Orissa).

Nineteen Mukhi Rudraksha beads for Lord Jagannath - Rudraksha Ratna

This year it is on June 25 (Sunday), set to receive millions of devotees from all over the world. People also call it ‘Cart Festival of Puri’ or ‘Rath Yatra Festival of India because the presence of Cart (Ratha). Lord Jagannatha is Lord Krishna Himself in a different avatar that pleases His devotees even more. Vat Savitri 2017- Rudraksha Ratna. By sunil gavaskar clan member You will be taken aback if you see a man preparing to celebrate Vat Savitri.

Vat Savitri 2017- Rudraksha Ratna

Won’t you be? Vat Savitri Purnima is one of the most traditionally celebrated festivals of India wherein married women pray for their husbands’ longer life by observing a ritual fast and other customs. It is celebrated by married women only because the Vedic legend regarding the same is associated with a chaste woman named Savitri. Legend: Originally the legend is narrated in the Mahabharata by the sage Markandeya to King Yudhishthira who desires to know a woman whose devotional and morals matched that of Draupadi. A childless King Asvapati of the Madra Kingdom performed severe penances and prayed to Surya the sun god (also known as Savitr) in order to have a child.

Finally they married and a year late Satyavan terribly fell sick. Savitri Purnima- Rudraksha Ratna. Vat Savitri Date and Time in 2017 Vat Purnima or Wat Purnima is falling on May 25 2017 Thursday.

Savitri Purnima- Rudraksha Ratna

Timings of Tithi begin 05:07 on May 25 and end 01:14 on May 26. It is a traditional festival celebrated across India in different states such as Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab and Haryana. Traditional festivals of Amanta and Purnimanta as per the Hindu lunar calendar occur on the same day. The northern parts such as Madhya Pradesh, Harayana, Bihar, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh of India go in accordance with Purnimanta Calender whereas the southern parts follow Amanta Calender. How to Celebrate Rakhi Festival - Rudraksha Ratna. Rakshna Bandhan is on 7th of August, 2017 Monday.

How to Celebrate Rakhi Festival - Rudraksha Ratna

As the alarm rings, brothers get up from their bed only to see their sisters preparing for Rakhi ceremony. Sisters are always first to get up early in the morning on this occasion. Raksha Bandhan aka Festival of Sacred Thread is the festival of celebrating a matchless bond between brothers and sisters. It is also known as Rakhi Purnima. Just like Diwali, Christmas or Holi, this is one of the most awaited festivals, celebrated during the Hindu month of shravan on Full Moon Day.

Indian festivals stand totally unfinished without gatherings, sweets and gifts, singing and dancing. Gold on Akshaya Tritiya - Rudraksha Ratna. There lies at the bottom of all the festivals the spirit of glorifying the victory of good over evil.

Gold on Akshaya Tritiya - Rudraksha Ratna

Akshaya Tritiya is an auspicious festival for performing a lot of activities for the ultimate good of family and one’s own self. It is a twenty four-hour period that contains the secret of ever-increasing spiritual as well as material wealth and fills the homes with the majestic energy of prosperity and auspiciousness. A lot of activities set the market abuzz such as shopping especially the buying of gold and other jewelry items, footfalls in the temples and other holy places and rituals performed at homes. One can celebrate Akshaya Tritiya by reading various Vedic scriptures especially Mahabharata for it was writing by Lord Ganesh under the instructions of Sage Vyasa on this day, legends Parashurama being the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu and observing fast like King Rishabhanatha, the first spiritual master in Jainism. Deepavali 2017 Celebration. Articles by sunil gavaskar clan member Diwali is now globally known as the Festival of Light.

Deepavali 2017 Celebration

And when it comes to light, oil/ghee lams called as ‘diya’ takes the center stage. A traditional Diya is an earthen lamp lit in the evenings during Diwali. It is usually prepared out of clay. Exquisitely crafted oil lamps catch a number of eyes of the buyers. Just see for yourself! In all the Vedic scriptures, the idea of Diwali contains the significance of good conquering the evil; and it is with each Deepawali and the lights that illuminate the homes and hearts, that this simple truth finds new reason and hope. About sunil gavaskar clan member 7 connections, 0 recommendations, 31 honor points. Significance of Gudi Padwa - Rudraksha Ratna. Gudi Padwa / Chaitra Shukla Pratipada / Ugadi on 28th March, 2017 (Tuesday) Gudi Padwa also known as Samvatsar Padvo is celebrated as the first day of the year by Maharashtrians and Konkanis of the Deccan region in India.

Significance of Gudi Padwa - Rudraksha Ratna

Gudi Padwa is the Marathi New Year as per the Luni-Solar calendar and is celebrated on the first day of the Chaitra month (as per Hindu calendar) to mark the beginning of the New Year. Based on the Solar and lunar calendars Hindu New Year is celebrated two times in a year, with different names and different times. Since the dates of Gudi Padwa are based on the Hindu calendar, its dates may vary each year. Holi Festival - Rudraksha Ratna. Holi Color Festival - Rudraksha Ratna. The festival of Holi has deep spiritual, religious and social significance to our lives and that is a reason why this festival should be enjoyed to the fullest.

Holi Color Festival - Rudraksha Ratna

The night before Holi, i.e. Holika Dahan 2017 should not just be about burning a pyre but to understand this significance so that the celebrations on the following day will have more purpose and meaning. Before understanding the connotations of Holi we need to know the right Holi 2017 date and time: Holika Dahan 2017 Date: 12th March Holika Dahan 2017 time · Start — 18:43 (6:23 pm) · End — 20.23: (8:23 pm) · Duration — 1 hr 39 minutes. Krishna Yantra meditation for creativity and personal charm - Neeta Singhal. Kamdev for Attraction - Neeta Singhal. How to Perform Rudra Abhishek at Home - Neeta Singhal. Shivartari puja Timing - Rudraksha Ratna. Maha Shivratri: The Great Night of Lord Shiva Maha Shivratri, known as The Great Night of Shiva, is on February 24, 2017 Friday.

Shivartari puja Timing - Rudraksha Ratna

In the views of spiritualists and meditators (yogis), this is the most auspicious night for anyone seeking stability in their nature, humility in their behaviour, complete detachment from the disturbing elements of the world or prosperity in their professional undertakings. Story of Mahashivaratri - Rudraksha Ratna. Of all the festivals, celebrated in India, Mahashivratri is considered to be of great significance, in a worldly manner as well as spiritually.

Story of Mahashivaratri - Rudraksha Ratna

Literally translated Mahashivratri means The Great Night of Lord Shiva. In reality as per the Hindu lunar calendar Shivratri is celebrated, on the fourteenth day of every lunar month. At times it falls on a day before the new moon. But the one that occurs in February –March has the most spiritual significance and hence known as Mahashivaratri. The significance of Mahashivratri can be clearly divided into two parts, worldly and spiritual. Shivratri stories:- According to the puranas, Brahma and Vishnu fought over their supremacy. The underlying meaning is that the universe has neither an end nor a beginning. Shiva’s marriage – Why we celebrate Mahashivaratri - Rudraksha Ratna. By sunil gavaskar clan member Maha Shivratri in 2017 is on February 24, Friday. It is the most auspicious festival for it is connected with the divine Shiva.

One this festival, Shiv pujas are performed, stories of Maha Shivratri are read and chanted, Shivabhishek ceremonies at temples take place and devotional songs are enjoyed. Vedic scriptures mention numerous items that dear to the deities. Shivratri Puja - Neeta Singhal. India is a land of many colors, festivals and celebrations. An occasion that fills people with boundless faith for the Divine is Mahashivaratri. This is the Great Night of Shiva when devotees engage in Rudra Abhishek, meditation and surrender to this greatest ascetic.

For Shiva devotees, Shivratri festival is the most auspicious day of the year when worship of Lord Shiva cleanses the soul and leads to eternal liberation from the cycle of life and death. Why we celebrate mahashivaratri? According to scriptures, the Cosmic energy generated by planetary positions is at its peak Maha Shivratri festival and Shivratri Puja benefits the worshippers easily. How to do Shivratri Puja Shivratri puja comprises of offering Bael leaves to Lord Shiva, observing a fast for the whole day including a jagaran (nocturnal vigil). Lord Shiva is most pleased with the Rudra Abhishek – offering of water, milk, honey, Bael leaves. Things to do on Mahashivratri Wear Rudraksha beads on Shivratri ॐ नमः शिवाय॥ Mahashivaratri Pooja timings - Rudraksha Ratna. After taking bath, and wearing neat and clean clothes, the worshiper should make oneself sanctified.

All the things for Shiv-poojan, as given before in the list of substantial material required, should be kept ready. The CHAUKI, on which the Shiv-Deity is to be throned should be covered by the white cloth and then the phallus-deity be enthroned after giving it a bath in milk, then in GANGAAJAL (water of river Gangaa) in full devotion. In the same way, the SHIV-TALISMAN should also be placed on the CHAUKI. Mahashivaratri Pooja timings - Rudraksha Ratna. When it comes to the Indian festivals ,Maha Shivratri is celebrated by masses across all the states in India. It is falling on February 24, 2017, Friday. Thousands of people celebrate this festival by observing fast and keeping vigil (Jaagran); staying awake the whole night.

During this festival, stories from the Shiva Purana are read and narrated. Bhajans of Lord Shiva are sung and Shiv Puja is performed. Shivratri Festival Date and Time - Rudraksha Ratna. Maha Shivaratri: The Festival of Lord Shiva is on 24th February 2017 Maha Shivratri (known as "The Night of Shiva") is a Hindu festival celebrated annually in reverence of Lord Shiva. On this auspicious day devotees glorify, honor and worship Lord Shiva with sanctifying rituals throughout the night. For devotees of Shiva, this day is the most propitious day of the year as it is believed that whoever worships Him with true devotion is freed of all sins and is blessed with Nirvana or Moksha (liberation from the eternal cycle of life and death). Chakra Healing - Rudraksha Ratna. Chakra Healing Workshop - Event Details: Amethyst Chakra - Rudraksha Ratna. Amethyst - A gemstone with magical powers. Rudraksha Ratna. Original panna stone - Rudraksha Ratna. Makar Sankranti Homam - Rudraksha Ratna.

Siddh meru ganesh yantra – Rudraksha Ratna. How to Use a Planetary Yantra - Rudraksha Ratna. Types of Yantra - Rudraksha Ratna. Yantras are the physical representation of mystic designs and drawings used since ancient ages to invoke energies and strengthen Higher power. Hindu Festival - Rudraksha Ratna. What is Makar Sankranti Makar Sankranti is a Hindu Festival celebrated all over India, Nepal and Bangladesh to worship the Lord Surya.

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