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R programing

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R Differencial Equations

R Dynamic System Model. R cross tabulation. R and Fortran. R import and export. R prompt. R qualitative data analysis. R. R gui. R Tutorials. R strings. Multivariate R. Questionnaires. R graphics. Package memisc. One of the aims of this package is to make life easier for useRs who deal with survey data sets. It provides an infrastructure for the management of survey data including value labels, definable missing values, recoding of variables, production of code books, and import of (subsets of) SPSS and Stata files. Further, it provides functionality to produce tables and data frames of arbitrary descriptive statistics and (almost) publication-ready tables of regression model estimates.

Also some convenience tools for graphics, programming, and simulation are provided. Downloads: Reverse dependencies: Curso sobre o programa computacional R. R Programming - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks. Welcome to the 'R' programming Wikibook This book is designed to be a practical guide to the R programming language[1].

R Programming - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks

R is free software designed for statistical computing. There is already great documentation for the standard R packages on the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN)[2] and many resources in specialized books, forums such as Stackoverflow[3] and personal blogs[4], but all of these resources are scattered and therefore difficult to find and to compare. The aim of this Wikibook is to be the place where anyone can share his or her knowledge and tricks on R. It is supposed to be organized by task but not by discipline[5]. R-project.