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Barbados – Qwanders. Appreciate the history! Barbados is filled with so much beauty and history. We took a two hour island tour with Anthony before heading over to Harbor lights beach. As soon as we left the cruise port we drove past Rihanna’s childhood home. He explained that over the years her family moved from the home but the new owners still allow tourist to come by take pictures and occasionally come inside. When we went the area was pretty quiet, but he told us depending on the time of the year the crowds in front of the home are big. Throughout our tour we drove through 2 of the 11 parishes in Barbados: St James and St Thomas.

In St James Parish we stopped by the Parish Church which is the oldest churches on the island and still actively hold church services. In Paynes bay we learned a little history about a terror attack where 73 people on the Cubana Airlines flight lost their lives due to CIA linked terrorist. Like this: Like Loading... Family Cruise 2017 It's been a long time coming! In "Getaway" How to act like a Bajan in Barbados | PanamericanWorld. The island of Barbados is more than just another tropical paradise – as the homeland of rum and one of the newest hot spots for surfing, this island is a diverse mix of history, culture and adventure. Visitors will experience island hospitality, whether they’re in the sumptuous setting of a five star hotel or one the side of the road buying fresh coconut from a local vendor. It’s an island that has had a long history with Canada, as the two countries traded rum and sugar cane for lumber and fish. In the 21st century, travellers in search of culture with a side of beautiful beaches will appreciate this eastern Caribbean island.

For those wanting to check off their Barbados bucket list items – here’s four ways to experience the island: As the oldest rum producer in the world, Mount Gay Distillery offers a fun tour that mixes history and tastings. 1. And make time for: St. 2. It’s worth the wait for the grilled local seafood at Oistins on a Friday night in Barbados. 3. 4. Visiting Barbados: Barbados weather in October. What weather to expect As summer ends in many places around the world, warm temperatures continue in Barbados with daily highs around 30°C / 86°F. Right in the middle of the rainy season, October is typically the rainiest month in Barbados. It's also one of the most humid. Despite that, there will be many sunny days with cooling breezes. October falls within the Atlantic hurricane season but Barbados' position near the south of the Caribbean island chain means that there is a remote chance of a direct hit by a hurricane. Typical October Weather Temperature Daytime high: 30°C / 86°F Nighttime low: 24°C / 75°F Hours of Sunshine 8 hours daily Rainfall High (185mm) Relative Humidity Medium (82%) October travel tips With some rain likely when you visit Barbados in October, be ready to enjoy indoor activities until the showers pass.

Visit WhatsOnInBarbados to see what events you can enjoy in October in Barbados. Best Barbados Hotel Deals Planning an October vacation in Barbados? GoTo: Barbados. Barbados weather in November. What weather to expect The rainy season is tapering off in November however there are still likely to be light showers on some days. Even at this time of year Barbados still averages nearly 8 hours of sunshine a day! As the temperature starts to dip up north, this is a great time for a tropical getaway. November is also towards the end of the official Atlantic hurricane season. Barbados is fortunate to be positioned at the south end of the Caribbean while hurricanes tend to veer to the north.

Typical November Weather Temperature Daytime high: 30°C / 86°F Nighttime low: 24°C / 75°F Hours of Sunshine 8 hours daily Rainfall High (172mm) Relative Humidity Medium (83%) November travel tips November is a great time to visit the island, just before the start of the peak winter season (starting mid-December) when accommodation prices increase significantly. Barbados celebrates Independence in November with the capital city and main highway beautifully lighted in our national colours - blue and gold. Why You Should Book a Trip to Barbados This Winter | Shape Magazine. Hobie Cat Sailing Off Barbados. Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Barbados. Barbados gained independence from Britain in 1966, but many of the relics from its colonial past still stand.

In Bridgetown, the clean and safe capital, impressive colonial buildings, and the historic garrison are designated UNESCO World Heritage sites. Around the island are sprawling sugar plantations and historic museums, along with endless tropical beauty. Pretty pink and white coral-sand beaches, pale turquoise seas, and a dramatic east coast sculpted by pounding surf are some of the islands major attractions. The warm ocean waters can be turbulent, but the island offers a few sheltered beaches for swimming and snorkeling, as well as great surfing, and some popular dive sites.

On land, caverns, jungle-clad gullies, and beautiful botanical gardens showcase the island’s natural treasures. 1. Crane Beach Crane Beach, with its beautiufl pink coral sand, was once a boat landing where cargo was unloaded and lifted by a crane perched atop the cliff. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Best Barbados Beaches | Travel Channel. Tucked in the southern corner of the Lesser Antilles, Barbados is the Caribbean's easternmost island.

Its different coasts offer beaches that range from powdery sand and cerulean waters of the Caribbean to the perfect swells of the eastern Atlantic coast. Sequestered from the luxury resorts, the rugged Atlantic coast is where surfers and naturalists flock. Discover the best beaches of Barbados -- where there really is something for everyone. Silver Sands A windy outcropping ideal for windsurfing, Silver Sands beach is internationally recognized as a world-class beach for this sport. Located on the southern coast of Barbados, Silver Sands holds the Waterman Festival every February; a competitive contest for surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing, the festival has been going strong since 1989. The Silver Sands Resort is located here, offering affordable accommodations on prime oceanfront real estate. Bath Bath beach is one of Barbados' best swimming beaches.

8Great: Ways to Make the Best of Barbados - Adventure Girl. 8Great: Ways to Make the Best of Barbados Barbados is more than just bumming around on a beautiful beach sipping rum punch. This Caribbean island is brimming with excitement, from surfing the famed waves of Bathsheba to snorkeling with sea turtles and exploring the island on safari. Any adventure girl can appreciate a getaway that makes her heart pump, pushes her limits, and satisfies her taste buds. There’s no better destination than Barbados for those seeking exciting quests of all kinds. Where: Barbados is the easternmost island in the Caribbean, stretching 21 miles long and 14 miles wide, and made up of soft coral limestone that defines its rolling landscape.

When: High season runs from mid-December through April. Dive into beach culture with professional surfer Brian Talma at his school, deAction World, in Bathsheba where the waves of the Atlantic at Silver Sands Beach invite you for a ride. For more information, visit: Barbados Tourism website. Barbados | Ashley Bartoletti Photography | Blog. Video: Barbados SUP Surf With Sarah Cole - SUP Magazine – The Voice of Standup Paddling. 5 Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Trip to Barbados. Beyond Crop Over, Barbados is a luxury destination enriched with culture and history Back in August, I had the opportunity to take a second trip to Barbados and experience the Crop Over Festival for the first time—and what an experience it was! I fell in love with soca, explored the wonder of Harrison’s Cave, got a taste of “the rum that invented rum,” and jumped in the Grand Kadooment! Beyond that, I had the chance to chat with locals and take a tour of George Washington’s Barbadian home.

As working professionals, we all deserve an occasional break from the daily stresses of work and life. Such trips are not only relaxing but they oftentimes broaden your world perspective and present you with a creative space to come up with new, fresh ideas. Here are five reasons why I would encourage working professionals and business owners to book a trip to the amazing island of Barbados. 1. Grand Kadooment “Every plantation had a Crop Over festival. 2. 3. 4. 5. Just back from: Barbados – Lonely Planet blog. VickyFlipFlopTravels – » Travel and Festival Blogger – » Week Holiday to Barbados: THINGS TO DO! I’m back from an awesome week holiday to Barbados. Guys – the sun, the sand, the beaches and the rum punch – it’s all as good as they say it is. I loved passing the colourful houses every day, driving round the island and taking two boat trips to admire Barbados from afar.

The best thing I did on my Barbados holiday would be a tough toss up between the shipwreck scuba dive… and the catamaran tour. I just loved being out on the azure water in the sun, and in the case of the scuba dive, swimming up the spiral staircase a la The Little Mermaid. You can do a lot in a week holiday to Barbados, or, you could just lie on the beach all day soaking up the sun, and the punch. Price of flights My week’s holiday to Barbados was courtesy of Skyscanner, who’ve revealed Barbados as one of their 7 top destinations for 2017. I looked on Skyscanner at flights about a month before and flights were coming up at around £550. Friday – 10:05 LGW to 15:10 BGI Thursday overnight – 17:50 BGI to 05:55 LGW 1. 2. 3. 28 Pictures That Will Make You Want to Visit Barbados | The Busy Goodwife. 28 Pictures That Will Make You Want to Visit Barbados I have to admit; I was a bit worried when booked my first trip to Barbados.

It was actually very spontaneous, like most trips I do. I had friends over in my Tiki Bar, serving some Cocktails and was moaning about the fact, that I’d like to visit Hawaii for the Christmas vacation, but the flight was just too long for only one week. I have been to Hawaii a few times and call this my absolute paradise. But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so let me share some reasons, why I so much fell in love with Barbados and believe, so will you. Enjoy the beautiful sunset on the west coast of Barbados The Cobblers Cove is a very gorgeous property, with friendly staff and fantastic food.

A wide selection of tropical fruits or freshly caught fish and crab on Eggs Benedict? It screams Rum Punch at every corner… Fine dining with a great view at the Fish Pod in St. Chattel Village in Holetown AND THE BEST TO THE END – Sunsets Shop My Camera Bag. Conkies and Barbados Independence – Travel Itineraries. Today is independence day in Barbados or Bim (short for Bimshire) as it is known. Barbadians (colloquial names: Bajan or Beige) at home and abroad are celebrating 51 years of autonomy from the British Monarchy. Bajans from all walks of life will gather to celebrate their culture, foods and heritage. Chorus to Barbados National Anthem“We loyal sons and daughters all Do hereby make it known These fields and hills beyond recall Are now our very own We write our names on history’s page With expectations great Strict guardians of our heritage Firm craftsmen of our fate” – Irving Burgie Here are a few interesting facts about Barbados you may not know: So, how is Independence celebrated?

During the month of November, residents dress-up in the vibrant blue and gold colors representative of the nation’s flag. Besides national entertainment, in every community there is a direct thrust for nationals and non-nationals to buy and eat home-grown foods. Like this: Like Loading... FlintLand: Adventure : Barbados. We had a really crappy summer up here in Quebec, one of the worst I recall in recent years. It rained all the time, we had almost no sunshine and the number of weekends lost to bad weather still makes me cringe. While hiking the Katahdin range with The Dragonfly at the end of September, under yet another cold and rainy sky, she lost her usual positivity. “I’ve had it”, she said. “Let’s go somewhere sunny for our October vacation”. The original plan to run Javelina Jundred took a quick 180 and, a couple hours later, we were booked for Barbados.

We opted for a flight-and-accomodation package, because we’re not much the all-inclusive types and we like to support the local economy when we travel. From the moment we exited the airport, we loved the vibe of Barbados. The Meridian was easily reached and gave us a warm welcome. Barbados has truly outstanding beaches, and Dover Beach is no exception. We took advantage of the easy transport system and visited spots all over the island : The best of Barbados - The Cruise Blogger | Cruise Blog. This is a guest post about Barbados by Sam Whiteside, Port Presenter with P&O Cruises. You can find out more about Sam at the end of this article. Barbados is a Caribbean island that sits roughly 62 miles east of the Windward Islands.

On a map it looks like it’s all alone in the Atlantic. This geographical feature is quite handy for the weather, as it means that Barbados sits outside of the principal hurricane belt. At 167 square miles, Barbados is an easy island to explore and one of the more touristic islands in the Caribbean. Bridgetown Bridgetown, the capital, has a large deep-water harbour that can accommodate several ships at any one time.

The port at Bridgetown is around 1.5 miles from the famous sandy shores of Carlisle Bay, which is an easy 30 minute walk from the cruise terminal. Barbados beaches All beaches on the island are public, not privately owned. These are places like the famous Boatyard beach area. Exploring further afield A stop at Bathsheba is a must. Bajan Nightlife. The Family Travel Network. Swim with the Turtles in Barbados Hawksbill and leatherback turtles live in large numbers along the reefs surrounding Barbados. At one time, these turtles were endangered, but things have changed on this island.

The turtles are now protected and even watched over by local fisherman, and the population has significantly increased. Turtles tend to stay in the same place for quite some time. In Barbados, they can often be found swimming and feeding along the relatively shallow reef near the Lone Star Restaurant. The turtles are monitored here, and guides have found that they are sociable and quite tame. Swimming with the turtles has definitely become one of the highlights of a family visit to Barbados. Tiami Catamarans offers five-hour sail and snorkel cruises daily. Other "swim with the turtles" tours are offered by Wildcats Turtle & Shipwreck Adventure and Ocean Adventures & Silver Moon.

Families who want to snorkel with the turtles and are staying at Almond Beach Village are in luck. That Time When – I swam with Turtles – Welcome to The Phoenix Remix. Back in 2013, we went on a trip to the Caribbean via cruise ship, this meant that we got the chance to stop at a lot of locations along the way and not just go to the same country. We went to a lot of different places such as St Lucia, St Marteen and Antigua. When you are part of a cruise, they have options to do various excursions at each location and we did one at most of the stops including one that sort of was a bucket list item for me – Swimming With Turtles. We were in Barbados and we had to go on a Catamaran to get to the said Turtles in which we were going to swim with.

The turtles we were going to meet were wild so it meant that we had to be sure we didn’t scare them or disturb them from their normal daily routines. We got to the area of water in which we were going to swim with the turtles and it was really easy to see them before even entering the water – they are a playful bunch of animals and are happy little chappies and I think they are used to having humans near them. 5 Barbados Excursions You Didn’t Know About | Frugal Travel Guy.

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