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The Site for Books & Readers - Shelfari. Is the Shelfari widget free?

The Site for Books & Readers - Shelfari

Yes. The Shelfari site and our widget are free to use. Does it work on my blog/website? The Shelfari widget works on most blogs and social networks, including Blogger, Typepad, and more. How do I add books to my widget? A Shopping Assignment: Wheee! Ok, geek guys and girls, I have a mission for you!

A Shopping Assignment: Wheee!

Actually, this mission comes from another Jen, who is turning a yucky situation into a show-off-her-amazingly-bad-ass-geekery situation. To put a finer point on it: Jen just found out she has cancer. May the force be with Katie by Jen Yates in Science Fiction & Fantasy.

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Doctor Who.