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Meow Compilation. The Cutest Kitten in the World. Animals This adorable kitten is called Daisy and she lives in Japan. She is photographed by her owner Ben Terode. Advertorial Do you also have a pet? Treat it with care :) PetCareRx is America's most affordable pet pharmacy and supply store on the web. Share. Ferrari Millenio by Marko Petrovic & Yanko Design. The Ferrari Millenio, as the name might allude, is a futuristic super-car concept that features a complex combination of materials and technologies that we can hope will become a serious reality before the end of the next millenium. The two-seater includes a buckypaper reinforced body that is stronger than steel and lighter than carbon fiber as well as dual electric engines that can be recharged via solar panels or through an inductive power transfer system. Designer: Marko Petrovic. Audi R8 GT Spyder News Cars :: News Cars Info.

The 2012 Audi R8 GT Spyder came to Le Mans in full regalia, and our own Drew Phillips was there to catch it in all its topless glory. With 560 horsepower and 398 lb-ft on tap, Audi’s new ragtop sprints to 60 in a scant 3.8 seconds and doesn’t stop until the needle touches 197 mph. Audi A3 e-tron ConceptBugatti VeyronBMW 5 Series Touring. Guy built a Lamborghini in his basement. Toyota GT 86 review. Under the skin it's also unexceptional; MacPherson strut front, with a wishbone rear. The horizontally-opposed flat-four is from Subaru, the sophisticated port and direct fuel injection is Toyota's. Subaru provides the six-speed manual gearbox (which you want), or a six-speed automatic with paddle shifting (which you don't). Perhaps most remarkable is the choice of wheels and tyres for this sporting model; the 215/45/R17 Michelins are the same as those fitted to the Toyota Prius. And even the brakes are bog-standard production items; ventilated discs with single-piston swing calipers.

Nominally a two-plus-two, the cabin has rear seats, but they are unusable except for the tiniest tot. It's all about the driver of course, with bucket seats, a buck-skin-trimmed steering wheel and a good driving position, although we could have used a little bit more height adjustment on the steering wheel. While the power delivery is flat, this little car flies. And there's not a lot of grip.

He's right. 2009 Mansory Cyrus. 2009 Mansory Cyrus Mansory has release the Cyrus package based on the Aston Martin DBS or the Aston Martin DB9. A coilover suspension provides the best road holding and emphasises the striking rims in XXL. The refinement is perfected by an exclusive interior programme. At the front axle, a newly designed front skirt with enlarged air inlets provides the optimal ventilation for the twelve-cylinder aggregate. The Mansory CYRUS Aston Martin DBS / DB9 front is visually enhanced with the newly designed carbon bonnet.

The newly designed rear skirt with the integrated diffuser emphasises the superior look and provides space for four stainless steel end pipes of the sonorous sport exhaust system. The Mansory Cyrus Aston Martin DBS or DB9 optimal road grip is provided by the 9×20 and 10,5×21 inch rims in combination with Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres measuring 255/30ZR20 at the front and 295/25ZR21 at the back. Photo Credit: © Mansory. 6 Ways Nature Cleans Up Our Messes Better Than We Do. Nature doesn't take punches like she used to. Nearly every environmental disaster over the past century has been our fault and it's easy to assume that we've recklessly forced the entire planet down a path of destruction. But every once in a while, Mother Nature surprises us with her resiliency, Wolverine-like healing abilities and willingness to step in and clean up our goddamn messes when we prove ourselves incompetent. The Chernobyl Fungus That Eats Radiation Most of you reading this article are at least vaguely familiar with the Chernobyl disaster, a clusterfuck of experimentation and negligence that led to the worst nuclear plant disaster in history.

It irradiated a huge area around the plant and left the neighboring town of Pripyat so much of a ghost town that we declared it one of the creepiest places on Earth. It's so apocalyptic that they've even based video game levels on it. One of the less successful RollerCoaster Tycoon scenarios. We didn't say it looks cool And the best part? Ann He - memories. Theo Jansen creates new creatures | Video on - StumbleUpon. A Cats Christmas. ( 2nd page added! Be sure to check it out AFTER this one More laughs and new great photos - link near bottom of page or click) Your instructors, Iris and Fern will demonstrate how to assemble and decorate a Christmas tree.

A special thank-you to our talented girls for their expertise. Now an update ... Please ensure a safe season for your pets. Tinsel is not recommended or other similar items such as thin ribbon on presents. Every vet office has numerous stories of emergency surgeries to remove decorative items which pets have ingested! Have fun - but play safe! Jaz chewing a treat, Iris checking her stocking, Fern on a nip high. We LOVE Christmas Day - Presents! Our 19 year old tree goes thru different looks, colours and ornaments. Is Julip helping with the tree? Fern would say NO!

But Julip found the perfect task - Ornament Sniffing! A super important job Julip takes very seriously. Here's all 3 of us with our stockings. Our FIRST Christmas Day (2012) with Julip. All the best in 2014! - StumbleUpon. // Alley Cats...Urban Tails. Best Photos of the Year 2011 | Plog — World, National Photos, Photography and Reportage — The Denver Post - StumbleUpon. Baby chameleons photo | one big photo - StumbleUpon.

Random photo Submit your photo Stumble Thru animal photography Tags: baby animal chameleon baby chameleons by igor siwanowicz 1 047 420 views Rating: +26 a happy family of polar bears baby meerkats cute “mini lion” kitten Adorable Photos of Animals With Their Babies That Will Make You Go ‘Aww’ Place your ad here Loading... About OneBigPhoto is your daily dose of high quality photos. 2726 photos uploaded Important stuff Top rated Top galleries Submit photo Privacy policy Wallpaper Contact us Connect with us Search Some rights reserved. ©2013 - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. Bent4.jpg (JPEG Image, 445x600 pixels) Image of the Day: Aquarium Phonebooth - Food - GOOD - StumbleUpon. Lighting designer Benoit Deseille and artist Benedetto Bufalino transformed this phone booth in Lyon, France, into an aquarium, as part of the city's annual Festival of Light. In an accompanying statement, the artists explain the inspiration behind the piece: With the advent of the mobile telephone, telephone booths lie unused.

We rediscover this glass cage transformed into an aquarium, full of exotically colored fish; an invitation to escape and travel. It's a creative way to transform disused infrastructure into an everyday source of wonder and beauty—or, if you're of a more pessimistic frame of mind, a vision of our climate-changed future. On top of that, there's something whimsically compelling about seeing tropical fish interacting with a phone: cross-species communication, anyone? Story and images via PopTech, via the Institute for Augmented Ecology.

Sharpie Art - Extreme Sharpie Artwork at - Womans Day. Nowadays, Sharpie markers come in more than basic black––they’re available in every color of the rainbow, and in just about every size and shape. They’re great for everyday labeling and organizing, but did you know that they could also be used to decorate everything from guitars to fingernails? WD teamed with Sharpie to find the most unique creations from talented artists across the globe. From a Lamborghini turned objet d’art to a wall mural, check out how different artists uncapped their creativity. Rev Your Engines George Ramos spent two weeks on this intricately designed Lamborghini––he used Sharpie markers to create the design and then topped it off with a clear coat of paint to protect the pattern. Lend a Hand The talented (and patient!) Rock and Roll Peter Bragino created a custom design on his Ibanez guitar using an industrial-strength Sharpie marker––no sanding or topcoat was needed to preserve the long-lasting design.

Space Out Detail Oriented Feet First Speed Racer Off the Wall. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. Looks like good Photography by Navis. - StumbleUpon. e6542bcccf_75247609_o2.jpg from - StumbleUpon. Maj 1112. Photos of Sakurajima volcano ~ Pink Tentacle - StumbleUpon. 25 Feb 2010 On a recent visit to Japan, alien landscape photographer Martin Rietze captured some spectacular images of Sakurajima volcano in Kagoshima prefecture.

Multiple lightning flashes caused by fast moving fine ash Lava bombs hitting the flank Strombolian eruption with lightning Detail with multiple lightning flashes Lava brightens the ash cloud Ash eruption causing lightning Violent eruption. Week in pictures: 3 - 9 December 2011. Iceland volcano: The best photo ever? - StumbleUpon. Electricity Sparks New Life Into Indonesias Corals. A weak, harmless voltage run through metallic structures underwater is reviving near-dead reefs. Cyanide and dynamite fishing as well as rising water temperatures had decimated corals off Bali. A technique borrowed from the 1970s uses a weak electrical current to charge underwater metal structures.

The electrolysis provokes a fast build-up of limestone, helping corals flourish. Cyanide fishing and rising water temperatures had decimated corals off Bali until a diver inspired by a German scientist's pioneering work on organic architecture helped develop a project now replicated worldwide. Based on ""Biorock" technology, it is implemented in 20 countries, mainly in Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Pacific. In the turquoise waters of Pemuteran off the north coast of Bali where the project was launched in 2000, a metal frame known as "the crab" is covered with huge corals in shimmering colors where hundreds of fish have made their homes. "It's amazing, isn't it ? " Nature charity looking for interns in Norfolk and Suffolk. RSPB volunteer Michelle King, reed-burning on the reserve at Titchwell Nature-lovers hoping to kick-start a career in conservation in the New Year have been offered the chance of an internship working within the region’s wildlife havens.

The RSPB is looking for four people with a passion for conservation who can dedicate a year to volunteering on the charity’s nature reserves in East Anglia. The residential scheme, which begins in March, will offer enthusiastic interns the chance to work against the backdrop of some of the most nature-rich areas in the country. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to spend two consecutive six-month periods working at reserves including Titchwell Marsh on the north Norfolk coast, Strumpshaw Fen near Brundall and Minsmere in north Suffolk.

Interns will be provided with accommodation, training, mentoring, work experience and networking opportunities. “But there’s plenty of room for more. 9 comments. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. Marvel at the Magnificent Marble Caves [35 PICS] Can you imagine something happening that would endanger these exquisite azure caverns? It might if Chile continues with plans to build five hydro-power dams in Patagonia. Photo #7 by © Jorge Leon Cabello The water has eroded the marble to create cavities and marble caves. There are different color shades, depending on the contents’ impurities. There are white banks of great purity, but it is also possible to find blue and pink marble banks due to the presence of other minerals. Amazing geological formations on Chilean side of Lake Carrera. It would be a real shame if the hydro-power dams damage the lake and the marble caves on top of the surrounding natural habitats for wildlife.

View of the lake and where to find the marble caverns in the Aysen region of Chile. - StumbleUpon. Color_water_crystal_river_01. Wind-blown branch kills Washington girl, 9. OAK HARBOR, Wash., Dec. 26 (UPI) -- Strong Christmas Day winds knocked out power to thousands of people in Washington state and sent a large tree branch into a vehicle, killing a girl, police say. Washington State Trooper Keith Leary told The Seattle Times the girl, Tobiah Leonard, 9, was killed about 1 p.m. Sunday when a 1-foot-diameter, 15-foot-long tree branch slammed into the roof of a Ford Explorer on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound.

Four other people in the sport utility vehicle were hospitalized for non-life-threatening injuries. "The wind just snapped that piece of the tree off," Leary said. "It's just a very, very tragic accident -- it's not something anybody could have avoided. " The Times said about 37,000 people in the region were without electrical power, many for hours, as a result of wind gusting to more than 45 mph blowing trees into power lines. Chronicle: Primates as prey, predators, competitors of snakes.

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Getting started. Humor. ACTUAL AUSTRALIAN COURT DOCKET 12659 -- from Joe Burton - StumbleUpon. Ik3z5. Nothing.