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Screencasting Software - ScreenFlow Overview - Telestream New Transitions & Graphics Add a splash of creativity to your ScreenFlow videos with creative transitions and graphics libraries Learn more What the Pros Use Aaron Nace, President & CCO of Phlearn, the online Photoshop tutorial website, has used ScreenFlow to record over 400 episodes and tutorials for Phlearn.

Screencasting Software - ScreenFlow Overview - Telestream

Raskin | Beyond Desktop Inspired by Macintosh visionary, Jef Raskin, our zoomable user interface shows you all the stuff on your computer on a single surface. Using zoom and pan to view, arrange and open documents feels so right. In minutes you’ll appreciate the simplicity and intelligence of our answer to the traditional desktop. Take a spin and see for yourself. Raskin | Beyond Desktop
Top of Tree - Tree, outliner for Mac OS X. Horizontally expanding outliner. Tree is an outliner featuring a horizontally expandable tree view. Tree assists you in organizing your information, sketching plans and brainstorming new ideas. Tree allows you to store your ideas and keywords in segments that you can sort, re-arrange and constantly refine. Tree is designed to be a lightweight application that lets you concentrate on your ideas. Tree view Top of Tree - Tree, outliner for Mac OS X. Horizontally expanding outliner.
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PopClip for Mac PopClip appears when you select text with your mouse on your Mac. Instantly copy & paste, and access actions like search, spelling, dictionary and over 100 more. Download Free Trial OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9 ✔ Enhanced for Retina Display ✔ Built for OS X Mavericks $4.99 · Mac App Store PopClip for Mac
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Curio - Mind Mapping, Brainstorming, and Project Management Software for Mac OS X Curio is an amazingly flexible digital notebook for storing and managing everything. The Real World You have work projects and home projects, school classes to manage and book reports to research, vacations to plan and novels to write, web sites to design and lab results to organize. Perhaps you currently use a collection of notebooks, your office whiteboard, scraps of sticky notes, oodles of browser bookmarks, and multiple documents scattered around your hard disk. Curio - Mind Mapping, Brainstorming, and Project Management Software for Mac OS X
Online Project Management & Planning Software Keep Your Team Happy Professional online project management software with integrated features for scheduling, collaboration, time tracking, analysis and reporting. Flexible best/worst case estimatesMulti-project planning and organizationDrag-n-drop schedulingIntegrated timesheetsIntegrated project portalsCollaboration and file sharingAnalysis and trend reportingEmail and calendar integrationWeb, iPhone, iPad, and Android apps

Online Project Management & Planning Software

Replies: Be a Customer Support Hero I love Replies! It saves me a ton of time writing repetitive answers. Lars Steiger, creator of Spootnik Replies: Be a Customer Support Hero
OmniPlan 2.0.3 Productivity Software Review OmniPlan 2.0.3 Productivity Software Review Most of us can usually get by with tools such as Cultured Code’s Things ( ) or Hog Bay Software’s TaskPaper ( ) for managing to-do lists or other day-to-day tasks. But large-scale projects that involve the coordination of a multitude of resources over several months or years require something more, like the Omni Group’s OmniPlan. OmniPlan is designed to help you take in the broad view of a project while still keeping you focused on the details necessary to make sure all your resources are in place and the project is completed on time.
ScreenCastsOnline Mac, iPad & iPhone Tutorials Premium members receive a Mac and an iOS video tutorial every week, along with access to a huge library of over 500+ video tutorials Mac TutorialsIOS Tutorials ScreenCastsONLINE Monthly Magazine If a full membership isn't for you, why not subscribe to our ScreenCastsOnline Monthly magazine published to your iPad via Newsstand. Packed with Mac, iPad and iPhone video tutorials plus articles, hints and tips.


Free download Magican for Mac OS X Magican is a freeware for Mac. This system monitor helps users to speed up Mac in all directions, such as clean Mac to enlarge disk and system space, monitoring system status in real time, like CPU usage and disk info, reminding of updating installed software, removing useless app to enlarge disk space, recommending discount software and free app of today in App Store, managing all your working documents, music and photos and showing your hardware info for upgrade. Free download Magican for Mac OS X
A few days back, we brought you a list of 150 best Windows applications of year 2011. Now, it’s time to take a look at the best Mac OS X applications we covered last year. We’ve consistently been covering Mac apps, and while Mac OS may not be as famous as Windows, it is big enough to justify a roundup at the end of year. So, here is a list of top 100 Mac apps of 2011. 100 Best Mac OS X Apps Of Year 2011 [Editor's Pick]
Earlier this year, we featured Click.to app for Windows which significantly saves you tedious mouse clicking to perform lengthy tasks, such as, sharing images and files on social media platforms, searching YouTube videos, sending selected text to default email client’s compose window and more. For those who aren’t familiar with Click.to, it’s a user-centric application that provides a list of actions for text, images, documents and items in clipboard to instantly perform them over the focused item. Click.to has recently released the Mac version which supports both Mac Snow Leopard and Lion. Like its Windows counterpart, Click.to for Mac can be used to quickly share Mac OS X clipboard items on Facebook and Twitter, initiate Google and YouTube search for selected text, send text to Mac Mail app compose window and so on. Perform Lengthy Tasks With One Click Using Click.to For Mac
Mac ODBC: Database connectivity for Mac OS X by Actual Technologies Which applications use SQLite to store program data? Many applications on Mac OS X use SQLite to store information - including Apple's own Safari and Mail applications. You can use the Actual ODBC Driver for Open Source Databases to import the information stored in the database into an ODBC-ready application, such as Excel, FileMaker Pro, or even a PHP web page. Here is a partial list of applications which use SQLite. If you are a developer and would like your application listed here, please e-mail us at support@actualtech.com.
Collect files together into a temporary holding place with the Drop Stack. When you're ready, copy or move the collected files in a single step. Work with your files side-by-side in a dual pane view. Access frequently used files and folders with bookmarks. Path Finder 5 by Cocoatech