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Craftiness is not optional: hair clips. Craftiness Is Not Optional sewing, crafts, and parties Search Results for: label/hair clips Sorry, no content matched your criteria. Archives Categories Return to top of page Copyright © 2014 · Blogger to WordPress Migration by Linauer Designs · Log in. Facebook. Crie e Faça Você Mesmo. DIY Party Ideas. By Cyd Converse | A huge part of what I do on a day-to-day basis includes dreaming up and scouring the web for fabulous party ideas. In 2012, party bloggers ’round the globe seriously upped their DIY game, flooding the likes of Pinterest with what felt like zillions of amazing and supremely crafty DIY party ideas. From make-your-own piñatas to colorful neon, there was no shortage of ways to entertain in style this year. While picking just a few favorites was certainly a steep feat, here are my picks for the top 10 party crafts of 2012 to help inspire all of your upcoming celebrations!

Nggallery id=128849 Heart Piñata Ingeniously made from cardboard and colorful Post-It notes, I adore this charmingly oversized heart piñata! Party Fan Backdrop Perfect as a photo backdrop or as a stunning focal point at your next shindig, I am loving this backdrop made from honeycomb fans! Confetti Surprise Lanterns Fringe Party Cups Tassel Garland Giant Fringe Streamers Sparkly Party Hat Geometric Party Lanterns. DIY Confetti Bowl. Most inspiring pictures and photos - Most inspiring pictures and photos - Most inspiring pictures and photos - Facebook.


Joias. Home design ideas. The Sunbathing Companion. Hi Everybody! I'm Stella from The Golden Adventures of a Very Dark Horse and this is my very first time sharing a recipe here at the Moda Bake Shop. Today I am sharing a project I created last Summer (it is midwinter here in New Zealand), for all those lazy days sunbathing down at the beach. I am forever dragging all sorts of 'essentials' with me when I set out to sunbathe, which is how and why this project was borne (much easier to carry it all in one go). I made a few changes from my original design for this tutorial. This time I created an envelope sleeve so that you can slide your pillow out after using the towel, which makes it much easier to wash, and pack away when you're not using it. I also experimented with the edging just to spice things up.

This is really quite a simple project, and should suit beginner sewers (such as myself). If using buttons you will need a small amount of braid/ric-rac/cord or something similar to loop around the buttons. Now for the edging! Facebook. Inspired by lovely | a collection of home, craft and design inspiration | Juliet Jones. Headband Refashion.

Our headband had a flower that was starting to look a little tired and worn so we made it new again! This braided ribbon could embellish many things— a hair clip would be cute too! These headbands would make great handmade gifts for little girls to make each other! Woven Ribbon Headband Gather a headband and about 4 1/2 yards of ribbon. You can use any with — I chose 1/4 inch. Begin by finding the middle of the ribbon.

Now bring the bottom ribbon up and make a loop and send it through the beginning loop that you just made by crossing the ribbon. Pull the right side snug. Now repeat for the other side, picking up the right side, making a loop and sending it up through the loop just made on the other side. Pull the left side snug. Pull right side snug. Continue braiding until you have a piece long enough to cover the headband. Bring the other side over and then trim. Hot glue ribbon to headband. Finished! Facebook. Facebook. Crie e Faça Você Mesmo. Most inspiring pictures and photos - Crie e Faça Você Mesmo. Most inspiring pictures and photos -

(1) Facebook. Recycling. Påskägg är en viktig del i vår familjs påskfirande och det är inte bara barnen som förväntar sig ett ägg fyllt med godsaker under kudden på påskaftons morgon. Istället för att köpa nya ägg år för år fick jag idén att återvinna gamla påskägg men ge dem ett nytt utseende. ————- I lördags roade jag mig med att bygga kakfat med de kakfatsdelar vi precis börjat sälja på Make & Create . Från det att jag började diska porslinet tills det att mina båda kakfat var klara tog det inte ens 45 min.

Det roliga med att bygga egna kakfat är att man kan mixa och matcha porslin lite som man vill. Minus undrar vad det är för konstiga kakor som ligger på fatet… / Jag vet inte om ni lade märke till porslinsljusstaken i förra inlägget . Ps. Förra fredagen fick vi fint besök av Karin och hennes dotter Freja från Pysselbolaget . Blinka lilla stjärna. Tejpa hela eller delar av stjärnan. För ett år sedan såg jag en sådan fiffig beskrivning på flätade pappersbollar hos How About Orange . 1. Turkosa askar med snygga hörn – Turquoise boxes with pretty corners. Jag fick ganska mycket turkost papper kvar efter mitt pennburk-projekt och resterna har jag nu använt till att klä in ett gäng askar, 7-17 cm långa.

Dessa tänkte jag använda som presentaskar, om jag inte behåller dem själv vill säga. ————I had a lot of turquoise paper left efter my pen holder project and I used the rest to cover a bunch of small boxes. I thought I’d use them as gift boxes, if I manage to part with them that is. Askarna säljs i 5-pack hos Make & Create, där man även hittar det handgjorda papperet. Så här gör jag för att få fina hörn när jag klär in askar och lådor, vare sig det är små askar eller stora skokartonger. Placera asken på ditt papper, måtta lite grovt (tänk på att det ska räcka för att täcka sidorna) och klipp ut en lagom bit. This is how I get pretty corners when I cover my boxes, whether it’s small boxes or large shoe boxes. Place the box on the paper of your choice. DIY Dinosaur Tutorial. Meet Julie the Dinosaur.

I asked my husband what we should name her, and he said Julie... so Julie she is! Julie Measures 18" long from nose to tail & 10" from toes to spikes. After printing & cutting out your pattern pieces, you need to assemble them as illustrated above. Tape the pieces connected by the light grey strips. Cut out fabric with a 1" hem allowance. I didn't add all the spike rings or the patch heart to the pattern because I didn't follow a pattern for them (I just cut the tie part of a fluffy robe & sewed them into 16 rings.) For the "Body" 1. You do this by placing your body piece with the front facing you, and then put your "underneath body piece" on top so that it's front is facing the front of the body piece. 2. 3. 4. For the "spikes, heart & eyes" 1. 2. Who's cuter? "Mommy, stop taking pictures of the dinosaur and pay attention to the real cutie here! " " She said what?!

" A little tired of all these pictures..... Thanks for stopping by! The End. :) Crie e Faça Você Mesmo. How Does Your Garden Sew? Part III: Ranunculus. Remember this series? Yeah, maybe not, but it’s back!!! Per many requests, I’ve finally had a chance to finish the ranunculus tutorial and am happy to share. DIY Fabric Ranunculus Tutorial The best thing about this tutorial is that petal size doesn’t have to be completely precise or uniform. The worst thing about this specific tutorial? This style of flower can be quite time-consuming to create because of the prep work and layering. (If you plan on creating many of these flowers I would suggest breaking up the workload into two parts for prep work and construction.) Supplies: heavier weight poly synthetic fabric (amount will vary depending on how many flowers you plan to make, a single flower can easily be made from scraps)scissorsneedlematching threadlighter or candle flamefelt or fleece (only need a small amount and can probably sub another fabric) Part I: Flower Center & Prep Work (I don’t have many photos of this, but it is rather self-explanatory) Starter “Petals” (see photos 1&2) Mrs.

Jennifer murphy bears — POM POM BUNNY. Pom Pom Bunny Project for the Martha Stewart Show Jennifer was asked to create a project for the Martha Stewart Show in April 2007. She designed this Free Tutorial just for the occasion. Make them for friends and family for Easter or any time of year! See the PDF pattern for the list of materials needed. Most can be found in your local craft store, but a few are a little more specialized. Consider buying some WAXED THREAD in my shop- it's perfect for tying pom poms or a pair of HEMOSTATS to hold your work for you while glued items set. happy making, JM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ © Jennifer Murphy 2007 Intended for personal use only. Download Pattern. Koszulka na

PGRpdiBjbGFzcz0icm93Ij4KCTxkaXYgY2xhc3M9InNwYW43Ij4KCQk8Zm9ybSBlbmN0eXBlPSJtdWx0aXBhcnQvZm9ybS1kYXRhIiBhY3Rpb249Ii9kb2RhaiIgbWV0aG9kPSJwb3N0IiBjbGFzcz0icmVndWxhcl9mb3JtIj4KCQkJPGRpdiBjbGFzcz0iZm9ybV9saW5lIiI+CgkJCQk8bGFiZWwgZm9yPSJpbWFnZSI+V3liaWVyeiBwbGlrIHogZHlza3U8L2xhYmVsPgoJCQkJPGlucHV0IHR5cGU9ImZpbGUiIG5hbWU9ImltYWdlIiByZXF1aXJlZD0icmVxdWlyZWQiIC8+CgkJCTwvZGl2PgoJCQk8ZGl2IGNsYXNzPSJmb3JtX2xpbmUiPgoJCQkJPGxhYmVsPiZuYnNwOzwvbGFiZWw+CgkJCQk8aW5wdXQgdHlwZT0ic3VibWl0IiB2YWx1ZT0iUHJ6ZcWbbGlqIiBjbGFzcz0iYnRuIGJ0bi1sYXJnZSBidG4tcHJpbWFyeSB3YWl0X2J0biIgLz4KCQkJPC9kaXY+CgkJPC9mb3JtPgoJPC9kaXY+CjwvZGl2Pg== koszulka.

!!!!♥ Feltro-Aholic ♥ Moldes e pap em feltro e feltro estampado!: molde passarinho diferente. Wax!! By Kate on June 1, 2011 My lovely friend bought me a very cute owl mold for my birthday so I’ve been making some tiny owl crayons to send back to her. I managed to bag a cute little tin to put them in (I’m a sucker for a charity shop!). I also made some glitter sticks for my sons (we are all very jackdaw-ish!). They are perfect for adding a bit of a spangle to pictures without the stress, because, let’s face it, little children + glitter = a very big mess to clean up (which is fine sometimes….but not all the time!).

If you wanna have a go click on the link at the bottom for instructions Tangent #1: The friend who bought me the cute owl mold also told me a long while ago about a fab recipe for scones that required just three ingredients. Tangent #2: I have been trying to make bath crayons by melting soap and adding food colouring….one problem…they don’t work. I do really need to join twitter!