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Nodesserts. Orange & Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cookies. 'I just want you to know,' said the girl coldly, 'that whoever you are and whatever you intend with me, I shall give you no aid of any kind, nor shall I assist you, and I shall do whatever is in my power to frustrate your plans and devices.' And then she added, with feeling, 'Idiot.' ~ Neil Gaiman, Stardust I have had a tiny (envious) rapport with these cookies.

Orange & Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cookies

Like me, they're contrary, idiosyncratic and slightly wicked; yet beneath a poised nonchalance they are heartbreakly tender - longing only to be harbingers of unexpected pleasure and quicksilver pearls of laughter. My methods are fragile; blown glass in midwinter, intentions that begin their journey with the surety of an arrow shot from Robin Hood's bow, slip through abandoned branches and land soundlessly on dandelions. In this instance, chocolate on chocolate is splendid. Recipe: Spring Risotto (Gluten-Free) - A Thought For Food. The weather here in New England seems to have mellowed out a bit.

Recipe: Spring Risotto (Gluten-Free) - A Thought For Food

Over the last few weeks, we’ve experienced roller coaster fluctuations in temperatures. One day, it’s in the 80s; the next, the 50s. Orange Slice Jello Shots. All of my recipes are made with college students in mind.

Orange Slice Jello Shots

Obviously. But seriously, could this recipe be meant for anybody but college students? This is the recipe all you college students have been waiting for. Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies. A couple of months ago, I shared with you the recipe for some amazing Coconut Cookies.

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

I had got that recipe as part of my monthly Secret Recipe Club assignment. While deciding on what recipe to make, I had also bookmarked today’s recipe and as I just could not get it out of my head, I had to make it! Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies, I mean… how decadent does that sound? As my girls have been home for their winter holidays, I thought this was the best time to try these cookies out. They were a hit. Peachy Keen Creamsicles. Do any of you have the experience of reverting back to your childhood self when you go back home?

Peachy Keen Creamsicles

Well, I do. Something about being around my parents in my old house brings out the most juvenile side of me, and I find myself called to run through the sprinkler, catch fireflies, and eat things like creamsicles. Yea, the kid in me won’t ever grow tired of those. This summer has been spent mostly at my family’s cottage where I participated in all of the aforementioned activities, as well as the making of some seriously amazing, and kid-friendly desserts. Perfect Caramel Sticky Buns. One of the best smells in the world– especially on a weekend morning– has to be homemade caramel sticky buns baking in the oven.

Perfect Caramel Sticky Buns

The sweet scent of cinnamon wafting through the house, along with the earthy aroma of toasted pecans, is just… divine really. Caramel sticky buns are one of my family’s favorite weekend treats, so a few years ago we began to scour the Twin Cities for the best ones. We found a few gems, but more often than not, we were disappointed. Many were too ‘bread-y’, others were covered in so much caramel that they were just a mess, and a few were hard, crunchy disasters. Aside from returning to that handful of favorites that we did find, I decided to work on a version that was just right. Food & Chef International Project: Author's Page. Pin this if you like it: There are some things that do not change with time and pass through the whole life with a red line.

Food & Chef International Project: Author's Page

They affect your perception and the way how you build your future. Pumped for Hump day/-/ Opera Cake. Wednesday, gosh how much do I love Wednesday.

Pumped for Hump day/-/ Opera Cake

Hump day may be some people idea of hell however for me I am very keen to share you with you why I love Wednesday. Well for me the idea of a "perfect day" involves a lot of baking and sweets. While I would love to have gone out this weekend to get some sun; the weather here has not been on Sydney siders side. Receta de bollos suecos Semlor. Semla. Fastlagsbulle. Laskiaispulla. Receta de bollos suecos Semlor.

Receta de bollos suecos Semlor. Semla. Fastlagsbulle. Laskiaispulla

Semla. Recipe: Classic Cinnamon Rolls - riceandbread. The classic cinnamon roll.

recipe: Classic Cinnamon Rolls - riceandbread

Soft, sweet and delicious, I have always tried avoiding yeast in baking this and I have to admit short cuts or no yeast cinnamon roll recipe can’t beat this. If you are looking for something to bake for the weekend or brunch, try this! It may take a couple of hours, till you can start munching. Wanttolearnmore: How to make friends. There are man reasons to make new friends maybe you moved to new city, work, or you are shy person.We all need someone to talk to about happy or sad things happened to us. we also all want to spend our time with someone that might share common interest or someone to enjoy time with.

Even if we have friends making new ones will not be a bad idea in my opinion. Skinny Strawberry Shortcake Parfait.


Sweet Explorations – Cherry Blossom Curvy Cookies. Cherry blossoms are one of the first signs that Spring is finally here. Lucky us, it’s been really hot and dry this Winter in California so cherry trees are in full bloom. The tiny flowers are the inspiration behind today’s cookie and are the perfect excuse to use one of my new toys: NordicWare’s cake pop pan. Cherry Blossom Curvy Cookies for the cookies:1½ stick butter, room temperature1 cup sugar1 egg1 tsp vanilla extract2½ cups flourfor royal icing:One 2lb pack of confectioner sugar⅓ cup meringue powder¾ cup water To make cookie dough, in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, cream the butter and sugar together on high speed until light and fluffy.

To make the dough, in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, cream the butter and sugar together on high speed until light and fluffy: Strawberry Tart - Gourmet Kitchen Tales. At the ground floor of the building I live, there is my local greengrocer. And the strawberries are displayed in a tray that lay right next to the building's entrance, like a trap. Each day when I'm passing through, my eyes catch a glimpse of the picture-perfect strawberries that have visibly dwindled since the morning. The vendor, seeing my interest hands me one, confident that the taste of his produce won't let me pass empty handed. I thank him, hiding my hesitance to eat unwashed fruit and after some small talk, I'm hopping up the stairs with that strawberry in one hand, to be gobbled after being rinsed and half a kilo in a paper bag in the other.

My brother have, like most brothers, always exploited my share when we were kids. Swiss Chard and Spinach Ravioli Nudi: Cookbook Dinner Club (The Glorious Vegetables of Italy) For this month's cookbook dinner club, which actually happened to be a lunch, my friends Cecilia and Julia and I were lucky recipients of Domenica Marchetti's latest cookbook The Glorious Vegetables of Italy. We received the preview copies from the publisher, Chronicle Books. This is the third cookbook by Domenica in my collection, and not only do I know Domenica, I am also really happy and proud that the author photo used in the book is the one that I took! Just like other books by Domenica, this cookbook has gorgeous photographs, thoughtful stories, and recipes that beg to be made.

Where Cooking Meets Photography. The Best Butterhorn Rolls - Lovely Little Kitchen. My family calls these “Julie Rolls”. In the summer of 1995, I found the recipe in a Taste of Home magazine that my mom subscribed to. Since making them for the first time when I was 15 years old, I would estimate I’ve made them at least fifty times. My extended family gathers together for big dinners quite a bit, and when I bring these rolls, they make me feel like I’m their hero. They make quite a fuss over them, and if I’m being honest, I never get tired of the compliments!

They are not hard to make, in fact, you probably have all the ingredients on hand, and the only tools you need are a big bowl, wooden spoon, rolling pin and pizza cutter. I don’t usually try to capture each step involved in my recipes, but this time I was careful to show you more of the process. This recipe requires that the dough be refrigerated for at least 6 hours before you roll it out.

The Sisters Too: Frittata (or something like it) Picking a basket for our home-grown Chopped! Challenge, round 2, one of our criteria was to pick "easier" ingredients. Ingredients that were new to us, but still similar to something we had cooked with before. The idea being that while it introduced us to something new (umm, kielbasa - YUM), it shouldn't be difficult to come up with recipes for them.

This also made me realize that even though I cook almost every single day, and am not averse to experimenting, I was in a rut. I tend to shop for the same things, and make the same food week after week. The curator: Dark Chocolate Salted Espresso Cookies. Hey, Universe? Tortadirose - Lemon and lime pastries. Middle Eastern Dessert recipes. I have had this extremely delicious dessert called Bosbousa a few months ago in Istanbul, Turkey. Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Avocado Cookies. Whisk: a food blog: Crêpes Soufflées au Cointreau (Souffléed Crêpes Flamed with Cointreau)

Yoghurt & Berry Recipe - Kids Recipes. Layers of berries, yoghurt and crushed Digestive biscuits make up this simple dessert from Colin McGurran. It is a terrific kids recipe, offering plenty of opportunity for them to get involved - from crushing the Digestives to creating the layers. Медовик. A Birthday Cake, Mother’s Day + Not Giving Up. Abbe's Cooking Antics: * Spinach and Chestnut Mushroom Risotto. All Natural Copycat Chick-fil-A Sandwiches - Wicked Spatula. Back to Russia // Russian Mushroom and Rabbit Pie.

Bacon Stuffed Cinnamon Rolls with Maple Icing. Baking Makes Things Better: Nutella Cheesecake. Birthday Sticky Buns – A cooking blog - Kitchenist. Green Spirit Adventures. Black Russian Mini Bundt Cakes with Chocolate Kahlua Sauce. Bostini Cream Pie. Cake ai roscani e paprika. Celebrating with custard. Celeriac Mash with Wild Mushrooms - farm on plate. Chanterelle mushroom hand pies recipe. Chicken Ranch Casserole. Chinese Scallion Pancakes (Shallot Pancakes) - RecipeTin Eats. Chocolate Bread Pudding - Taming of the Spoon. Chocolate Chip Chouquettes — Eat, Little Bird. Clementine Cake. Common comfort / food, design, and all things in-between. Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bark - Bake Then Eat - A Baking Adventure. Creamy Chicken Florentine Lasagna.

Decadent Chocolate Cake. Discovering traits /-/ Glazed Chocolate Blueberry cake with Cookie crumb crust. EGGLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE-VEGAN CHOCOLATE CAKE. Eggless Perfectly Perfect Chocolate Cake. EVERYDAY FLAVOURS: ZAWIJAŃCE Z GRILLOWANYMI WARZYWAMI I SEREM KOZIM. The Novice Gardener. Baker by Birth, Cook by Circumstance. Foodie Baker: No-Bake. Gram's Super Easy Sweet and Sour Meatballs. Jennifer's Kitchen. Whole Foods Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes. Half Baked Harvest - Made with Love. Hearts in My Oven: Pitaya/Dragon Fruit Bowl.

Każdy ma jakiegoś bzika... Każdy ma jakiegoś bzika...: desery. Każdy ma jakiegoś bzika...: desery. Μαγειρικές περιπέτειες. Lemon Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Greek Yogurt Frosting - Cook With Manali. Let them eat (rigatoni) cake! Milk and Honey: Spinach and Feta Rolls. Oreo Ice Cream Cake ~Sweet and Savory by Shinee. Part Time Chef: Vegan Chocolate cake bars with vegan ganache frosting – Eggless chocolate cake bars with ganache frosting. Philly Portobello Steak Sandwich. Pomegranate chocolate dessert recipe. Prajitura cu branza de vaci si ciocolata. Re-post Mini Oreo Cheese Cake. Russian Tea Cakes. Sacher Cubes – Viennese Chocolate Cake. Sbriciolata alla crema di nocciole. Spanish Recipes by Núria: Spanish Recipes in English. Great food Photography and step by step recipe instructions. Stuffed Cabbage Rolls - Yummy Addiction.

Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies. Stuffed Mushrooms with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Spinach. Sundae Brunch: Vegan Chocolate Bundt Cake with Trader Joe's Cocoa Swirl Cookie Butter Glaze. Super Quick Peach Squares « Dessert. Sweet art. Tagliatelle with creamy pesto leeks and mushrooms (a Sacla recipe) Baking and caking adventures: Chocolate Raspberry Cakelets and Coffee Frosted Mini-Loaves. Taste Your Life - blog kulinarny : Czekoladowe cupcakes.

The Hungry Excavator: Dolmades (Dill and Mint Stuffed Vine Leaves) Thick and Fudgy Double Chocolate Cookies. Tort czekoladowy Amaretto. Tort makowy z musem czekoladowym na mascarpone. Tort makowy z musem czekoladowym na mascarpone. Torta vegana al cacao e fava tonka. Tortadirose - ricette dalla mia cucina. Treat of the Week: Devil's Food Cake with Salted Caramel Frosting — Today's Nest. Trufla. Turkish Food & Recipes: Sarma. Yogurt Buttermilk Herb Dressing/Dip. “Boneless” Cauliflower Hot Wings.