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Student captures people’s expressions after being told they’re beautiful. Amazing how a few words of encouragement can make (or break) someone’s day. 18-year-old Shea Glover proves this with a simple but powerful social experiment.

Student captures people’s expressions after being told they’re beautiful

In the video below, the high school student from Chicago went around campus inviting students and faculty to pose for portraits, unaware of her true intention. She tells them ‘I’m taking pictures of things I find beautiful’ and catches all of them off guard. Many broke out into wide smiles and laughs, some became shy, others became skeptical or even got angry – all because of one sentence about perception and beauty. It’s a surprising glimpse at how we perceive ourselves and how a compliment does wonders to the self-esteem of others.

Via A Plus. Sahiwal Girl. René Burri speaks about the Kremlin, Picasso and the importance of teaching children to see. Alfred Weidinger, Renè Burri in the Belvedere, Vienna, 2012, CC BY 2.0 This recording is an excerpt from Burri’s talk as part of the Key Speaker series at The Photographers’ Gallery.

René Burri speaks about the Kremlin, Picasso and the importance of teaching children to see

It was recorded on Wednesday 24 April 2013. More information about our upcoming talks and events can be found here. During his fifty-year career Magnum photographer René Burri has built a body of work that traces some of the world’s most historically significant moments from East Germany and the USSR before the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain, throughout China and Cuba over several decades, and in Vietnam and the Suez Crisis. René Burri was born in Zurich in 1933 and spent his early years studying colour, composition and design at the renowned School of Arts and Crafts in Zurich. Burri’s life changed forever when the well-known photographer Werner Bischof introduced him to the prestigious photography agency Magnum Photos.

René Burri, Moscow, USSR, 1988. Part-Time Courses & Intensives. Mark Cohen - Fotograf.

Concursos de foto

360° Aerial Panorama, 3D Virtual Tours Around the World, Photos of the Most Interesting Places on the Earth. No Man's Land - Mishka Henner. Mishka henner: no man's land. Aug 06, 2011 mishka henner: no man's land ‘no man’s land’ by mishka henner (above) M-206, san fernando de henares, spain image © mishka henner ‘no man’s land’ by belgium-born, manchester-based photographer and artist mishka henner is a collection of google street view images that capture what appear to be women soliciting sex in the outskirts of large european cities. exploring ‘the margins of urban and rural environments’, the locations of the google street coordinates have been sourced from the online forums where men share local knowledge on the whereabouts of sex workers. often showing a sole figure in front of a desolate setting, the images provoke a sense of surrealism through the subject’s unnatural presence in the landscape. some are seen to have constructed temporary shelters with a parasol or table, while others are captured to be seemingly emerging out of the woods. raw and exposing, the series provides a voyeuristic look at a discrete and underground practice.

mishka henner: no man's land

No Man's Land - Mishka Henner. Photographers using Google Street View - in pictures. Photographers using Google Street View - in pictures. !Art and Photography (18+ adult content warning) Jon Rafman. Brian Duffy - el hombre que cambió el rostro de la fotografía. Brian Duffy (1933-2010) fue el hombre que cambió el rostro de la fotografía británica y europea en la década de los 60.

Brian Duffy - el hombre que cambió el rostro de la fotografía

Productor cinematográfico y fotógrafo, este artista londinense está considerado como uno de los máximos innovadores de la fotografía documental de moda y una de las máximas referencias cuando se habla de iconografía pop._ Brian Duffy produjo un extenso y extraordinario conjunto de obras en las que trató todos los géneros fotográficos: retratos, reportajes, anuncios publicitarios… En 1950 consiguió entrar en la Escuela de Arte de Saint Martin donde se inició en la pintura, pero pronto cambió de terreno artístico y pasó al diseño de vestuario. La llegada de su primer hijo en 1955 le impidió seguir su aventura parisina como aprendiz de Balenciaga. En 1957 pasó a engrosar las filas de la edición británica de Vogue, donde estuvo trabajando hasta 1963. Creative Corner: Instax Albums. Inspired by my heightening stacks of instant photos, I decided I needed more places to put them than just in a box somewhere in my closet.

Creative Corner: Instax Albums

So gather up some of your favorite instax photos and read on for how to make your very own photo album! I feel that I must apologize for not being able to write an article last month for my series; it was quite a hectic month for me. I had finals for school, my brother’s graduation, and a trip to Taiwan for the last part of May. Seeing as I’d missed writing my last article, this month’s craft was a bit more time consuming to make up for it. Alright then, let’s begin; chop chop! You will need: Instax photos (This tutorial can work with any other sizes and types of photos) Construction paper/cardstock (colors of your choice) Scissors (paper cutter if you can’t cut straight like me, haha) Ribbon/string Pencil/light marker Exacto knife Two pieces of thin card board Photos, clippings, negatives, etc., to decorate your covers Tape One hole puncher 1. 2. 3. 4.

The Best Photography Tips, Tricks, and Hacks of 2011.