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Doctor Who Cell Phone Alert Charms

Doctor Who Cell Phone Alert Charms

If there is one thing the Doctor hates, it's missing a call on his cell phone. And sometimes, he's in a place where he has to be very quiet and sneak about so he doesn't get seen. Lucky for him, then, that whilst traveling the universe he found a little shop selling baby Daleks and Cybermen - really tiny, pocket-sized Daleks and Cybermen. They were too small to cause any harm, but they did have one curious feature. When exposed to certain frequencies, they would spin in a circle and cause random lights to flash.
This is long overdue. Been sitting on my harddrive for a few months now. In actuality, this is for the Patch on Gaia, as I happen to be lucky enough to get to draw a Doctor Who kid. But, seeing as that means absolutely nothing to most of you, you may pretend this is: 1. Have Screwdriver Will Travel by ~emperial Have Screwdriver Will Travel by ~emperial
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re)TARDIS Hat pattern by Jen Bruck
Me in my (re)TARDIS hat. I decided one day that although many hats may have TARDISes on them, I wanted one that was a TARDIS. And of course, such a hat would probably look pretty retarded. (re)TARDIS Hat « Rip It Good (re)TARDIS Hat « Rip It Good
Gingerbread K-9
Gingerbread Tardis
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