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Bang the Table was established because no matter how well designed the off-line consultation processes, inevitably it only reaches only a small segment of a community or stakeholder group.

Explore EngagementHQ - Helpful Resources. Using Virtual Reality To Engage On Development Projects - Bang The Table. If you’re looking for innovative ways to help communities interact and understand your next major development project, look no further than Virtual Reality.

Using Virtual Reality To Engage On Development Projects - Bang The Table

Virtual Reality is fast becoming the medium of choice for property and large infrastructure developers as a means of explaining, prototyping and allowing communities to experience new developments before they are off the ground. Top 10 Ways To Effectively Plan Your Online Engagement. Planning to engage your community online requires a disciplined thought process just like any other form of strategic planning.

Top 10 Ways To Effectively Plan Your Online Engagement

The more time and considered planning you give to the process, the more likely you are to run an effective and meaningful online engagement. plan your online engagement Here are our top 10 ways to plan your online engagement: Map your entire project. What does it intend to change and what are the impacts? Identify your stakeholders. Photos by via Pixabay. Thanks for getting all the way to the bottom! The Business Case For Online Citizen Engagement - Band The Table. The specific nature of the arguments you pursue will depend on the nature of your boss and your organisation.

The Business Case For Online Citizen Engagement - Band The Table

Deciding whether to frame the value proposition in terms of value add or protection from risk will be driven by a deep understanding of what makes your organisation tick. Each of the ten arguments presented below can be re-framed to work for the optimist or the pessimist. 1. Save money (on expensive F2F processes) 5 Reasons for Why Patient Engagement Means Consumer Engagement.

This article first appeared on The Digital Health Corner.

5 Reasons for Why Patient Engagement Means Consumer Engagement

In previous posts, I have discussed differences between patient empowerment and patient engagement and differences between patient and consumer sensor technologies. Nevertheless, there are clear threads between consumer and healthcare delivery with regards to adoption of digital technologies. Many of these threads involve the consumer sides of healthcare. I will discuss below how the patient is a consumer (defined as a purchaser of goods and services for personal use) in the healthcare arena and how viewing a patient as a consumer is transforming healthcare.

10 Ways of How Anonymity Improves Online Engagement- Bang The Table. While there is some debate around how anonymity improves online engagement, we firmly believe in its value.

10 Ways of How Anonymity Improves Online Engagement- Bang The Table

Anonymity removes barriers to engagement, breaks down power relations and frees up individual expression. It means individuals regardless of race, sex, orientation or ability can contribute their opinions and the resulting input is of equal value, both to participants of the consultation, and its managers who benefit from data gathered.Anonymity removes a major barrier to entry for most people. How do we know this? The proof is in the pudding. Over 95% of EngagementHQ‘s forum visitors choose a username that protects their anonymity.Anonymity breaks down power relationships between participants.

15 Questions For A Community Engagement Software Supplier To Ask. It’s all to easy to get excited about a shiny new toy without doing your due diligence to ensure it meets the minimum standards required by legislation – such as your local versions of the Human Rights Act – or government policy – such as the Web Accessibility guidelines or Website branding guidelines.

15 Questions For A Community Engagement Software Supplier To Ask

Often these questions only come up when it is too late: when you are dealing with a community complaint, or worse, sitting in a Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission hearing! On top of this one needs to consider issues to do with usability, reliability, support, ongoing service and fundamental functional requirements. What follows is a compilation of the common questions we see in Tender documents from national, state and local agencies. Public participation evaluation frameworks: United States. Public participation evaluation frameworks outlines 14 frameworks in the United States to better comprehend engagement methodologies.

Public participation evaluation frameworks: United States

Public Participation Evaluation is essential to testing assumptions, strategies and outcomes of public participation processes. But it remains an overlooked – perhaps undervalued – element of the planning and engagement process. Not only valuable for clarification and accountability – how engagement processes unfold – evaluation considers the why of engagement. It provides insights and reflections that improve practices. Sourced from online guides and manuals, critical reviews, hands-on case studies and current policy practice, this Primer provides an evolving resource to support and squarely face evaluation as a core methodology of the public participation process. Building Online Community Engagement: EngagementHQ. Successful Online Engagement Attracts Massive Audience. I’m forever telling our clients that the first year is the hardest with online community engagement.

Successful Online Engagement Attracts Massive Audience

It takes time to build community awareness and interest in an online engagement platform. Repeat engagement across a range of issues, gradually building the participant database is the surest way to do this. Just occasionally though, a client comes along who makes it all look easy. One of those instances came up a couple of weeks back. Ville De Gatineau, the Quebec city across the river from Ottawa launched their first site with a cycling strategy.

The site utilizes our places tool to ask cyclists how to improve the cycle network. I was mightily impressed when 2 days after launch, over 800 contributions had been made to the site. It’s just as well we cluster the pins or you wouldn’t be able to see the map at all! So how did Ville De Gatineau achieve this? But how did they get the word out? “I am very happy considering the flood challenges that needed to take priority. Clearly it worked! Top 10 Reasons to Engage Your Community Online. There are many reasons to engage your community online, outlined below are our top 10.According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 83% of Australian homes have internet access (in 2013).

Top 10 Reasons to Engage Your Community Online

There is no other engagement technique can offer this level of accessibility.The majority of people just don’t have the time to get active in their community and go in-person to town meetings and consultations. Online engagement makes it convenient for people to get involved.Online engagement provides an accessible option for getting all kinds of people involved in your conversations: busy people like working parents, younger people, senior citizens, shift workers and mobility or vision and hearing-impaired people.

We’d also love to know why you think it’s important to engage your community online from a practice perspective? Seen and heard: children as agents for democracy. Kei Nishiyama challenges the idea of children as passive citizens-in-the-making and calls for their recognition as vital agents of democracy.

Seen and heard: children as agents for democracy

Kei Nishiyama’s ‘Deliberators, not Future Citizens: Children in Democracy’ calls for the recognition of children as capable and important contributors to contemporary democracy. Nishiyama challenges the idea of children as passive citizens-in-the-making by reframing their democratic activities and agency in the context of deliberative democracy. Viewed from this lens, children’s civic participation is classified into four types: 1) deliberators in/over empowered space (where collective, collaborative decisions are made) Reflecting On The 2017 APA Conference - Bang The Table. After four days of nerve-wracking taxicab rides and frantic jaywalking, our time in New York for the 2017 APA National Conference has come to a close. It was a busy weekend at the Bang the Table booth. We brought 432 shot glasses to the conference and left with zero–planners sure know how to have fun! 11 Top Tips For Create An Engaging Online Consultation - Bang The Table.

Note: This post is a updated rewrite of an earlier tips sheet. There’s much more to a successful online consultation than having a pretty website. Yes, a site needs to look smart and deliver the goods design-wise, but with the main objective being to rally community participation, it’s crucial that you deliver a site based on sound methodology and highly engaging content. 11 tips for creating an engaging online consultation 1. Visceral, concrete discussion topics 2. Of course, there is no single element of a site that will galvanise community opinion. It’s common sense really, and it goes to the heart of any human relationship. 10 Tips to Annual Public Engagement Planning for Local Government. Successful public engagement planning doesn’t happen by accident.

It requires good quality strategic thinking, internal collaboration, time and resources. If the last year proved nothing else it was that a year can pass in a blink of an eye. Good planning (and good public engagement) takes time. January is a great time to take a breather from the frantic pace that overwhelms the lead-up to the year’s end, to think about the year ahead. ELGL GovLove Podcast - Online Engagement Tips,Case Studies,Practices. How Victoria Park ‘Evolved’ To Rebuild Community Trust - Bang The Table. The Vision Town of Victoria Park (with a population of almost 40,000) started using EngagementHQ to engage their community in 2015 for their Evolve project, as part of their Your Thoughts site.

The Evolve project was created to understand the community’s future needs and desires for the Town, and to develop a Strategic Community Plan for future years. Changing the Approach – Why Online Engagement? Prior to this project, the Town of Victoria Park had not used any online engagement tools. They had a few hiccups with previous projects, resulting in community outrage. Anthony Vuleta, Chief Executive Officer at the Town of Victoria Park, explains that the council had their work cut out for them. “After a failed town centre project, it was really important for us to rebuild trust with our community. The Town of Victoria Park didn’t sugar coat their approach, and were transparent about issues with previous projects when communicating the change of approach with Evolve.

Case Study: Richmond School District 38 - Bang The Table. In 2016, Richmond School District 38 concluded a 2 year online community engagement project focusing on school closures. Declining neighbourhoods and underutilized schools were not effective or fiscally responsible and the Richmond School District 38 had to look at and engage their community on this issue. The project was a success and resulted in NO schools closing. As part of a comprehensive engagement plan, working with a facilitator and Engagement Specialist, Richmond School District 38 decided to included online engagement in their comprehensive community engagement plan. was created to inform citizens and empower them through their participation in regular feedback that ultimately influenced the final decision.

Common ground: calls for First nations involvement in land-use planning. Indigenous recognition in land-use planning has gained new ground in Ontario, Canada. But relative to Auckland, New Zealand, it still has some distance to cover. In ‘Getting to Common Ground: A Comparison of Ontario, Canada’s Provincial Policy Statement and the Auckland Council Regional Policy Statement with Respect to Indigenous Peoples’, McLeod et al select lessons for inclusive planning in Ontario, and recommend a shared planning approach to be built in partnership with Indigenous communities. Online Transparency versus Anonymity - Bang The Table. Shrinking privacy: social media regulation calls for community input. Is government monitoring of social media eroding privacy?

In the recently published ‘Social Media and Government Surveillance: The Case for Better Privacy Protections for Our Newest Public Space’, Jeramie D. 18 Examples of Good Practice Online Citizen Engagement. Eighteen examples of good practice online citizen engagement presentation delivered at the Melbourne gathering of the Engage2Act network. The rise and rise of the public participation professional. A worldwide surge in the use of public participation tools has seen the rise of the ‘participation professional’.

In the recent publication, The Professionalization of Public Participation, editors Laurence Bherer, Mario Gauthier, and Louis Simard examine the emergence of Participation Professionals, which, broadly speaking, they define as professionals who: 4 Simple Rules for Writing Engaging Headlines to Online Community. Report taps into water engagement programs in Ireland and UK. Mounting pressure on water resources demands a collaborative, integrated approach to water management in Ireland and the UK, report urges. Resilient Communities, Cohesive Communities - Bang The Table. Top 10 Tips for Creating an Accessible Community Engagement Websites. It is a widespread belief among web designers and implementers that sites that are accessible to users with disabilities must by necessity be uninteresting and simple, particularly visually uninteresting.

As the nation’s leading provider of web accessibility workshops it is Vision Australia’s contention that this belief is profoundly misguided. Certainly, a very plain, visually simple site is quite likely to be accessible (although this is not guaranteed). Visually interesting and sophisticated sites can still be highly accessible. Therefore, visually interesting web design and accessibility should not be seen as being in opposition to each other.

Accessibility should rather be viewed as another challenge to designers and implementers, along with creating a site that is usable, interesting, interactive and appealing to mainstream users. 6 Tips For Choosing Online Community Engagement Software. 6 Ways for Promoting Your Online Consultation - Bang The Table. Community collective doesn't sugar coat health impacts - Bang The Table. The City of Oshawa Wins Award For Its Online Community Engagement Platform. Protecting the Mount Kosciuszko National Park - Bang The Table. A digital right to the city: who defines democracy in the smart city? Humility: A Strategy for Online Reputation Management. Online citizen participation by government organisations. A Year In Review: EngagementHQ Product Updates - Bang The Table. What are the benefits of community engagement?

Public participation in the digital age - Bang The Table. The Public Engagement Continuum - Bang The Table. Human-Centred Design: Best 5 Lessons for Urban Planners. Mind the (gender) gap: is online political participation democratic? Deliberative Forums Management. Exploring Online Community Engagement: 4 Part Webinar Series - Bang The Table.

Managing Outrage Using Online Tools: Webinar - Bang The Table. Virtual Town Hall – Same Thing New Location? Deliberative Online Community Dialogue About Christchurch’s Coastline. Civic behaviours foster sustainable water management. 'Municipal burglary' challenges local democracy in UK. Moving forward: realizing Minnesota's public engagement. Participatory mapping activates community mobility. Community-engaged museums catalysts for sustainability. Local food movements anchor sustainable food governance. Sustainability and digitization - a complex 'planetary nervous system' Women in public participation? Present but not heard. Indigenous knowledge: where is ethical responsibility in land use planning?

International public participation models 1969-2016. Advantages and Disadvantages of Backpacker Communities. The Psychology of Citizenship and Civic Engagement. International Frameworks for Citizen Engagement and Civil society. Public Design to Transform Civic Engagement - Bang The Table. Lesson #10: Closing The Loop On Online Engagement - Bang The Table. Civic behaviours foster sustainable water management. Fake news: is it a threat to public participation? New EngagementHQ Ideation Tool: Brainstormer. Online Community Engagement Software Tips - Bang The Table. Online Public Participation Software - EngagementHQ. Transforming Toronto: building community participation into local planning. Citizen's juries: panacea for policy 'ills' or transforming government. Online Citizen Engagement Software - EngagementHQ. Online Public Involvement Software - EngagementHQ. Backpacker tax 'fiasco' reveals interdependence between transient and resident communities. Madison, Wisonsin, body-camera pilot seeks public input.

Citizen's excluded from data-driven participation, Toronto, Canada. Not so 'innocent' technology: smart cities, big urban data and privacy fears. EngagementHQ - The complete platform for online public engagement. Digital elitism stresses need for transparent public institutions. Global trend towards e-government. Digital Audience Engagement For The Performing Arts Sector. Public participation central to resilient smart city planning. Social media lets us participate instantly - but at what cost? Innovative technologies trigger engaged citizenry: smart cities. Renegotiating UK housing crisis: engaging community land trusts.

10 Considerations When Creating Citizen Engagement Content. Hard science of consultation efficiency: can ENI approve engagement? Get engaged - complain! Participatory budgeting nurtures democratic values. Lost in translation: bilingual students and deliberative democracy. Youth political participation in UK far from disappearing. Rural public libraries engage youth, renew community. BEST Public Health Social Media Campaigns. Jamming together: how folk festivals engage local communities. World Bank report links citizen engagement and economic development. Collective decision-making that avoids 'groupthink': Feedback frames. Public consultation: how long is too long? Social media, public tokenism and asylum seeker activism. Manufacturing engagement: no place for making things. What is community engagement, exactly? Bang the Table - Online Community Engagement Specialists.