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Accueil - DLPC: Documents et liens pour la classe. 5-Point-Scale-Dunn-Curtis-2003.png (801×1159) 13 trucs de gestion de classe qui instaurent le respect. Quand vient le temps de gérer sa classe, on a souvent l’habitude d’instaurer un système d’émulation ou des règles et de supporter toutes ces règles par des punitions. Très vite, on apprend que ça fonctionne (du moins partiellement !) , mais ça a le vicieux défaut de devoir demander une vigilance constante de la part de l’adulte en plus de miner considérablement l’apprentissage de l’autonomie de la part des élèves. De plus, ça réduit les comportements qu’on veut voir disparaître, sans toutefois les enrayer définitivement. Résultat : On s’épuise et on s’endort en réfléchissant sur comment on pourra mieux contrôler le lendemain… Il y a d’autres voies ( ?)

, moins visibles et surtout moins bruyantes (faisant partie du gain de l’autonomie de la pédagogie 3.0),mais combien plus payantes sur le long terme! Voici quelques trucs que j’ai mis sur pied et où je vous invite à comparer avec vos méthodes! P.S. 1-Le respect commence dès l’entrée en classe. 2.La porte individuelle. 4. 5. 6.Le regard 8. 9. Monday Made-It - Birthday Cupcakes and an Awesome Piano!

Aren't these cute? I'm glad you think so... ...because getting to this final product was a nightmare! You know when you have a "great idea" but then you get started and that great idea transforms...many times. I'm not going to go into details, but I will admit that I spent about 2 hours total getting to this point and it took a friend of mine (thanks Sara!) To give me the idea to line them up in this straight line. Go ahead...laugh and make fun of me (Kristi).

I will admit that I am--hmmm--particular about things. Anyway, I'm going to tell you how to make these cool cupcakes and save you the headache (and trial and error) that I had after messing with them. First, get the corrugated border that has been hiding in your cabinet or closet from back when it was cool. Easy peasy...well, for you anyway because you get to benefit from my OCD ways! Made-It #2 Check out this piano! I tell you, my kids are such a blessing to me!

Why am I decorating a music bulletin board? Oh, and the winner is... The Learning Effect: My 2013-2014 Chevron Teacher Planner. I am seriously just SO thrilled about this. I created and sold teacher planners last year. I still need to update those 3 designs for the 2013-2014 school year, but I decided to create a chevron print for next year that I am using myself.

I put it all together this week and am in love with it. I already have several orders from teachers at my school to have the same thing. The binder is from Staples. It's a Martha Stewart Discbound Notebook. I chose to go with this rather than having my files bound because I can add/remove pages at any time, and reuse this notebook base every year. I love that the notebook has an elastic band to keep it closed, as well as a pen holder on the side. I did print all of the pages myself. This is the monthly curriculum map. The weekly planning pages are already prefilled with dates/times, but are completely editable in a PowerPoint file that's included. This section is for the Utah State Core Curriculum. I purchased an Arc 2-pack of poly-zip pockets as well. Parent Survey for Beginning of Year. Want something to send home to your parents in the beginning of the year??

I store this in my communication folder in a plastic sleeve and store all the notes I get from parents behind this.... Come on over to snag a copy. BACK TO SCHOOL STUDENT INFORMATION CARDS. <div class="deployment_message_block"><span> Hi, You need to enable javascript on your browser to use TpT. &nbsp; <a href=" target="_blank">See how this improves your TpT experience</a>. </span></div> ABOUT US | BLOG | FAQs & HELP Not a member? Join for FREE Your shopping cart is empty Back to School Student Information Cards 1,963 Downloads Subjects Classroom Management, Back to School, Autumn Grade Levels Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Resource Types Classroom Forms Product Rating PDF (Acrobat) Document File Be sure that you have an application to open this file type before downloading and/or purchasing. 0.45 MB | 2 pages Collect important information about your students on these Student Information Cards.

Total Pages Answer Key Teaching Duration Report Copyright Infringement Average Ratings Overall Quality: Accuracy: Practicality: Thoroughness: Creativity: Clarity: Total: 2 ratings Great! Before you speak...think classroom wood par SlightImperfections. Pink Slip. Classroom Management. Personal behavior charts in folders for students that need it. Students write their name in a square every time they turn in homework. At the end of the week or month a square is selected. Here is my new bucket filler display! It's definitely worth half of my only bulletin board! Beginning of the Year Info Sheet A newsletter to fill is linked both as a pdf and an editable document in google docs. Again both versions and I used Pea Missy. I also have a new Beginning of the Year Info Sheet that is meant to be front to back. Job suggestions: Table Leader Materials Cleaner Writer Talker Encourager Buckaroo Behavior Ranch Every child has a horse with their class number on it.

The next project was easy because it required only a $1 and no labor...I just had to buy the crown at Michaels! My Interpretation: The next few projects are based off Kinder Gals ideas from their post Managing Behavior. The other idea I got inspiration from was their tattle monster. Systèmes de motivation en salle de classe. Have Your Students Filled a Bucket Today? Have You Filled a Bucket Today? Well it is officially Week 3 of my internship, but today was only Day 3. After starting on a Friday, followed by the MLK holiday making a 3 day weekend, and a state mandated training session for 3 days; I came back in on one more Friday and officially began a full week today. Full speed ahead! They were slightly confused when I was there this morning after my weekly Friday appearances. I was actually greeted by a little girl with "Miss Kinney it's Monday why you here?

" Every couple of weeks the school counselor comes in and does a brief lesson for the class. The book conveys a message of positive behavior to children through illustrations and descriptions about "filling a bucket". The whole concept is for children to use this metaphor and see how very easy and rewarding it is to express kindness towards others on a daily basis. So after the counselor read this book to our class today, she presented two small buckets. Behavior, behavior, behavior! Thanks for the suggested blog topics! I had an e-mail asking for more specifics on my behavior management, so here goes! I have several "levels" to my behavior management. On an individual level, I use a clip chart. I love the clip chart because it gives kids the opportunity to move "up" for making good choices.

It gives them something to strive for other than just "staying on green". I also give two tickets every Friday for a prize box drawing, but I probably will discontinue that for the coming year. I also have group rewards for my students' table groups. When you aren't on free choice, you sit silently at your seat. I have an overhead projector timer, so I ask each group to report to me on their minutes and I write on the board the time that the timer will display when it is their turn to play.

Last, on a whole class level, we earn marbles for good choices. Changing gears... I'm sure you've noticed that I am a wordy blogger... ANYWAY... here's an example: Yakety-yak... Guess what came in the mail today! My Yacker Tracker Deluxe I am so tickled that it came with smiley stickers. It seems to work well, but I can't make as much noise as the kiddos can. We'll see how it goes next week. This week we did model different voice levels and were able to remind each other of what voice to use for each activity. After I used far too loud of a voice one little boy said, "Ms. Images/pdfs/demandeamisavantmoiprescolaireorganisation. Behavior Coupon FREEBIE. This is definitely NOT my idea! I was inspired by some behavior catalogs I stumbled upon on Pinterest. This got my wheels turning because I have been looking for a way to get rid of my treasure box. While creating these I had it in my mind that I wanted something for my students to hold onto & for me not to create more work for myself to keep track of what they picked. So I made coupons & printed them on cardstock & laminated them. So every Friday the kids will be able to trade in their warm fuzzies for a coupon or two of their choice.

They can ONLY pick one of the same coupon. I use warm fuzzies in my classroom.....see post HERE. We traded in our warm fuzzies for the first time today. Did you miss these super cute student recognition necklaces? Check them out here! If you are interested in a more in depth explanation of this behavior management system check out my presentation here.