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Benefits of Health

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Environment. Wedding Guide: Natural Facial Tips at Home. Everyone would like to have natural glow on his/her face, be it summer, winter, rainy or spring season.

Wedding Guide: Natural Facial Tips at Home

In summer season, it’s a bit difficult task as the atmospheric conditions around are not too conducive. You always have fear of getting tanned in case of outings during the day. Simple Tips for Healthy Bones. It is quite common to see people suffering from cold, cough and fever.

Simple Tips for Healthy Bones

One must have the basic immunity so that your body could fight with ill effects of bad eating habits and lifestyles. Drinking Milk is very beneficial for overall health. Propolis Benefits for Good Health - You Must Know. Propolis is one of nature’s powerful shields.It is acquired from bees.

Propolis Benefits for Good Health - You Must Know

During the olden days, people exploited propolis for its therapeutic properties.The Egyptians used this to preserve the mummified body. The Assyrians used it over the injuries and polyps to battle against infections and aid in the healing process. The effects of propolis may dependaccording the location, the tree and the flowers the bees had accessed. What is Propolis? Bees gather resin from trees and formulate propolis. 12 Health Benefits of Pine Bark Extract. Pine bark extract is extracted from inner bark of certain European pine trees.

12 Health Benefits of Pine Bark Extract

Pine bark extract, also known as Pyncogenol, which is rich in anti oxidants and various other active compounds like oligomeric proanthocyanidin compounds. There was a research conducted in Germany in which women between the age group above 40 and below 60 were given some supplements of pine bark extract for 6 weeks and latter extended up to 12 weeks. The study proved that talking supplements of pine bark extract regularly improve the life style of the people, which maintained them healthy and also benefited with skin benefits.

According to them, Pyncogenol found in pine bark extract helps in stimulating the human skin. 50 incredibly Easy Ways to Lose Weight 1kg - Beauty Epic. Did you know that in 1 kg of fat is about 7,700 calories?

50 incredibly Easy Ways to Lose Weight 1kg - Beauty Epic

This means that for a person decrease a 1 kg of fat needs to “spend” 7,700 calories through physical activities and / or through changes in diet. Indeed, it is not little! But it’s entirely possible. For those who want to lose 1 kg in a month, it is recommended to decrease approximately 256 calories daily, which is not that hard: walk an easy pace one hour a day is a great tip for this! 13 Easy Refreshing Lemonade Recipes You Can Try at Home - Beauty Epic.

Lemon juice can be used as a basis for creative and refreshing lemonade for warmer days Natural juices are great options to refresh and quench thirst.

13 Easy Refreshing Lemonade Recipes You Can Try at Home - Beauty Epic

Besides, being healthier than industrialized beverages such as sodas or juices may be prepared in various ways, creating an array of possibilities and flavours. Combining the lime with other fruits you can get lemonades that are beyond the ordinary and to please different palates. With a simple preparation, in a few moments you can serve a delicious drink that can be consumed at any time.

16 Health Benefits of Sea Salt - You Must Know. Sea salt is getting popular as people get to know about the series of health benefits that the salt comes up with.

16 Health Benefits of Sea Salt - You Must Know

Sea salt possesses a lot of vital elements that could work like a magic wand on our body providing revival to various parts of thephysique. What is Sea salt? It is the untreated salt that is obtained directly from the sea water. The salt is formed by evaporating the salty water.The other name of Sea salt is ‘bay salt.’The normal salt that we use in the kitchen undergoes multiple processing techniques like bleaching, iodizing and diluting, whereas the sea salt is pure and natural.