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Frequencies and Anecdotes. Frequencies and Anecdotes The latest versions of the CAFL and NCFL plus a few articles are available in a paperback book called The Electroherbalism Frequency Lists..

Frequencies and Anecdotes

Click here or on the bookcover picture below for details. Note that there is nothing in the book which is not also available in electronic format (for free) on this website. A Note on the The "New CAFL" - Someone converted the CAFL for use on a function generator that is so cheap the frequencies are entered in KHz.

The Meaning of Life: Discover Your Purpose. Do You Have a Pre-Encoded Purpose?

The Meaning of Life: Discover Your Purpose

Many books I’ve read seem to assume that we’re either genetically or divinely encoded with some sort of built-in purpose, and all we need to do is take the time to discover it through private introspection. You just sit down one day and write a mission statement and trust that what comes out of you will be the guiding force for the rest of your life. Perhaps every 6-12 months you update it. Kurt Vonnegut spiega la tragedia. I was at a Kurt Vonnegut talk in New York a few years ago.

Kurt Vonnegut spiega la tragedia

Talking about writing, life, and everything. He explained why people have such a need for drama in their life. He said, “People have been hearing fantastic stories since time began. The problem is, they think life is supposed to be like the stories. Mark Twain Gives Nine Tips for Living an Extraordinary Life. By Henrik Edberg Is truth stranger than fiction?

Mark Twain Gives Nine Tips for Living an Extraordinary Life

Perhaps. In this great article written by Henrik Edberg, we find that Mark Twain had expressed in his writings over the years an entire philosophy for living.