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Metal Finishing 101: Get to Know More About the Bead Blasting Process.

Bead Blasting Services in the U.K. Bead blasting is a service provided by top metal finishers and anodisers like Badger Anodising. These companies have the latest materials, tools, and equipment necessary to do the job efficiently and with the best possible results. – badgeranodisinguk

Anodising Aluminium Breathes New Life and Adds Colour to Buildings. Why Anodised Aluminium Makes Better Cookware Options in Your Kitchen. When it comes to selecting cookware and other kitchen utensils, many people think stainless steel is the way to go, but with the advent of high-quality ceramic and anodised aluminium products, your options have become diverse, and you get to choose from an array of more efficient, budget-friendly, and durable kitchenware.

Why Anodised Aluminium Makes Better Cookware Options in Your Kitchen

Most people are yet to realise that stainless steel is in fact a combination of several metals like chromium, molybdenum, and nickel, all of which can sometimes contain particles that can mix with foods. These days, health-conscious folks consider anodised aluminium a safer alternative for cookware in the kitchen. This is because the anodising process effectively coats the bare metal surface, making it virtually nonporous, and preventing the aluminium from coming in contact with food. Anodising Automotive Hardware for Protection Against Corrosion, Wear.

Aluminium is now the preferred material of major manufacturers in the automotive industry due to its overall cost-effectiveness, while at the same time being environment-friendly, as well. According to the Aluminium Association, various studies have shown that a fleet of aluminium cars would help reduce an equivalent of 44 million tons of carbon emissions. – badgeranodisinguk

From Cast Iron to Anodised Aluminium: Good Alternatives to Non-Stick. Non-stick cookware were specifically invented since there’s perhaps nothing more infuriating than having food stick to the pan when preparing a meal.

From Cast Iron to Anodised Aluminium: Good Alternatives to Non-Stick

While people have devised quite a few ingenious solutions to this (spraying the pan with olive oil, for one), it’s obviously much better to avoid using that traditional non-stick pan and opt for better alternatives. The concept of non-stick cookware is wonderful, sure, but the reality of using them is more dangerous than what people think. This is because traditional non-stick cookware does its wonders with Teflon—a synthetic chemical known to emit toxic fumes if heated in the right temperatures. Exposure to such noxious gases can lead to the so-called “polymer fume flu” that causes nausea, chills, fever, and headache. Restoring an Old Car? Ensure a Thorough Cleaning with Bead Blasting.

After thousands of kilometres of daily driving, even the cleanest engine will most likely be covered with crud. Oil leaks and grime combine to form a greasy coating on the outside of the engine. Now imagine how much dirt and grease must be cleaned off in trying to restore an old car. – badgeranodisinguk

Exploring Metal Finishing Techniques: The Basics of Bead Blasting.

Professional metal polishing is a thriving industry; one which companies such as Badger Anodising (Birmingham) Ltd actively engage in. In fact, without metal polishing, we wouldn’t see shiny back plates on smartphones, car rims that are almost as reflective as mirrors, and sturdy aluminium cookware. – badgeranodisinguk

Bead Blasting Stainless Steel: Improving its Appeal and Properties.

For many years now, stainless steel has been utilised by many industries and had been used for different purposes, including the construction of buildings. Although stainless steel on its own has corrosion and oxidation resistant properties, they could be better enhanced by undergoing bead blasting. – badgeranodisinguk

Professionally Anodised Aluminium Enhances Your Aluminium Products.

Anodising is an electrochemical process that works on a host of metals. This includes aluminium, magnesium, titanium, zinc, and zirconium. The process results in adding thickness to the oxide layer of a particular metal product. – badgeranodisinguk

Technology to Anodise Aluminium: Enhancing the Properties of Metal. Anodising Aluminium for Use as Construction Material for Buildings. Industrial Metal Finishing: Making Metal Look Better and More Durable.

Metal finishing helps smoothen and clean surfaces to create a glossy, textured or matte product. A number of modifications are also available such as colour applications, custom metal plating, glass beading and various metal polishing methods. – badgeranodisinguk

Natural Processes and Polishing Keeps Aluminium an Aviation Darling.

Perhaps the greatest reason for aluminium being valued in the aviation industry, however, is its ability to resist corrosion. How so? According to the laws of chemistry, pure, untainted aluminium reacts so readily with water and air. – badgeranodisinguk

Anodised Aluminium Stylishly Protects iPhones of Today and Tomorrow.

The 7000 series is more than enough for Apple’s durability needs. Common in construction, the 7000 series of aluminium alloys are among the strongest and least affected when subjected to extreme heat, not to mention that it is highly resistant to corrosion. – badgeranodisinguk

Anodised Aluminium Product: Reasons Why Metal Manufacturers Want It. Anodising Aluminium for a Strong Houseboat and Gratifying Canal Living. Leading Provider of Anodised Aluminum Services Celebrates 30th Year. Leading Provider of Anodised Aluminum Services Celebrates 30th Year. Anodise Aluminium Fascia for Better Durability and Aesthetic Quality.

The fascia board is a long straight board that runs along the roofline, the point where the roof and outer walls of the house meet. – badgeranodisinguk

On Polished Aluminium: Four Advantages as a Material for Structures. Anodising is Personalising: Anodisers in the U.K. for Your Products.

Bare metal is dull and boring. Thankfully, anodisers in the U.K. used by established companies like Badger Anodising (Birmingham) Ltd. makes it possible to personalise your metal products and make them come to life. – badgeranodisinguk

Anodised Aluminium Consumption is Increasing Among Several Sectors. Metallurgy: The Advantages of Anodising Aluminium and polishing other Metals.

The discovery of different kinds of metals has made it possible for people to craft various items from them and use them in daily life. – badgeranodisinguk

Bronze Tarnish: How to Deal with a Common Metal Polishing Challenge.

Considered as one of the most innovative metals in human history, bronze has served numerous civilisations well and helped them build from the ground up into some of the most powerful empires ever to rule. Bronze was highly sought-after in the past as it was much harder than stone and copper—making it an ideal material for crafting weapons, tools, armour, and even building materials. – badgeranodisinguk

Polishing Aluminium via Sand Blasting Brings Out Its Full Potential. As more car brands ride the aluminium bandwagon, a trip down memory lane is in order.

Carroll Shelby was an innovator in the racing industry. Any high-performance car that bears his surname surely has an extra kick compared to the rest. The AC Cobra may as well be the epitome of his work. – badgeranodisinguk

Carroll Shelby was an innovator in the racing industry.

Polishing Aluminium via Sand Blasting Brings Out Its Full Potential

Any high-performance car that bears his surname surely has an extra kick compared to the rest. The AC Cobra may as well be the epitome of his work. Why settle for a lighter frame or more powerful engine when you can have the best of both worlds? It’s Good that There’s a High Demand for Anodised Aluminium Worldwide.

After experiencing a slump last year, the aluminium industry can expect good fortunes from here on out. Yahoo Finance reported that a number of aluminium manufacturers, like Norsk Hydro ASA, reported sizable profits in 2014 thanks to an increase in aluminium demand worldwide from various electrical and transportation industries. – badgeranodisinguk

Metal Magic: Colour Anodising and How It Makes Aluminium Much Better. Why Aluminium Anodising Processes are Very Safe for the Environment. Metal Polishing Needs: Stainless Steel Applications in Food Industries.