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I'm hungry right now, so my brain hurts and I don't know what to write XD

Garmahis Design Magazine. 70 creative Gimp tutorials. Today, most businesses want a website. Some already have one. Others want one. Life is an aesthetic experience. How Life Works. How To Buy New Must-Have Products For Next To Nothing. The Huffington Post - UK News and Opinion. Broccoli and Cheesy Cheddar Pie. New Media Publishing / Photography: Flat Art / Stylist: Abigail Donnelly total prep A good quality, store bought crust makes a great base for this savorytart.

And don't turn your nose up at frozen vegetables, they're a healthy alternative to fresh and a real time saver. PetaPixel. How to Make Your Own Redscale Film. Redscale is a technique where film is exposed on the wrong side — rather than having the light hit the emulsion directly, you expose the film through the non-sensitive side.

How to Make Your Own Redscale Film

The name “redscale” comes because there is a strong color shift to red due to the red-sensitive layer of the film being exposed first, rather than last (the red layer is normally the bottom layer in C-41 (color print) film). All layers are sensitive to blue light, so normally the blue layer is on top, followed by a filter. In this technique, blue light exposes the layers containing red and green dyes, but the layer containing blue dye is left unexposed due to the filter. [#] Make a Nifty Soda Can Fisheye Lens. Bhautik Joshi, the guy who made the Phone-O-Scope that we tweeted a while ago, has a new do-it-yourself project for those of you who enjoy this kind of hack-ish photography project.

Make a Nifty Soda Can Fisheye Lens

His latest project involves building a cheap fisheye lens using a peephole lens and a soda can. Here are some sample photographs taken with the “tin cam”: Built using a fisheye peephole as the main lens element and a decapitated soda can as the lens body (!) How to Give Your Bokeh Custom Shapes. How to Make a DIY Pizza Box Ring Flash. I have always been enthralled ring flashes, but they are so expensive!

How to Make a DIY Pizza Box Ring Flash

I recently found a pizza box ring flash how to, but it didn’t go on my camera (it was meant as an off camera ring flash) so I made some changes. And here, for all to use, is my version of the pizza box ring flash. Step 1 You will need a few things: Foil tape, masking tape, duct tapePVC pipe the size of your lens (my lens is are big. Verabee. What were you raised by wolves?

80 Journal Writing Prompts. 50 MORE Journal Writing Prompts. 25 Blog Post Ideas. Ever since I wrote the post 80 Journal Writing Prompts, folks have been asking me for more.

25 Blog Post Ideas

While I’ve taken a break from writing lists of writing topics, in the mean time I thought it would be better to write a list of blog post ideas. Of course, any one of the journal writing prompts could be used for a blog, but any experienced blogger will tell you that there are only so many posts one can write about their cat or their the details of their personal lives before their readers get bored.

Use your job to inspire you. 1stwebdesigner - Graphic and Web Design Blog. 8 Effects Every Photographer Should Know About. Photography seems easy at first glance.

8 Effects Every Photographer Should Know About

You simply make your frame and press the shutter button. The reality is, everyone can take a photo but not all can master it. What is Lomography? Today, the technological advances in the field of photography has grown by leaps and bounds.

What is Lomography?

Cameras today produce beautiful, high-resolution images, automatic settings, high-speed shutter settings, etc. Even post-processing has improved immensely, thanks to computers and Photoshop. You can see your picture immediately, so you have the option to delete it or to keep it, an option not available with earlier film cameras. Because of this, everyone can now be a photographer.