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JavaScript is an easy way to make a website visually attractive to clients and other viewers by adding interactivity and dynamics to HTML pages. This page explains why one would use JavaScript in their website designs. It also has links to JavaScript tools, readings and samples for those who prefer ready-to-run effects. And finally for those who prefer to roll their own there are my programming notes, introductory tutorials, small projects, larger projects and form projects pages. JavaScript Authoring Info JavaScript Authoring Info
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Forms Processing | PHP Form Processing
rsd4.1 CSDN 下载频道 为什么我点的下载下不了,但积分却被扣了 由于下载人数众多,下载服务器做了并发的限制。若发现下载不了,请稍后再试,多次下载是不会重复扣分的。 我的积分不多了,如何获取积分? 上传优质资源可以获取积分,详细见 积分规则。 rsd4.1 CSDN 下载频道
Cloudera Hadoop Training: MapReduce and HDFS on Vimeo