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The Ignorant Schoolmaster: Quotes from Ranciere’s “The Emacipated Spectator” Libertarian Education - The Ignorant Schoolmaster. The Ignorant Schoolmaster Stefan Szczelkun In his book, The Ignorant Schoolmaster, Jacques Rancière sets out the radical theory that is the core of most of his later work and is based on his archive discovery of the works of Joseph Jacotot (1770 - 1840).

Libertarian Education - The Ignorant Schoolmaster

What follows here is an edited version of the first chapter of Stefan Szczelkun's summary of the book. In 1818 Joseph Jacotot, a 48-year-old lecturer in French literature, discovered the principle of what he called 'universal teaching' - that 'anyone can teach what they don't know'. He got a job teaching French to Flemish students when he himself didn't speak Flemish. The role of what Jacotot called explication struck him with a life-changing force. 'The revelation that came to Joseph Jacotot amounts to this: the logic of the explicative system had to be overturned. Jacotot's method 'was above all a method of the will.' At this stage of the book we begin to realise how radical this vision is. It is easy to pick holes in this argument. Ignorant Teachers, Ignorant Students: Jacotot and Ranciere in the Art School. Ignorant Teachers, Ignorant Students: Jacotot and Rancière in the Art School This is an interesting moment in education generally and, for the purposes of this essay,art education in particular.

Ignorant Teachers, Ignorant Students: Jacotot and Ranciere in the Art School

We are living and working through a period increasinglydominated by the concepts of ‘knowledge transfer’ or ‘knowledge exchange’ within amass education system that attracts a student body characterised by extraordinary ignorance . Quite apart from the fact that on many areas of art education the heaviestwork load falls upon those responsible for study skills support (a different issue), there isan acceptance among a substantial number of teachers that a very large proportion of new(and not so new) undergraduate students are alarmingly ill-informed as regards not onlywhat might, perhaps tendentiously, be called ‘general knowledge’, but also their ownspecific practice.

Own knowledge. Knowledgeable Ignorance The Republic . Transformation of teaching, one that effectively places the value Ignorant Ignorance. The Ignorant Schoolmaster, the Non-Philosopher, and the Speculative Realist. Interview with Svetlana Alexievich. Context N°21 Shimon Ballas.

Interview with Svetlana Alexievich

Outcast. Trans. Ammiel Alcalay and Oz Shelach. City Lights Publishers, 2007. 308 pp. In Outcast Shimon Ballas introduces an old man, a Jew born in Iraq who converted to Islam in the 1930s, reviewing his divided existence. Violette Leduc. The lady of the title is a desirous Mrs. Julio Cortázar and Carol Dunlap. “Rest areas, monotonous? Christine Brooke-Rose. The Christine Brooke-Rose Omnibus, first issued in 1986, provides a crash course in this prolific author’s too long neglected fiction, offering four of her early novels: Out (1964), Such (1966), Between (1968), and Thru (1975). A conspiracy of ignorance and obedience. Writer Svetlana Aleksiyevich (Śviatłana Aleksiejevič) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Photo Credit: The Chornobyl Prayer: The Chronicle of the Future (1997); frontispiece.

Writer Svetlana Aleksiyevich (Śviatłana Aleksiejevič) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

She now has her own Web site (2006): see Svetlana Alexievich A very complete and detailed Web site about a Belarusian author and her work, awards, samples from her writing (English, Russian, etc.), links to other Web sites, etc. In English and Russian. Note: Web site refers to her as a "Russian" author. News Article: Writer Svetlana Aleksiyevich to Live in Florence Next Two Years "Svetlana Aleksiyevich, the renowned Belarusian writer who is the author of The Chornobyl Prayer: The Chronicle of the Future and Zinky Boys: Soviet Voices from a Forgotten War, will live in Florence, Italy, the next two years. "As Ms. "Ms. "German filmmakers have recently completed work on a similar project, Ms. "She expressed content that The Chornobyl Prayer: The Chronicle of the Future had been published in Belarusian.

"Ms. Source: BelaPAN, No. 23; Wednesday, September 6, 2000; 5:00 p.m. 'Voices of Chernobyl': Survivors' Stories.