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Baleforce Recycling Equipment is a full-service distributor of new and used recycling balers in Mississauga, Toronto, and other areas in Ontario. Among the wide variety of baling equipment we offer are conveyors, two ram balers, and horizontal balers, as well as millwright services. For service in Toronto, Mississauga, or in Vancouver British Columbia, call us at 1-855-235-1900.

BaleForce Recycling Equipment. BaleForce Recycling Equipment. Paper Waste: Why Does It Matter and How to Manage It? Paper Waste is a serious problem in many industries and offices.

Paper Waste: Why Does It Matter and How to Manage It?

Cleaning, Disinfection Reminders to Prevent COVID-19 at Work and at Home. In light of the developing coronavirus situation across the globe, people should take this year’s spring cleaning with extreme urgency.

Cleaning, Disinfection Reminders to Prevent COVID-19 at Work and at Home

Dusting, washing, and disinfecting every nook and cranny of homes and offices are critical in ensuring there would be no room for coronavirus and other pathogens to thrive. While it’s known that the mode of transmission of coronavirus is through mucus or saliva droplets from one person to another, evidence suggests that it can also be transmitted by touching infected objects and surfaces. How Solid Waste Management Impacts Business Environments.

Solid waste management is one of the major concerns that businesses have been working to solve.

How Solid Waste Management Impacts Business Environments

If you are in an industry that produces a significant amount of solid waste, waste management is vital. The strict implementation of solid waste , or lack thereof, can have significant effects on your business and its environment. How to (Properly) Recycle Electronic Waste. Also known as e-waste or e-scrap, electronic waste refers to the trash generated from broken and obsolete electronic devices, such as laptops, televisions, fax machines, etc.

How to (Properly) Recycle Electronic Waste

After spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on the latest electronic gadget, we swear to take good care of it to make it last for years to come. The problem is, manufacturers continue to develop new and “better” devices every year. This entices people to keep reaching for the latest technology. After a year or so, manufacturers phase out old models by not offering updates or making them difficult to repair once broken.

How Your Recycling is Remade Into New Products. We all understand the advantages of recycling and why it is necessary to keep recyclable items out of the landfill, but did you ever wonder what exactly happens to the things in your blue bin once you’ve set it out to the curb?

How Your Recycling is Remade Into New Products

There are thousands of products for sale every day containing recycled materials and many of them in your own home. Here is a rundown of the process and how recycling used materials can be remade into new things. Most municipalities such as Toronto, have a system called single stream recycling. Single stream recycling means that you can put all of your recyclable materials into the same bin, and you don’t have to separate them into different containers. The items are collected from your recycling bins, loaded into a truck and taken to a recycling facility. At the recycling facility, the recyclable materials are sorted and separated into different piles. The process starts by separating paper from the rest of the material. Paper Newspaper can turn into: Metal – Steel. Common Myths About Recycling (And How You Can Do Your Part)

For many of us, it is part of a weekly routine.

Common Myths About Recycling (And How You Can Do Your Part)

We empty the box, container, carton, or can, rinse it out, drop in the recycling bin, and take the bin out to the road to be picked up by the truck. What happens to the recycling after it gets to the truck is the stuff of mystery. 9 Ways To Have A Greener Christmas. When coming across the term ‘Green Christmas,’ people automatically think of lush pine trees adorned with dancing lights and decors.

9 Ways To Have A Greener Christmas

But what we have in mind is a joy-filled celebration that promotes sustainable practices. We need to be mindful of our carbon footprint during Christmas due to the massive waste we produce in this most wonderful time of the year. On average, every Canadian produces 720 kilograms of municipal waste per year, with the holiday season producing 25% more waste than comparable times during the year. 9 Great Recycling Ideas for the Home. It’s important for most people that they do their part to help the environment.

9 Great Recycling Ideas for the Home

Things like green living, sustainable power, and reduced use of natural resources are big priorities these days. However, what if you found out that going green is something anyone can do? Eco-Kids: Teaching Children About The Importance Of Recycling. Across the country, Canadians are adjusting their lifestyles in order to help reduce environmental damage.

Eco-Kids: Teaching Children About The Importance Of Recycling

Recycling is an easy way for families to make a difference, and involving kids in our “green” initiatives helps them to feel empowered! Teaching children about the importance of recycling is easy if we lead by example. As every parent knows, sometimes our best efforts to “instruct” our children can fall short. When it comes to the planet, actions truly speak louder than words. To raise eco-kids, become eco-parents! Leading By Example A few simple actions can make a lasting impression with your child. Avoid Single-Use Plastics Single-use plastics are problematic due to their long life span, as well as their wasteful manufacturing process.

Impactful changes include avoiding straws, which cannot be recycled. BaleForce Recycling Equipment. BaleForce Recycling Equipment. BaleForce Recycling Equipment understands the need for high-quality balers.

BaleForce Recycling Equipment

We offer full service coverage along with our comprehensive selection of top-notch modern baling equipment. Our two ram baling equipment possess the following characteristics: Durable - Two ram balers are designed with sturdy uni-body construction to minimize structural weaknesses. Durable and able to withstand high-volume use, BaleForce balers offer performance and long-lasting service.Automated - Equipment operations has never been so easy. Fully automated and equipped with touch-screen controls, on-screen selections, and adjustable options, our cutting-edge baling equipment amplifies efficiency while reducing the need and costs of labour.