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Geoff Livingston's Blog. When I woke up this morning the following pitch was waiting for me in my email… Hi Geoff – I hope all is well.

Geoff Livingston's Blog

I’m a fan of your writing and share the same area of focus. I started, which we launched in Beta form in March and are now overhauling with a very specific focus that will differentiate us (and our value-add for charities) quite substantially in a pretty crowded field (online fundraising). Also, it looks like we have the same taste in motorcycles (see below)…. It’s Just A Phone « PR Geek Speak. 24 hours in the life of social media. Media Relations & Publicity. Times Square Nothing like a cover story in The New York Times or a feature story on CNN during prime time. So here’s some great media relations and publicity tips to help you get from here to there…. Learn the art of effective media relations and get the best publicity tips and resources to help you get the best media coverage possible. Get media pitching tips, enhance your blogger relations, and learn how to write tip sheets, press releases, media kits and lots more.

You may also like DIY PR Tools, Tips & Templates, Media Lists & Resources, and Media Training. Sites with a W are PR Coach “winners.” PRoactive: The Public Relations Job Hunter’s GuideSeriously looking for a PR job? #1 Pet Peeve of Journalists Pet peeve? 3 Easy Ways to Guarantee Bad Media Coverage Avoid these media relations gaffes at all costs. Using Social Media to Protect Your Reputation. Reputation management through social media is a hot topic right now. In fact, digital crisis communications was the topic of one of the best panels I saw at Blogworld Expo last week (more on that panel soon). With that in mind, I thought you might like to hear an interview I just did with Andrew Brown and Robert Gold at BusinessCast, on the subject of “using social media to protect your reputation.”

BusinessCast Episode 171 – Using Social Media to Protect Your Reputation Rather than a typical interview format, Andrew and Robert threw me into a scenario: A Canadian-based financial services company has launched a campaign that renews one of its seasonal consumer-based investment products (e.g. Everything seems to be going on as expected but, then they get thrown a curve ball: Four days ago their call centre started receiving a dramatic increase in calls revealing that a message is floating across Facebook that their investment product is somehow unreliable. (Image: Shutterstock)