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Before becoming the independent entrepreneur he is today, Patel was an integral part of a number of big companies. To begin with, he headed FMCG & Retail verticals at Facebook India working with the top FMCG companies. His next big footprint was left as MD, India & Middle East, at Komli Media. Under his leadership, the firm became one of the Top 5 players in terms of revenue in the Display market.

Digital Market Course | Top Digital Marketing Courses. Ford Skills. Digital Marketing Training for Google Ads & Facebook Marketing. Practical training is one of the essential ways to master digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Training for Google Ads & Facebook Marketing

Therefore, Basecamp Digital provides Google Ads certification course and Facebook ads certification which includes dedicated modules for hands-on training. This will equip you with the best of knowledge and prepare for a great future in the digital marketing field. The program also offers the following:- Learn to make different marketing objective for Google Ads and Facebook Learn more about metrics Campaign creation based on marketing objectives Learn how to retarget the audience with Facebook and Google ads Learn how to get more customers with AdWords, Facebook, PPC, and more Learn simple and dynamic strategies used by digital marketing experts to increase online sales Learn how to avoid the mistakes that 90% of marketers make when using these platforms Learn how to do cost-savings while advertising and improve performance and get more website visitors in a low budget.

Scope. Creative idea for Digital Marketing Campaigns. Creative best practices for Facebook and digital marketing gives brands an extra edge over others.

Creative idea for Digital Marketing Campaigns

Those who practice and promote best practice according to the guidelines given by platforms like Facebook and other social media platforms do well with their advertising. Similarly, there are several creative ideas and best practices for Google Advertisement. Whether it is image creative specifications, video dimension, and quality, or the amount of content that should be on the creative, all these factors play a big role in your ads to perform well online.

Sales Negotiation courses in Mumbai. Negotiation is the most important skill in business.

Sales Negotiation courses in Mumbai

You can negotiate pretty much everything in life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be money, it can also be time or commitment from someone else. Negotiation comes in all different forms. Learning the basics of Sales and Negotiations is very crucial in both sales and life because when the stakes are high, only the best will do.

Sales and Negotiations require a process to recognize and acknowledge both party’s perspectives to jointly create agreements that satisfy all critical interests. Join our Sales Negotiation Training and develop skills that keep margins, profitability, and customer satisfaction high. Programmatic Advertising certification course. Digital Marketing Campaign Management. Introduction Campaigns are one of the most important features of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Campaign Management

The marketers after understanding the business objectives and analyzing the target audience set campaign goals strategically. Media planning plays a huge role in achieving the set campaign goals. Google Analytics Certification in Mumbai. Introduction Analytics is an integral part of every digital marketing solutions, digital campaigns, and digital advertisement linked with search engine Google.

Google Analytics Certification in Mumbai

The large chunk of customer data like clicks, visits, time, location, interests, and other behavior is recorded and provided in an understandable format using Google Analytics. Lead Generation courses in Mumbai. Introduction Lead generation is the topmost need of any business.

Lead Generation courses in Mumbai

It is generally the contact number or email Id shared by the interested customers. The online lead generation has given new facet to lead generation objectives. Since prospects and future customers are part of the online world, lead generation campaigns are set-up to provide effective and profitable leads. The conversion strategies are used to turn them into customers, eventually creating profits and business growth. E-commerce course in Mumbai. Introduction Consumers are purchasing products and buying services online more than ever.

E-commerce course in Mumbai

The growing number of internet users has increased the opportunities for e-commerce marketing. Online shopping trends have exponentially grown in recent years. The marketing involves driving customers to the websites where they can click and see the products, and finally resulting in a conversion. Businesses use umpteen strategies to grab the attention of the customers. Email Marketing & SMS Marketing Course in Mumbai. Introduction Email marketing is one of the oldest means through which businesses communicate and engage with customers.

Email Marketing & SMS Marketing Course in Mumbai

With innovations in tools and software combined with Email analytics and integrated email marketing solutions, it has become highly relevant in the present world. Much like email marketing, SMS marketing involves sending promotional campaigns and marketing focused messages to the esteemed customers. SMS are usually more urgent, limited offers, updates, and alerts that ask customers to take action. Personalized email content and SMS content is rated as the best means to build a lasting relationship with customers. Mobile App Marketing Certification.

Introduction Mobile marketing is disrupting the way marketing is done.

Mobile App Marketing Certification

Mobile marketing encompasses digital strategies to reach customers through social media, SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, email, website content on mobile devices. Smartphones, tablets and mobile phone users are increasing exponentially in India and around the globe. Social Media Marketing Training Course in Mumbai. Introduction The whole world is now on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and so is the target audience of various businesses.

Social Media Marketing Training Course in Mumbai

It has opened a great opportunity to boost brand awareness, product awareness, customer engagement, and conversion. All the major social media platforms allow paid mediums to boost the content and reach maximum people. Another highlight of social media platforms is the analysis opportunity and a large amount of customer data which allows for better targeting. Google Ads certification course in Mumbai.

Introduction Online marketplace is becoming very competitive. Search engine marketing is the most effective way for a business to grow and gain profits. Paid advertisements form an important part of SEM practices which helps businesses to appear on SERP’s – Search engine results page. It explores the opportunity to reach customers through pay per click ads and organically through SEO. Google AdWords is an advertising service from Google which is the most used search engine in the world.

SEO Certification course in Mumbai. Introduction Search Engine Optimization is one of the online optimization tactics used to bring a website on the first page of Search Engine Rankings. With effective use of website content, relevant keywords and advanced strategies, it boosts organic traffic from search engines to your website. It improves the quality of the website by refining the technical features thereby increases the visibility of the website. The result is an improved conversion rate.

The visitors turn customers. Digital Advertising Training in Mumbai. Introduction Display advertising is an umbrella term where many digital marketing channels like Search Engine Marketing, Email, Display Ads, Mobile advertising, paid social ads, Search engine optimization, Content marketing comes under. This allows businesses to leverages popular platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google Search Engine and other trending platforms to sell their advertisement to customers using them. Digital advertising needs a holistic approach with well-designed plans in place to gain maximum advantage.

With effective messaging on digital advertising platforms, brands can reach a larger audience with high impact. With Basecamp Digital’s Digital Advertising training in Mumbai, the aspirants can understand display advertising in Google ads, how to connect with customers on their favorite sites and apps, how to capture the attention with banner ads and images, deciding the budget and pay for results, reach maximum people in more places online. Scope. Digital Marketing Training in Mumbai. Introduction Digital marketing is one of the potent ways through which businesses are powering their marketing objectives and achieving immense growth.

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