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jQuery Mobile. The Training Foundry. Excel with Business - App Design. Partner Benefits - We are looking for more Moodle Partners from all countries around the world.

Partner Benefits -

Generally we only want companies of significant size that are heavily focussed on providing quality Moodle services. The benefits of being a certified Moodle Partner are: Allowed to use the Moodle trademarks to conduct businessDirect access, support and promotion from Moodle HQPriority consideration for Moodle bugs that affect your customersFirst notification of new releases and security issuesBeing part of a global business network of like-minded professionals If you are a company with Moodle experience who might be interested in joining us as a Moodle Partner, you should start by completing our application form.

Download the pdf form using the button below, and use Adobe Reader to open and complete it. Home - HowToMoodle - Just ask us... Moodle and e-commerce shopping carts. Linking Moodle to a web based shopping cart is easy and requires very little coding to allow users to browse courses, add them to a cart, pay for them, and then automatically gain access to the paid courses on Moodle.

Moodle and e-commerce shopping carts

And best if all, only use one login for the entire process. My personal favourite Open Source carts are OS Commerce and the newer, slicker Magento. But it really doesn’t matter which cart you use, as long as it is driven by a popular web database such as MySQL or MSQL. It can be home grown or a commercial platform. This short blog posts explains the process in its simplest terms. In your online shop you create courses as products. The important bit is to use a unique field for your product that we can use as a course ID number in Moodle. Once you have your courses entered into your shop and you’ve configured it to accept payments and create accounts you are ready to instruct Moodle to read the products and the users from the shop database. Usability/Improve Moodle User Experience Consistency. Parent page:Usability Project outcome: Moodle User Interface Guidelines This project will create a a lightweight Human Interface Guidelines style documentation for Moodle, as part of a review of Moodle's overall user interface.

Usability/Improve Moodle User Experience Consistency

It is not about making usability recommendations to specific parts of Moodle, but trying to see patterns in the way UI's are made in Moodle, and to make recommendations concerning those patterns. Note: This is a project plan, and although I have made an effort to organize the content, as such might it not be very easily readable by random passers-by. Overview Executive Summary Review Moodle's overall user interface. Motivation In Summer 2008, I worked to enhance the usability of the Moodle Quiz module, based on reported needs of teachers. open-source community-based tools for learning.  News, Information and Resources for the World's Leading LMS.

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