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10 Ways to Eat Less Meat. Today, we continue our May Top 10series by addressing a popular topic in both the food and personal finance blogospheres: eating less meat.

10 Ways to Eat Less Meat

“Why in the good name of Bea Arthur would I want to eat LESS meat?” Some might ask. “I don’t get enough bacon as it is. Plus, humans were meant to be carnivores, right? Otherwise, how do I explain the dead alpaca in the fridge to my kids?” Well, sweet reader. Following that line of reasoning, here are 10-plus strategies for reducing your meat intake. Of course, if you’d like to change anything or add your own suggestion, the comment section awaits. 1) Have one or more meatless nights per week. 2) Buy less meat. Buying farmer’s market meat is kind of like that. Not to mention … imagine a world where the chicken tastes like chicken. 3) Don’t eat meat before dinner.

While restricting cheese and eggs might be a little too much to take, dude’s definitely on to something. 4) Don’t make meat the focus of your meals. Use up Leftovers - 170,000+ Recipes. Real Simple - Recipes, Organizing, Beauty, Fashion, Holidays. Recipe Search Engine. The 100 easiest, fastest recipes. Ever. 1.

The 100 easiest, fastest recipes. Ever

Chef Rowley Leigh, Cafe AnglaisPeach, tomato and basil salad Pour boiling water over six white peaches and let stand for 10 to 30 seconds, depending on the ripeness of the fruit. Refresh in cold water and skin. Do the same for six large tomatoes, which should still be firm and full of flavour. Slice the tomatoes thinly and salt them. 2. We go mad whenever English tomatoes are in season - the kitchens are filled with so many that we could probably fill a bathtub with them. 3. Buy the best-quality fresh picked claw meat you can find. 4. I'm in love with this salad: just blanch some runner beans in salted water for three minutes, add mint leaves and cipollotto di tropea (which is like a spring onion and is from Calabria), and fresh green almonds. 5. Slice any very fresh white fish as finely as possible (I like bass), and finely slice some firm radishes and shallots. 6. 7.

Toss cubes of watermelon, feta and mint together with a splash of olive oil and a good milling of black pepper. The Minimalist - The Latest Must-Haves for the Pantry - NYTimes. 10 Cheap Shortcuts to Making Cooking Oh-So-Much Easier. When it comes to cooking, there's no doubt about it: time is the chief obstacle to getting started. If you’re pressed for it, whipping up a three-course meal can seem as overwhelming as running a marathon in a bunny suit. That’s why it pays to know some tricks. Some cheap tricks. Specifically, ten cheap tricks. (Note: not including this Cheap Trick , though they are also quite enjoyable.) Some might find the following time-savers, like, “Oh, duh. Readers, what did I miss? 1) Wash fruit and veggies as soon as you get home from the supermarket. 2) Read the recipe (at least twice) beforehand. 3) Set out all your ingredients before you begin to cook. 4) Take care of long-cooking items (rice, roasted veggies) first. 5) Learn how to chop an onion.

Get Over The Fear Of Cooking At Home… I love to cook at home, but it wasn’t always this way.

Get Over The Fear Of Cooking At Home…

I remember thinking that boiling vegetables and grilling a chicken breast (pre Vegetarian days) was an adventurous task. If I was feeling particularly frisky I would put some black pepper on before cooking… oh la la!! I ate plain and reasonably healthy but didn’t cook very exotically not because I did not love exotic food but because I had a fear that it would come out tasting awful.

Many people have conveyed this same excuse to me when expressing why they don’t cook at home.